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Comment Re:Harder Than It Sounds (Score 1) 491

Another option is to try to get your wife's mom to move to the midwest. That would probably be the easiest, logistically, but may have the disadvantage of being completely and utterly impossible.

Actually that might be the best option if possible. You have to add health care costs in both places, since that will be the bigggest issue.

I moved between countries 4 times. With wife and kids. The las time, at first I was alone for 6 months in realy cheap and small Hotel room (the kind of Hotel where you have to take care of all your belongings... while sleeping in your room). It really sucks, but thats the sacrifice I had to do to move to a a 6x income improvement and an 1/4 violent death rate place....

Comment Re: Because (Score 1) 297

Although I like the old joke "there is no single report in human history of a woman falling in love of a handsome and sensible men reading poetry in the unemployment line", the truth is that woman (and men) vary a lot.
From my own experience afet a several years long lousy relationship, I met another women that is lovely and kind and we've been together since 2001. And that was before Tinder time....

The point here is that you really need to keep trying. It does get better.

Comment Re: My favorite Minsky story (Score 3, Interesting) 76

Sorry about that. It was written on a cell phone and I m not native english speaker.

    Nevertheless here goes the story ( )
Marvin Minsky, founder of the MIT AI Lab, and Seymour Papert, director of the lab at the time, were some of the researchers who were skeptical of the hype and in 1969 published their skepticism in the form of rigorous analysis on of the limitations of Perceptrons in a seminal book aptly named Perceptrons. Interestingly, Minksy may have actually been the first researcher to implement a hardware neural net with 1951’s SNARC (Stochastic Neural Analog Reinforcement Calculator) , which preceded Rosenblatt’s work by many years. But the lack of any trace of his work on this system and the critical nature of the analysis in Perceptrons suggests that he concluded this approach to AI was a dead end. The most widely discussed element of this analysis is the elucidation of the limits of a Perceptron - they could not, for instance, learn the simple boolean function XOR because it is not linearly separable. Though the history here is vague, this publication is widely believed to have helped usher in the first of the AI Winters - a period following a massive wave of hype for AI characterized by disillusionment that causes a freeze to funding and publications.

The point here is that Minsky already knew that a multilayer Neural Network could solve XOR, but he nevertheless wrote a paper showing that a single perceptron could not solve XOR, in order to get funding away from perceptrons and towards his own line of investigation.

All that said, I highly recommend his "society of mind" book. The idea to have each single page to explain a simple concept in a complete manner was mind blowing to me at that time. I still havent come across another book written that way.

Comment Re: My favorite Minsky story (Score 3, Interesting) 76

I read "society of mind" when it first got translated to Spanish. Lovely, lovely book. Each page was a concept by itself. You could literaly read one page a day an have a complete knwoledge exerience each time.

What always makes me feel uneasy of Minsky was the story that he attacked perceptron showing that they could not solve NOR sending neural nets into a freeze for sevwral years drying founding to them, while at that time it was already known that multilayer nets could solve NOR.

Nowadays deep learning is all the rage...

Comment Re:Solution looking for a problem? Talk and drive! (Score 1) 174

I'm still not entirely clear what the Apple Watch is supposed to do for me, especially when it's still reliant on a cell phone to function.

It does have a GREAT use. I see everyday people using their cell phones in their cars while driving, phone on the ear. All new and luxury cars even. Im sure those cars have bluetooth, but somehow people dont know how to use or dont like how it sounds or whatever.
Since Apple watch allows to talk through it, Im sure it will diminished the chance of accident for those who drive with the phone on the ear. Since talking to the wrist allows the hand to grab the wheel, while if fit is holding a phone it is more difficult.
I know that Apple wont be able to promote it this way, but I really believe that iphone users will have fewer accidents of they use an Apple Watch.

Comment Re:Well, what did you expect? (Score 1) 146

The world is changing fast and governments are not responding in a timely manner to the new reality.

Everyone as able to get a cheap drone.

Everyone is able to work as a Taxi without license nor paying taxes.

Everyone is able to work as a Hotel without paying taxes.

Regulations are no longer effective.

We really need a new kind of government.

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