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Comment Re:economic illiteracy (Score 1) 954

Minimum wage laws actually hurt low income and low skill workers twice: not only does it price many of them out of the labor pool, it also increases the cost of goods and services, which hurts low income groups the most.

Sure, let's prevent the low income groups from getting hurt and join them with the Bangladeshian sweatshop crew.
I'm not into history or economics but I have enough experience in life to know there
never has been such a thing as a free market, never is and never will be; power corrupts and people tend to group in peers.
Having large groups of people with and without money in the same area is a recipe for unrest -- bad for business.

Comment Re:Dammit Microsoft get with the program (Score 1) 101

> One of my clients issued me with one of the Nokia Winphones; it's OK although the UI is less refined than an iPhone or my Android Nothing wrong with the phone or the OS (8.1). Power for a week, faster than an Android, at 160 bucks. (lumia 640)
Does calling, browsing, whatsapping, integration with hotmail, downloadable maps, good camera apps.
The Android vs Winphone contest is quite the opposite of Linux vs Windows, e.g. apps stuck, no updates, poor battery time after a while, poor support, buggy interface, you name it.

Comment Re:Making Consumption Harder For Consumers... (Score 1) 244

This is one more case of DRM making life harder for the consumer.

Harder? You pay for a movie with the guarantee you cannot view it some time a few years from now.
That means the disc is essentially a worthless possession as physical object, why buy it?
Nobody wants a drawer stacked with expensive plastic junk.

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