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Journal Journal: Got my Gmail hacked despite ultra-tight security (UPDATED)

So this morning I logged into my Gmail and got a "login from unusual location" warning that happened sometime yesterday. Yesterday, I only logged into Gmail from two usual places, no unknown wifi APs or proxies, and here is a login from some US address (


Submission + - HTC Desire Z/Vision keylogger revealed (

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently the Desire Z/Vision includes a debugging feature that logs physical keypresses and if the phone crashes, would like to send them to HTC.

Comment Straightening out some facts (Score 5, Interesting) 115

1) Not all ISPs use DNS-based filtering - for example the aforementioned DNA Finland, which uses proxy-based filtering, which in turn is a lot more difficult to bypass.

2) W3C is, AFAIK, still being blocked by MPY.

3) On the first version of the list, less than 1% of the sites were child pornography. Coincidently, a lot of the rest were gay porn.

This is, of course, not at all related to the general opinion on gay people in Finland - in fact, we've already gone half a century without a single forced castration of a gay man!

Boy, does my country make me proud or what.


Submission + - Finnish ISPs blocking as child-porn ( 1

shazzle writes: "A few Finnish ISPs started blocking as a child-porn site. Although one of them has lifted this hasty block, there's another ISP that applied the secret list with a little delay. Here's the evidence. I think we can all agree on the fact how dangerous this kind of haphazard censorship is to free speech as well as legitimate business. Let us not forget how these kinds of mistakes are applied much easier, than corrected afterwards."

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