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Comment Re:NSA, are you supised we caught you? Really? (Score 0) 327

FU liberal. Way to cherry pick 1 stereotype. There are people in this country that cherish the entire bill of rights. The NRA would be the first to realize that in order to protect the 2nd amendment you need to also protect the rest. Sadly, the ACLU doesn't understand this.

Comment Re:Diablo 3 is fine. (Score 2) 221

I agree with some of what you mention, but my biggest gripe about D3 is that it wasn't fun. It seemed more like a job than a game. The AH is so heavily integrated that I was spending way too much time in the AH trying to get a good item because the drops generally sucked.

I've only played a couple hours of TL2 so far and I like it for the price. It is fun so far. I like the D2/D3 atmosphere better. D2/D3 had better storytelling and voice acting. It made the game more immersive. TL2 has some of these, but it could have had more.

There are some elements of TL2 that are really cool. I really liked the gold mine (can't remember the name). Can't wait to see what more this game has to offer.

IMO, so far, D2 is the best of the three. With more time perhaps TL2 may outshine it.

Comment Re:Still Waiting... (Score 4, Interesting) 155

Order from Allied 2.5 months ago. After hearing about the USB and Ethernet reliability issues I decided to cancel (literally this morning). Bought the Rikomagic MK802II instead. I should get it in 2 weeks too.

Here's a side by side comparison of the MK802 vs the Rasp. Pi.

From my understanding, the Pi still beats the MK802 on price and GPIO (addressed in the video).

Comment Re:Signing Statement? (Score 4, Insightful) 301

What about it? He should be thrown out of office on treason against the constitution. I'm not arguing whether or not any of his other policies are good or bad, and will not state my political affiliation. However, when a president blatantly violates a basic freedom that so many Americans have fought to protect, a freedom he has sworn to protect, then he deserves treason charges. And yes, GWB deserved it also for the exact same reasons.

But the sheep that live in this country will ignore it and instead either applaud or crucify him for his social policies. Pitiful.

Comment Re:What I think (Score 5, Insightful) 339

Couldn't agree more. This site is becoming forgettable. The news isn't all that interesting any longer. Slashdot used to be my central geek news site, but now I can find more geek news elsewhere, albeit across multiple sites.

Editors... get back to the basics and do it the best in the industry. Then your site will grow. And while you're at it...moderation is going downhill too. Personal attacks are increasing and moderators mod them up as "interesting". The comments section is one of the main features of slashdot, but they are becoming less enjoyable to read.

Comment Re:money back if not delighted? (Score 2) 743

So true. I'm also an R&D engineer for a specialty lighting company. The cheap stuff is poor quality in terms of build, components, and quality of light. The better stuff is light years better. The Philips bulb is of the later type.

The industry is really frustrating. I am basically resorting to making my own under-cabinet and path lighting for my home because of this. The inexpensive stuff looks awful, but the good stuff is priced way too high still.

Comment Re:All I can say is (Score 4, Interesting) 527

You work for the airline. It's expected as part of your employment. Freedom of travel is a protected liberty. All air travelers have to be treated equally since the government forces certain security checks before flying. That is fine. What is happening now is that there is discrimination based on wealth and probably nationality (you know who will NEVER get a prescreening invite). The government cannot do either; it's illegal and in violation of equal protection laws. Wealth discrimination by private companies (i.e. airlines offering first class services) is not illegal, but it is for the government.

Comment Re:Something people may not have caught... (Score 1) 527

Air travel has always had a caste system. What's different now is that the government is getting in on the profits to the caste system. This might actually might violate equal protection and non-discrimination laws. You know no-one with Arab names will be invited.

I hope the TSA get LOTS of flack for this.

Comment Re:Obligitory pirate infographic (Score 4, Informative) 409

Yes. I find Disney disks the worst. Some DVD players and/or disks will allow you to skip and others do not. But none allow you to skip the FBI warnings.

I get a away with this nonsense by buying the DVD, ripping to Xvid, playing with some type of media player (I never share my media though). Better yet, I can place a bunch of movies on a small-ish USB drive. Use something like the WD Live Streaming player and you have a great travel movie player. I use it in my car on long distances and don't have to fumble around for disks; the kids select whatever is on the USB drive. Better still I don't run the risk of scratching the disks. And the WD Live Streaming has Netflix so if I go somewhere with free Internet I can use that service too.

This graphic reminds me of the frustrating times that I don't follow the above. It's really annoying trying to watch a DVD with your family and it takes 3-5 minutes from disk insert for the stupid movie to begin.

Comment Re:This is an americano-centric joke (Score 1) 1205

You are correct. My original comment was simplistic, but this along with 2 wars in the Middle East, hurricane Katrina, China's (and the world in general) increasing oil demand, and other factors I'm sure exist all contributed to the rapid increase in the last 12 years. 12 years is too short of time for people to transition to mass transit when such systems are poor to begin with.

Politicians influenced some of these issues and have that much to be blamed for, and both parties are to blame not just the current president.

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