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Comment Re: Time to switch (Score 1) 195

Larger enterprises do. This Microsoft initiative isn't targeting large enterprises as they already know that Office 365 + cloud is a total non-starter for big companies due to audit concerns and a raft of other issues, plus larger companies have some interesting bulk licensing negotiated with Microsoft.

This is firmly aimed at the smaller companies, under 100 people and smaller. Big enough they have doc sync issues and IT headaches with licensing control but small enough they can't easily roll their own solutions cost effectively.

Comment Re:Time to switch (Score 3, Insightful) 195

Why? If you have a desktop version of Office that you've already purchased you already have an office suite. It's the cloud storage you need to switch. Google Drive or Dropbox will happily take your money and cost a lot less than 365 to boot. Well, Google drive will, Dropbox seems to have missed the whole "I need more storage than the free version but don't want to pay $100 a year for this crap when I won't use 90% of it" boat...

Comment Re:There's plenty of good reasons (Score 1) 366

The problem is generally the frequency of these updates. Rather than 10 changes every minor rev, how about significant changes only every 18 months to 2 years, with some beta testing in between by a beta pool only? This is the major complaint I have - a lot of software like Firefox and a ton of Android apps add features, then take them away, then put them back, then move controls, move them back, change them, remove something and add something else that does only 40% of what the old thing did then change that around. And all of this takes place in 3-6 months on all of their users desktops/phones/tablets. Just because your software is "free" doesn't mean all of your users should live in a constant state of alpha testing.

> You'd like some new users, but our crusty mid 90s UI is turning them off. Yeah, time for a re-write.

Alternatively you'd like to KEEP your users but your constant UI rewrites are driving them insane and they're dropping your app for alternatives faster than your rewrites are bringing in fresh ones. Maybe it's time to slow the hell down on general release changes.

Comment Re: I don't understand all the hate on the mini NE (Score 2) 92

It's not gross incompetence. They made a certain number of things, they are not selling any more at their choice. From a business perspective in many cases it's better to leave the world wanting more than to saturate the market and wear out your brand.

And it's working. Around the web there are reams of stories being posted on the merest whiff of a hint of a SNES mini, real or not. You can't buy advertising like that.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 122

Most of what you described sounds more like an illegal suite problem, which is not an AirBnB problem. Even if AirBnB didn't exist those would be rented as SROs monthly for whatever the market will bear and the owners will slumlord all the way to the bank. No way a bathroom that small is to code.

Also, the lack of cleanliness is an issue that AirBnB's feedback should have either solved or warned you about ahead of time, as well as the bathroom size. Did you leave feedback on the rental afterwards noting those issues?

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 122

You know, most people who go somewhere for the weekend don't actually want the cops showing up to where they are going so there's a built in reticence to causing a disturbance. Frat boys gonna frat of course, but generally those sorts aren't going for a 1br AirBNB near the tourist landmarks or shopping district.

Comment Re:Revolution (Score 3, Insightful) 127

The problem is even more basic than that. You automate and save pretty coins, the fast food chains automate and save pretty coins, the factory automates and saves pretty coins. However, pretty soon you're not saving any more pretty coins because nobody is buying your shipping service, the fast food chains are closing locations due to lack of customers, the factories are closing, the real estate leasing companies for the space the fast food companies' outlets occupied and factories leased start losing revenue and lay people off, and so it goes.

When the tipping point hits, I think it'll happen fast enough that by the time people are thinking revolution, a lot of the supposed fat cats will also be broke with nothing to their names but a factory that makes junk nobody can afford to buy or even wants compared to their next meal.

Comment Re:So? (Score 5, Insightful) 122

Because one home/suite/room does not a hotel make? If anything they should be regulated as a B&B:

Require a business license and whatever inspection is needed for the B&B and then let them get on with making a go of it.

But to say that someone renting their coach house or basement suite out for the weekend should be subject to the same obligations as a 1000 room hotel is kind of insane. It's already perfectly fine to rent a property out for more than 30 days but shorten it to a weekend and suddenly you need to comply with more regulations?

Sounds to me like cartels don't want competition especially when it's desperately needed.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 5, Insightful) 478

There's tons of ways to block botting. Easiest is when a vote is entered the IP and userid for that vote goes into a table with a timestamp. When another vote for the same IMDB item is cast the table is referenced and if it's the same IP but a different userid and less than 10 or 15 minutes has elapsed, the vote is rejected and the UI pops a message about the same IP with a captcha to solve. If the captcha is solved then the vote is registered. That way bots are blocked but a family who just watched a movie and for some reason ALL of them wanted to rate it on IMDB within a 15 minute window afterward could still vote.

Comment Re:Starship Troopers (Score 2) 1220

>warp-speed asteroids

Between that and the massive defense ring protecting Earth and yet conveniently an asteroid still flattened a not too important city (in the global scheme) you didn't figure out that it was a false-flag attack designed to whip up public fervor?

As for the body armor, of course you want casualties, you need to show that this is a horrific conflict that will take the entirety of your people standing as one to defeat some bugs (that didn't even attack you to begin with). Plus materially speaking dead people cost less resources than wounded casualties that need medical services.

Comment Re: Hybrid! (Score 2) 296

> My first thought was that they were fake

You're not the only one... I'm no missile designer, but it seems to be that something in this video does seem to be a bit out of whack:

Not saying that's a cheaply constructed fake, but at the same time I can't see how it could do any good to have a nosecone deflected that far off the direction of flight...

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