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Comment Re:morse code (Score 1) 637

# This will be useful some time in the future.

import morse

def create_password(super_secret_string):
    shit_fuck_me = morse.string_to_morse(super_secret_string)
    temp = ""
    for item in shit_fuck_me:
        a = item.replace(".", "SHIT").replace("-", "FUCK")
        temp = temp + a

    print("Your super secret password is: {0}".format(temp))

if __name__ == "__main__":

Comment Re:Loser pays (Score 1) 571

This is why a cap can be placed on recoverable fees and has in many parts of the world.

In short, a rich company hoping to scare off litigation by advertising a team of expensive lawyers or an extended litigation period would not be able to as those lawyers would recognise that they would only be able to share in a limited, small pot of cash.

Comment Loser pays (Score 2) 571

While I am not an expert in the US legal system it seems like having the loser pay the legal bills might reduce some of this predatory litigation.

The question is, how much influence does the US electorate have over this kind of decision? People who rely on winning through bankruptcy are also the people who have the kind of money to lobby to maintain the current system.

Comment Probably isn't going to work. (Score 2) 178

A researcher has previously investigated controller-avatar interactions, specifically, if the player (this is video-games related) identifies with their avatar:

"Players do not automatically take on the role of characters/avatars. Playing as a character that is ostensibly “other” to you (in terms of gender, race, or sexuality) is not necessarily transgressive or perspective-altering. Playing as a character that is like you (in terms of demographic categories) does not necessarily engender identification."
"This calls into question both the educative benefits and the marketing benefits of playing as a main video game character that is a member of a marginalized group."

Limitations: Note that the sample for this paper did not involve what the researcher describes as "White male gamer", the researcher draws conclusions from a small sample. Also note that the paper does not seem to be peer reviewed.


It's not *proof* of anything but it may suggest that VR interactions, like games, do not guarantee any identification between the subject and their avatar. In fact, it may be counter-productive; those who are asked to take part in the intervention/training may ask why it is that they're assumed to be racist.

Submission + - For the First Time, NASA Has Caught Footage of the Shockwave of a Supernova (

TechnoidNash writes: Using the planet-hunting Kepler space telescope, NASA has captured footage of an exploding star’s shockwave, known as a “shock breakout” by astronomers. This is the first time scientists have managed to catch this rare aspect of a supernova in the spectrum of visible light. The dying star was a massive red giant star that was nearly 300 times the size our sun, and the footage of its supernova is both scientifically fascinating and aesthetically mesmerising.

Submission + - Man Faces Prison Sentence For Circumventing UK Pirate Site Blockade (

An anonymous reader writes: A UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has charged a man for operating several proxy sites and services that allowed UK Internet users to bypass local pirate site blockades. In a first of its kind prosecution, the Bakersfield resident is charged with several fraud offenses and one count of converting and/or transferring criminal property.

cityoflondonpoliceDuring the summer of 2014, City of London Police arrested the then 20-year-old Callum Haywood of Bakersfield for his involvement with several proxy sites and services.

Haywood was interrogated at a police station and later released on bail. He agreed to voluntarily hand over several domain names, but the police meanwhile continued working on the case.

Comment Re:Key advantages of R (Score 1) 187

While I am really only dipping my toe into R I decided to do some research on this question a while back.

I have used python for a number of scientific applications and was attempting to determine if I should use Rpy2 ( It initially made sense to keep all of the data retrieval, formatting and analysis in a few python scripts. However, it seems that the design of the R language intrinsically accounts for the problem solving methodology: "R is designed to operate the way that problems are thought about." (

Comment Re:...and in other news: (Score 2) 204

I'll hand myself in as one of those disgusting monsters who tries to form an evidence-based opinion.

I'm trying my best to paint anyone who criticises an opinion given by a back person as a racist, a woman as misogynist or a trans person as... anti-trans?
I... I just need to learn to start treating people I don't know as victims who can't survive without my help, especially those who don't want it.

Comment Re:"Social Justice" prevents good journalism. (Score 3, Informative) 311

From what I've saw of them this may be true of some people flying the GamerGate flag but there are people who are vociferously ethics only who don't like all of the identity politics crosstalk.

This is perhaps informative (unless one believes that the majority of the respondents are being disingenuous)

"I asked my first question, “What is GamerGate?” because that will be asked at the upcoming SPJ AirPlay discussion on August 15 and I wanted to compare answers."

"Their top-voted response explained, “GamerGate is a movement dedicated to fighting for ethics in (gaming) journalism and against censorship and the politicization of (gaming) media and games. It arose after several corruption scandals in the gaming media, attacks on the gamer identity and attempts by the gaming media and ‘cultural critics’ to force a political ideology down the throats of gamers.”"

I guess that there is a chance that a much larger group of people (including international Gamergaters?) that agree with your analysis missed Brad Glasgow's questions but assuming this isn't the case the group consensus seems to be focused on ethics.

Ultimately I accept that people are drawn to the group for different reasons but I think it's reasonable, if one is going to generalise, to look at the majority opinion and use it as a basis of describing the group.

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