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Bungie Signs 10-Year Deal With Activision 85

An anonymous reader writes "Infinity Ward may be suing Activision under allegations of low payment and no royalties, but it seems some developers are still happy to work with the publisher — it has just signed a 10-year deal with Bungie, the studio behind the popular Halo series of FPS games. Activision will publish all of Bungie's games in the next decade — although Bungie will own the IP. The terms of the deal are similar to those brokered by former Infinity Ward chiefs Jason West and Vince Zampella when they signed with EA after being fired in March."
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StarCraft II Mac Client Beta Available 123

An anonymous reader writes "Blizzard has released the Mac client of the StarCraft II multiplayer beta. If you already have an invite for the PC beta, the Mac client is available under your account." A recent patch also added a map editor to the StarCraft II beta, which has already led to some interesting projects.

Comment Re:My research (Score 1) 130

Same situation 5 years ago. Kids and all. I got my salvation when she got a lover. She left everything and bailed cause the guy was loaded. That was the greatest thing ever for me (not at the time tho of course). I got my life back and realized how much i was missing. I was living again as to before i was controled from a to z. Like a puppet. A nice, docile puppet bringing home the bacon.

The minute she got dumped (guy realized she was f*cking nuts) she tried to get back to me. Yeahhhhh righhhttt!!! NEVER AGAIN!

Telling ya, the minute you realize what you are missing out there she's done.

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