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Submission + - Linux Development Up 34%; Windows Down 12% (

macemoneta writes: "According to the 2007 North American Development Survey, as summarized in this article, Linux development is up 34%, while Windows development is down 12%. From the article:

The survey featured developers at enterprises, VARs and system integrators, and covered both client and server application development. According to the survey, the decline in Windows targeting by developers started in 2005, and has increased year-over-year as Linux matured and gained in popularity as an enterprise level OS.


Submission + - Intel Introduced New Microcode for Core 2 Duo CPUs

macemoneta writes: Two months ago, Intel introduced microcode updates for all systems with an Intel® Core(TM) 2 Duo processor. According to an HP Tech Support Document,

While the implications of the issue are difficult to quantify, any of the following symptoms can occur:

* The system may stop responding to keyboard or mouse input.
* A system operating in a Microsoft Windows environment may generate a blue screen.
* A system operating in a Linux environment may generate a kernel panic.

This was the first I had heard of this; probably a good time to check for BIOS or microcode updates.

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