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Comment Re:School is worthless... (Score 1) 309

"The main issue as I see it is that you can't even get an interview in some places without a degree of some kind."

^^^ Unfortunately this is very true. Where I work resumes w/ no degrees don't get passed on to the hiring managers. Which is sad really, because most of us in the R&D department (where I work) agree that there are probably plenty of bright, non-degree'd engineers out there. But stupid Human Resources has their rules. Usually for this reason alone, I recommend to younger friends that if they really do have a desire to work in the corporate world (not for everyone of course), they should at least seriously consider and look in to a 4 year degree program. I know that I would not be where I am in my career today without mine. Maybe I would have eventually gotten here, but it would have taken a lot longer (as I would have most likely started farther down the ladder).

Comment Re:Entitlement problems (Score 1) 198

If only I had mod points I'd mod you up. I work for a medical device company in Colorado and we have a tough time finding software devs. Why? Because we're looking for devs with RTOS and C++. Not a super common combination. RTOS and C is a lot more common. So yes, specializing can and does have its benefits. And I agree, there is a big difference (skills, salary, etc) between the various "IT" jobs.

Submission + - Google's Nexus One is Actually a Steal at $49 ( 2

gjt writes: I initially posted a story ragging on the Nexus One. But then a commenter pointed out a problem with my initial logic. I investigated the commenter's thoughts. After doing some math, I concluded that the $529 unlocked/unsubsidized Google Nexus One gPhone is much cheaper than it appears to be. In fact it's only $49 when you do the math — and that's unlocked! Google likes to say that the Nexus One represents "Our new approach to buying a mobile phone". But it actually seems as though T-Mobile deserves most of the credit by providing a $20/month discount to customers who purchase an unsubsidized phone — which for some reason didn't seem to get much attention when T-Mobile created the new plan back in October 2009.

Comment Re:It's surprising how much power new TV's use. (Score 1) 619

As others have already replied, LCDs use a lot less power. But if you want a flat screen for a decent price with an excellent picture, Plasma is still the way to go (as your research told you obviously). And Plasmas are getting better / more energy efficient (just not as good as LCDs).

I did the same thing you did...spent weeks doing my research and looking at TVs in stores, and walk away with a Plasma. Because picture quality was more important than my electric bill going up by $1 a month. Granted my Plasma is only 42" and is rated at 286W (with people online claiming they've measured an average of only 200W used).

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