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Comment Re:Comma-separated vs. tab-separated (Score 1) 300

The solution is easy. The tab character is ascii 0x09. We can remove it, and slide down all the other ascii characters to match and fill in the hole.

Better yet, I propose the 0x09 character to be the deprecation slot. That way, we can start putting \r into that position following punctuation and a yearly frequency analysis on Github's least used character for assigning a new character to this deprecation slot.

Finally, we will end up with a clean slate of ASCII table ready to be populated by emoji icons; just imagine, instant recognition of malicious software, adult material and unwanted advertising. Computers *are* here to simplify our lives and binary logic unnecessary complicates our environment expecting every human to be a socially inept Borg drone awaiting input. If you look at babies (they are really not that scary), the root of every human, you can see the emoji's materializing intrinsically and emerging in its surroundings, nothing thru binary, REST or god forbid, XML requests. It would be natural.

Ironically, sysadmins, programmers and alike would never devise such a system denouncing control and efficiency, whereas emoji based input would have given them great improvements; a pad with only a power button.

Comment Just don't (Score 1) 312

Most likely if you haven't got the urge by your 20s to try and control your computer you just aren't going to like it.
Because basically, *any* computer language learnt will be a complement to your skills, albeit only fun or frustration.
You see, the language is only the tool, assignments, loops, statements and conditionals is pretty much all you need to start.
GOTO is considered evil, but then again it's not.
Why haven't you tried anything?

I don't want to proclaim holiness on developers, the mythical art of programming or anything, it's just that I've seen too many people blindly jumping a career opportunity ending up in disappointment.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 43

Windows 8 was alright for anything but the desktop (mobile, home theater).
Windows 10 is more polished and suitable for desktop, and price/quality wise a good choice without the telemetry.
Anyhow, I don't see me going back to OSX in the future with Jobs gone, Linux for development because that's where the server's at,
not because Linux was ahead, as it used to be.
Despite the achievements Linux Desktop is still feels like kludges.

Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

Voting for someone on the basis of their sex is just as stupid as voting for someone on the basis of their race/skin-colour. You should be voting on the basis of their policies — far more complex than some genetic attribute.

Not stupid, logical.

Politicians are perceived to lie and break promises on a regular base, you don't know what to expect.
Then it is logical to vote on persistent attributes.
In any case, would Clinton have won your vote on Clinton would have the most political impact itself, women as president.

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