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Comment And we have Google (Score 1) 204

The same people will react in horror to this - but at the same time disapprove of the right-to-be-forgotten that the EU has applied to Google et al. You can't have it both ways, either we have a forgetful society (the same that has happened throughout all of history, and is widely considered essential to personal freedom) or you let things be remembered forever and applied to your "reputation".

As imperfect as the right-to-be-forgotten is, I'd rather have it that not. We need to understand that just because we now *can* record everyone's every discretion for all of time, we mustn't.

Comment Re:Typical of today's programmer (Score 1) 196

Very much so. And when you tell them that they are doing it wrong, they first do not believe you and then they start to cry. We have far too many coders and most of them really bad.

We don't have too many coders, we have an industry that is immature because it's far too hard to avoid making stupid mistakes. Other industries can handle below-average participants without collapsing (/causing catastrophic outages, security leaks, whatever). You or I might be awesome, but there can only ever be so many great programmers, half of all programmers are below average. And we need them too. All industries attempt to make the skill easier & safer, and that's a *good* thing. You can always just wish for better skills.

Comment Re:Typical of today's programmer (Score 1) 196

Open source is not a magic panacea that fixes all ills. It requires dedicated programmers with alot of time, just like anything else. The many-eyes-make-all-bugs-shallow mantra has failed many times, have you followed the OpenSSL Heartbleed?

If you don't think that this can happen easily then I guess you've not been in programming very long, or at all. Computers will quite happily do something repetitive and destructive in a loop forever, and in a way that is almost invisible to the programmer unless they're specifically looking for it. Just now (actually, literally today) I had OpenVPN eat up GB with a log file complaining about something wrong in the connection.

Comment Re:Do not store songs locally (Score 0) 196

This isn't a bandwidth issue, nothing is being downloaded, It takes a pretty dense worldview not to read the article you are posting on.

The original poster is suggesting that they kill a feature of storing songs locally to fix the bug. It doesn't matter what the original article is about, because the post I was replying to had already made that mistake.

Comment Re:Typical of today's programmer (Score 3, Insightful) 196

Bandwidth, memory, clock cycles....don't matter. Use more shitty layers of abstraction over layers built into high level languages, then kick it out the door.

Well, what do you expect? Everyone expects client programmers to support more devices, more user for less money, cheaper / free apps. The last 3 places I've worked at had no QA department whatsoever.

I know it's fashionable to shake the fist at 'lazy' programmers, but the fact is we expect more functionality from less dev time, requiring abstractions, libraries that aren't completely controlled or understood, testing skipped, etc. Programmers aren't the problem, relentless competition is.

Comment Re:Boo Hoo (Score 1) 1368

Holy shit, this isn't about "he said something bad", it's that he is going to massively make real people's life worse. Actually worse. That isn't a good reason to complain for you? What exactly is?

Muslims, gays, women, blacks, all likely to suffer under the things that Trump has said he wants to do. Who's for no healthcare? Who's for nullifying marriages? Who's for beefing up the already militarised and racist police? Who's for religious profiling?

Your fatigue must be hard for you. You have my sympathies.

Comment Re:Don't think it'll happen (Score 1) 1368

Well put. For all the bellyaching about Obama, he did very little to materially harm anyone. Obamacare may (debatable) have increased the health costs marginally to help pay for those people not covered, in practicality for most, nothing dramatic changed fast.

Trump comes along with the promise that he will throw out religious freedom completely, a founding principal of the country. Deliberately shutting down travel based on religion, and monitoring all those of a religion with security services. What would that lead to?

Someone said once that there are over a billion Muslims in the world, if they really wanted us dead, we'd be dead already.

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