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Comment Re:Vaccines should be mandatory. (Score 1) 1025

This is actually a plan that might pass muster, legally.

Special Education students are segregated, sometimes to sections of buildings, but sometimes to their own buildings (depends on the needs, district set-up, if there's an intermediate school district involved which the district gets services through, etc). In my county, the school districts negotiated through their intermediate school district to split up and share the special ed students by their needs, so nearly all the students with deafness in the county go to one school, regardless of where they live in said county (and there's... 8+ school districts here), while the students with total blindness end up elsewhere, and the severe downs syndrom and behavioral problems elsewhere still, each place with its own staff of teachers and professionals trained to deal with those issues.

Secondly, the public schools are responsible for the safety of the students, while the students are at school, and in most states while travelling to or from school. There's a latin term for it that involves the word "parent".

Schools already segregate children with severe nut allergies to wings of buildings, or specific rooms. It's an easy argument to make that for the health of ALL students, the ones w/o vaccinations cannot be in the primary student population.

Comment Re:Sounds Like Maggot Treatment (Score 5, Informative) 207

This is still done in hospitals, particularly for bad burns. The Green Bottle Fly is most often used, as the maggots will only eat dead flesh, and do not excrete waste. Only after they pupate and metamorphose into flies do they excrete, thus the larvae are essentially sterile.

The pharmacy at the local hospital grows such larvae in sterile environments just for such use. In the field you won't have all those advantages, but it's absolutely an option.

Comment Re:explanation about the condition of the grid (Score 2, Insightful) 506

I think there are limits to how much of a given resource one group of people should be importing.

There are too many people in SoCal to be able to provide them enough water. The problem isn't too little water, it's too many people. Some of them need to leave, and go where there is more water. People have been doing this for thousands of years. Our technology does not eliminate this process, only allows it to happen less often.

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