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Comment I've never heard of most of these (Score 3, Insightful) 36

Okay, yeah I know what Uber, Lyft, Waze, and Tinder are. But I suspect they're included in the list specifically to give credence to the idea these other unknown apps are "hot".

1 user to 50 users = 5000% increase!

But I'm sure there are no financial ties between these unknown apps and the people producing this "survey"...

Comment Re: please use a password manager.... (Score 1) 126

Doesn't even require Safari - there's a password assistant built into the OS, even though it's not exposed as an application.

I still have (and use) a third-party utility called "Password Assistant", which was written by the guy behind the now-defunct website It provides a wrapper application which gives you direct access to the built-in password generator. It's extremely handy, even outside the web browser.

Comment Re:Abandoning Time-Worn Processes Leads to Atrophy (Score 1) 158

But as far as I can tell, they're not making any statement about long term change at all - it's just that when you're using navigation assistance, the part of your brain which would otherwise handle that itself simply turns off.

I'm not sure what the problem is - other than the fact that, under those circumstances, your brain is not learning the route, I guess. And if that's what they're saying, I take issue with that. I've used Waze to get me to locations I've never visited, then subsequently been able to drive there unassisted.

Comment Bosco (Score 1) 71

One limitation of the one-time code, though, is that it won't work on the secure doors that many branches have for non-business hours that require a customer to swipe an ATM or debit card to gain entry. Wells Fargo said those secure doors are found at a small percentage of branches, mostly in major metropolitan areas like New York City or Chicago.

George, tell him your code. Shout out your code, man!

Comment Re:This Worked So Well For Yahoo! (Score 1) 300

Didn't Yahoo! do something similar shortly before tanking? It seems pretty short-sighted to make oneself less competitive at attracting technical workers in the U.S. at a time when many are predicting increased competition for U.S. technical workers.

Nonsense - it worked out very well for Marissa Meyer, who is the one that made that decision at Yahoo.

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