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Submission + - Election candidate arrested over Churchill speech (

hessian writes: A candidate in the European elections has been arrested after making a speech quoting from a book by Winston Churchill about Islam.

Paul Weston, chairman of the far right Liberty GB party, was making the speech on the steps of Winchester Guildhall, Hampshire, on Saturday, when a member of the public complained to police and he was arrested.

He had been reading from Churchill's book The River War, written in 1899 while he was a British army officer in Sudan.

Submission + - Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps

theodp writes: Thankfully, no one's gone full-Charles-Bronson yet, but the NY Times reports that victims of smartphone theft are using GPS to take the law into their own hands, paying visits to thieves' homes and demanding the return of their stolen phones. "The emergence of this kind of do-it-yourself justice," writes Ian Lovett, "has stirred worries among law enforcement officials that people are putting themselves in danger, taking disproportionate risks for the sake of an easily replaced item." And while hitting "Find My iPhone" can take you to a thief's doorstep, LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith urges resisting the impulse to do so. "It's just a phone," he said. "it's not worth losing your life over. Let police officers take care of it. We have backup, guns, radio, jackets — all that stuff civilians don’t have."

Comment Right when the BF's trying to fund Gooseberry too! (Score 1) 2

Taking down someone else's past work right when they're trying to get funding for their next project? Absolutely abhorrent behavior by Sony. If you want to help the BF dogfood Blender on an actual feature film project, you can pledge on All of the film's production files will be open sourced after it's done :)

Submission + - Blender Foundation's Sintel video taken down on Youtube for copyright violation ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: As if the automated take downs on Youtube weren't already bad enough, today fans of the popular open source 3D software Blender were greeted by a copyright take down notice for their third open movie, Sintel, despite it being released under a creative commons license: "This video contains content from Sony Pictures Movies & Shows, who has blocked it on copyright grounds." It is believed that the take down was a result of Sony Electronics adding Sintel to their official 4k demo pool.

Comment Re:Will it blend? (Score 1) 501

That's a rather inaccurate statement. Apple has declared they'd work with the Blender devs to get the Cycles OpenCL render backend to compile at all on AMD's dodgy OpenCL compiler implementation. The Cycles OpenCL backend has been working fine with both Nvidia and Intel OpenCL compilers for over two years now, but it has never worked on AMD. AMD has been in contact with Blender devs for a long time, but so far they haven't managed to improve the compiler situation at all. No extraordinary effort is going on to optimize Blender in general that would not benefit Blender users on all platforms.

Comment Re:Don't trust applications, ever (Score 1) 508

Making the user responsible? That's ridiculous. When you're running a business it doesn't matter that Jane the receptionist is "responsible" for accidentally leaking out your next year's product designs, by that point the damage is done. You want an OS and security procedures that make her incapable of doing any damage to your company.

Comment Re:Don't they do this every couple of years? (Score 1) 403

Monitor switching is a nice idea, but it also doesn't work because it disallows any drag-and-drop actions. Like dragging a layer from one monitor to another. And if I am to keep my tools on my primary monitor, I'd like them nicely organized so that they don't waste so much space. Single window mode does some of that. Actually, what I'd really like is customizable tool shelves where I can put my often-used tools from various windows and contexts and just turn everything else off most of the time. But I guess that's just too radical a concept for GIMP (and Photoshop too).

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