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Submission + - SPAM: A robotic Cyberknife to fight cancer

Roland Piquepaille writes: "The Cyberknife is not a real knife. This is a robot radiotherapy machine which works with great accuracy during treatment, thanks to its robotic arm which moves around a patient when he breathes. According to BBC News, the first Cyberknife will be operational in February 2009 in London, UK. But other machines have been installed in more than 15 countries, and have permitted to treat 50,000 patients in the first semester of 2008. And the Cyberknife is more efficient than conventional radiotherapy devices. The current systems require twenty or more short sessions with low-dose radiation. On the contrary, and because it's extremely precise, a Cyberknife can deliver powerful radiation in just three sessions. Read more for additional details and references."

Submission + - facebook search compromises users privacy

hypersubtext writes: "his doesn't seem very critical to me, but still annoying and also surprising, being so evident.

facebook search compromises users privacy: it doesn't really hide non-shared items from other users, who are not your friends. You can see that by looking for addresses: Although most users who input their address share it only with their friends, searching for the street name or any other details from their address shows them on the search results, even to users who are not rheir friends. facebook users, try it now — search for "dizengoff", "sheinkin" or your own street name to find other users who live there."

Journal Journal: [POLL] DRM-Free music 8

So, EMI becomes the first major label to make the DRM-free jump. Personally, while I see it as a good thing from different angles (customer: music can be played on any software/player, reseller: Apple makes more money because people will come to them to buy DRM-free tunes, supplier: EMI makes more money from the higher per-song price, artists: still get screwed) I don't see it as jumping for joy news. I'm not much of an au

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