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Comment Why is this news? (Score 1) 164

Seriously what the fuck /.? Lenovo has had this on their netbooks for 1...2 years now? http://tech.slashdot.org/story/10/06/13/1456251/Lenovo-Trying-Face-Recognition-For-Logins-On-New-Laptops#It's a novelty. SO much faster to type in 6 characters than wait for a scan and get in. Ive tried with photos and such and didn't work so it's not 100% retarded. I'd say only 99%.

Comment Re:iAds (Score 1) 1184

I find this one the most interesting feature.


-1 offtopic for talking about what Jobs is showing in the unveiling powerpoint presentation? Apple fanboys have raided Slashdot, and they're retarded.

Comment Prediction (Score 1) 75

User: Oh hey, I'm going to cruise to Starbucks and get some work done. *meanders on to Starbucks with netbook/phone bundle, sits down, opens SSH connection* *receives phone call* User: Oh fuck... Sure hope you nohup'd that last command before you pull out your internet connection to take a call, buddy.

Comment Re:Man! (Score 1) 483

I find curious how apathetic people are these days.

It's like a toon character:

"Hey! Look! The Earth is being destroyed!" "Yo, man! That sucks!"

Earth may be doomed, but is there hope for us?

As opposed to "OH NO THE WORLD IS ENDING!?!?! Kill your children before they have to suffer the same fate we will!". The whole situation fucked up, nothing you say or do can change that. Welcome to the real world, deal with it and QQ.

Comment Re:"The case will continue...." (Score 1) 292

When I was a kid, I could hear the capacitors in old CRT's. A room full of monitors would give me a headache. As I got older, my hearing has decreased in the high pitch ranges. That, and monitors have gotten a lot better. :) When someone replaced their old noisy monitor with a newer one, I could tell before I walked into the room. :)

I was able to do that too, I think most children are - it just makes Hearing is much more acute before the bombardment of loud music and the natural decline in the acuteness of ones hearing.

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