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Comment Re:because drones without.. (Score 1) 62

radio control always land safely and without damage.

where "safely" means "unable to transmit footage of potentially horrific things that make government look bad".

and "without damage" means "more evidence to gather to aid in rounding up the pilot".

Look at it this way: "safely" does not mean properly shielded so the police operator doesn't have a gigantically increased chance of getting brain cancer.

Comment Re:Uber need to get a clue. (Score 1) 354

Shouldn't the level of quality be up to the customer?

So, require everyone to take the language test but not to "pass" it. Just let their Uber profile shows their score so potential riders can decide if they want to have to talk loudly and wave their arms a lot in exchange for a discount?

Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 111

Can you explain how the CEO of Netflix is "peer reviewed literature" from today? Which article are all you people all responding to, exactly? None of it seems to have anything to do with me griping that "The recent rash of "oh noes, AI" predictions are dumber than back in the '70s when by now we're supposed to be in well into a major ice age."

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