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Comment Re:Uh..... the price tag?! (Score 1) 194

> Is the touchscreen and Windows 10 really worth $800?

You did watch the video, right? It looks like one of the target markets is people who will actively interact with a digitizer pen, and considering a Wacom 27" LCD tablet (which is smaller and only 2560x1440 res) is $2800 all by itself:

I'd say getting a bigger workspace with a much higher pixel density and a decent computer thrown in is pretty attractive to that segment by comparison.

Comment Re:except it wasn't people renting out their rooms (Score 1) 289

If it's a shitty low rise wood frame condo, noise is a problem, but then again that's the case in some woodframe condos I've seen that have notices in the elevator asking people not to close their cabinet doors too hard. That's not an AirBNB or regular occupant problem, that's a "developer was cutting corners on soundproofing/not bothering with soundproofing to maximize profit" problem. I live in a concrete tower and I hear *nothing*. It's lovely.

Comment Re:except it wasn't people renting out their rooms (Score 1) 289

> You live in a nice quiet condo tower, and then suddenly it's 24x7 party next door because the unit is being rented on Airbnb. What can you do?

Uh, you complain to the strata and the unit owner gets fined. You keep complaining and the owner keeps getting fined. At some point the number of fines will outweigh their profit and they stop AirBNBing the place. Works here in my tower.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 524

Hateboi? What are you, 12? And you're definitely acting like a massive Mac Fanboy here. Replying to a 3 day dead article to say "but but Note 7!" when we're talking about PCs and laptops. But hey if you want to bring phones into it, I'll totally acknowledge Apple was the visionary leader in phones catching fire:

and their latest batch doesn't seem to be immune:

Should we now shift the goalposts to some other area? Perhaps cars? Ford totally pioneered the exploding car tech with their Pinto...

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 524

Problems with their Macbook Pros only acknowledged after a class action lawsuit:

Another video card recall, this time in the 27" iMac:

Hard drives too:

I do like how they say it's a "small number" of units and yet set up an entire program to handle that one component's replacement.

Those are the ones that immediately came to mind but there are also others I recall with their Kleenex box Mac Pro and more. It's interesting how it's usually the more expensive hardware that has the big problems with them. Nothing like sticking it to your biggest customers?

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 5, Informative) 524

The problem is that not everyone is you. At a former job I supported PCs and then the director of marketing decided that he liked Macs so he unilaterally switched his group to Macs. Anecdotally I'd say the users had just as many problems that needed my help as they did when they were on PCs, and in addition had additional problems they needed sorting out in the first couple of weeks following the switchover due to their lack of familiarity with OSX. Most of their day to day problems were software related, so the underlying OS didn't factor into that one way or the other, and these peoples' self troubleshooting skills were practically nonexistent so it meant just as much work for me, and in some cases more as I was also then tasked to find them alternate software to do a given task.

For the average users, once you get past the enthusiasts skewing the numbers the IT savings will probably not be as significant as this article makes them out to be. People are still going to be having trouble mapping a drive, sharing a folder, logging into an SFTP site on Windows or OSX.

Hardware wise, the Macs generally use decent hardware that lasts, but also charge a premium for that. If offices used PCs that weren't the cheapest thing that fell off the turnip truck they'd see as good or better failure rates than the Macs. And Apple hasn't been 100% immune to shitty hardware slipping out the door so spending more on the Mac isn't a bulletproof guarantee either.

Comment Re:Hilarious (Score 1) 187

Forget connectivity. Belichick is going back to paper. How much "connectivity" does that have?

Reading through his rant he barely mentions any specific problem with the tablets other than alluding to a problem shooting video. I'd suspect this is yet another problem with overselling and under delivering on what the technology - in this case tablets - were supposed to do. If the tablets were used to display the same info as the paper he's going back to, plus having additional things like perhaps archives of all previous games' notes archived and indexed - which wouldn't need connectivity - and a handful of modest improvements initially I'm sure the coaching staff would have been pretty happy with them. Instead I'm willing to bet they were sold a half baked load of goods and outlandish capabilities with a bunch of barely usable "apps" that ran like shit and did everything "in the cloud" even when it was completely unneeded.

Comment Re: Nearly useless (Score 1) 65

While the idea is tempting, the problem is the impossibility of even enforcement and the whole judge/jury/implementer problem.

As an example, say your best friend gets a little drunk and a cop comes up to him to try to get him to go home. He's not having any of it and spits at the cop. So the cop takes out his baton and clocks your friend across the head to "tune him up a little" and then takes him in. Your friend sits in the drunk tank with a pounding headache and is released in the morning with a bump on the head for being a doofus, lesson learned. Fair play right?

Now imagine that blow had the same force but was at just the wrong angle. Your friend suffers a small brain bleed from the impact but since he's drunk nobody listens to his complaint or notices the odd coordination problems. He sits in the drunk tank until the morning when he's found to be unresponsive. He's rushed to the hospital and after surgery has permanent brain damage. Did your friend deserve to be crippled for life by spitting on a cop? No?

That's why we don't hand out physical violence as summary punishments.

Comment Re:I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 3, Informative) 289

Same with "rewards" programs, Airmiles, etc. That stuff isn't free either. Merchants get hit for it, and end up passing that on to everyone in the form of inflated prices. Seriously, how could they not? If a merchant's margin on something is 10% and paying for it with a cashback card takes 1% on top of the 1-3% already charged for using the credit card, of course the merchant's going to do something about that vanishing margin.

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