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Submission + - For the First Time, NASA Has Caught Footage of the Shockwave of a Supernova (

TechnoidNash writes: Using the planet-hunting Kepler space telescope, NASA has captured footage of an exploding star’s shockwave, known as a “shock breakout” by astronomers. This is the first time scientists have managed to catch this rare aspect of a supernova in the spectrum of visible light. The dying star was a massive red giant star that was nearly 300 times the size our sun, and the footage of its supernova is both scientifically fascinating and aesthetically mesmerising.

Submission + - Man Faces Prison Sentence For Circumventing UK Pirate Site Blockade (

An anonymous reader writes: A UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has charged a man for operating several proxy sites and services that allowed UK Internet users to bypass local pirate site blockades. In a first of its kind prosecution, the Bakersfield resident is charged with several fraud offenses and one count of converting and/or transferring criminal property.

cityoflondonpoliceDuring the summer of 2014, City of London Police arrested the then 20-year-old Callum Haywood of Bakersfield for his involvement with several proxy sites and services.

Haywood was interrogated at a police station and later released on bail. He agreed to voluntarily hand over several domain names, but the police meanwhile continued working on the case.


Submission + - Automatic bar on net porn considered 3

Dupple writes: More from the nanny state

The government is to consider putting extra pressure on computer users to filter out pornography when setting up internet accounts.

Ministers are suggesting that people should automatically be barred from accessing unsuitable adult material unless they actually choose to view it.

It is one of several suggestions being put out for a consultation on how to shield children from pornography.

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