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Comment Re:PS: A note to Californians headed to Texas (Score 1) 255

Or I could just stay in Canada and enjoy my universal healthcare vs paying hundreds a month in Texas to a private insurer. Plus I can go swimming in the ocean in the morning and snowboarding in the mountains a couple hours later so that's fun too.

Different parts of the world have different advantages and disadvantages. Some people live in Cali because there are things there that aren't in Texas. Or I live in BC for the same reasons. If everything was down to dollars, we'd all live in the middle of nowhere. But then that would get expensive with the rush of people going there.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 3, Informative) 140

This looks like a solution searching for a problem to solve. Who really needs their Plex library "in the cloud"? The vast use case for it is as a home media server so if you go the Amazon cloud way instead you get to upload it all (at a painfully slow rate in many areas) then have it eat into your data cap a second time as you stream it to watch. Not to mention if you have any files of a less than 100% above the board nature, the MPAA/RIAA and a subpoena may start poking around in the PlexAzon caches to see what needs a closer look. No thanks.

Comment Re:That makes perfect sense (Score 3, Informative) 255

Not to mention their idiotic proposition 65 that forced the labeling of everything and every location that might cause cancer with:

"WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."

Which as it turns out is now posted EVERYWHERE. I remember going there for business and it was posted in the elevator of the hotel because I'm not even sure why, but probably one or more of the materials somewhere in the building triggered it. But it's everywhere, gas stations, grocery stores, banks, hardware stores, there's even a sign at Disneyland for God's sake.

The net effect is if the warning is everywhere, everyone ignores it.

Comment Operating an exit node privately is a bad idea (Score 3, Insightful) 240

It's one thing for libraries and nonprofits to operate them, but as a private citizen running one? Your misguided attempt to help some people will almost certainly end up badly for you because of bad people using that goodwill to do bad things.

To be perfectly honest, reading the linked story I was quite surprised the end result of the police visit was as positive as it was. I fully expected the cops to not know or care what Tor was and just round everyone and everything up and let the courts deal with it, which has happened several other times. Which again reinforces my point that there are precedents that show running a Tor exit node is just bad news and if you are still doing it, you're playing with fire.

Comment Re:Taking advantage of a disaster (Score 1) 428

> Uber's algorithms responded but I would argue there was nothing correct about their response. At MINIMUM Uber should donate any extra profit generated to help offset the costs to the victims and/or refund the extra charges to those who sought out their service.

This is something that would be determined after the fact. For the first hour or two nobody knew what was actually happening, and sure as shit nobody was telling the Uber server farm about it so how is their system to know it's profiting off "terrorism"? For that matter as of this posting the authorities still haven't labeled it a terror attack.

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

Not to mention there's literally no reason for "them" to conquer Earth. Pretty much everything any conquering species in scifi has wanted already exists outside our gravity well in easy to acquire form for an interstellar travelling race. Independence Day they wanted resources and minerals, there's way more of that in the asteroid belt than you'll ever round up on Earth. ID2 they wanted "heat from the core of Earth"? What the hell man? You guys somehow miss the massive nuclear furnace in the center of the star system? Old school V lizards wanted water and food? Go round up a couple of nice sized comets and if us lowly humans can figure out cloning I'm pretty sure they can too.

Comment Re:what a load of shit (Score 3, Insightful) 233

> in fact for many people their daily commute will get slower as autonomous cars will follow all the laws (no sneaky 10 KPH over in light traffic)

That's not what causes rush hour traffic. What causes rush hour traffic is 20 cars at a red light each waiting .5 to 1.5 seconds for the car in front to observably start rolling through the light before the next one starts. When the cars can do that in .05 seconds, a lot more will make it through the traffic light.

On the highway many jams are "phantom" traffic jams caused by idiots spiking brakes and not allowing for proper following distances. Both of which SDCs will eliminate.

You are making a whole raft of incorrect assumptions. 500ms for an automated car to react to a car in front of it braking? Seriously? The cars are already constantly observing through both cameras and radar/lidar all other vehicles around them and tracking their positions. I would be astonished if the car couldn't react in 10ms to a change in one of the other cars' velocities. Hell, my dad's Acura has automatic braking that does better than a human if needed. It observes the car in front through radar and if the meatbag behind the wheel doesn't respond within a sufficient threshold to brake, the car does it for them.

You say "processing needs to be on-board". It already is. And nobody is even talking about centralized network control of cars. That's going to be a long time off, if ever. Centralized car control would make a really juicy terrorist target if nothing else - "Hey let's have every 4th car cross the centerline and have a head-on at 12:14pm". There will NOT be a "server" for the foreseeable future, if ever. The most you're going to get is cars communicating with each other short range within a couple hundred meters and stating their intentions and possibly negotiating minor alterations to those intentions like 'This vehicle needs to use the turn off in 600m, request clearance for lane change' and the like.

Comment Re:what a load of shit (Score 1) 233

>and i don't want to be greeted by puke on the seat I want to sit down on

People already make extensive use of the carshare programs in the city I live in, this sort of thing is very rare as everything is logged and any offenders are simply reported by the next person to potentially use the car, the car is cleaned and a substantial cleaning fee is extracted from the offender's credit card. That seems to encourage good behavior. Plus I am sure in the SDC future there will probably be several tiers of these services and if someone doesn't want to deal with cars shared by the unwashed masses there will almost certainly be a service you can pay more for that also has the fancier Benzes and Audis with leather interiors, etc.

Comment Re:what a load of shit (Score 1) 233

You're ignoring two aspects of the SDC though. One is what I alluded to - more automatic cars make for less congestion due to precision. The roadways can easily handle double or triple the volume of cars as they currently are if they were being driven by steely eyed robotic drivers instead of jittery mistake prone humans.

Secondly, a thing that will actually reduce road use is the increased use of transit. Right now a lot of people don't take the subway, LRT, train or even a bus because they would have to take a secondary transit connection to get there or drive and then have to deal with their car being parked all day. With self driving cars, the car can drop you off right at the subway entrance and then go park itself at home, and then you can summon it to meet you at the subway again on the way home. Or even better, you might not even own a car directly any longer and instead subscribe to an autonomous car-share service that will route a car to your house on demand in the morning to drop you off and another to pick you up at night.

Comment Re:what a load of shit (Score 1) 233

I used to think that as well, but the stuff I've seen happen in the last 5 years makes me think it will be here a lot sooner than that. It wasn't that long ago that the DARPA challenge was looking to give a huge cash prize to someone who could build an autonomous vehicle that would do the stuff that the Google self driving car does daily now. Autonomous vehicles are getting way better very quickly. When Amazon announced their drone delivery testing I seriously thought it was some sort of viral markting joke/gimmick but they *are serious*. It's crazy how fast the tech has advanced in the past few years and now that the major carmakers have seen the writing on the wall and are throwing billions into the effort as well it's only going to accelerate.

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