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Comment /* TODO: Add subject */ (Score 4, Insightful) 351

So how many children have been prosecuted for human trafficking in South Carolina? Is it a real problem there?

I was under the impression that human trafficking was usually adults preying upon other adults and children. I know I'm going out on a limb here, but perhaps this isn't about human trafficking at all?

Thanks for correcting my information South Carolina, I better keep up my guard when interacting with a child now, they could be a human trafficking kingpin and out to GET ME!!

Comment Re:SSD wear (Score 2) 478

Assuming that Apple has installed a moderately well produced SSD, shouldn't it outlast the rest of the laptop?

Not saying that soldering it in was a good idea, but it is hardly the component to die first. If it were a spinning metal drive, then yes, that would be stupid as it would probably fail first.

Just another way for third party repairs and self upgrades can be limited. I used to think the Apple "throw it away and get a new model next year" jokes were just jokes.

Comment Re:Down the rabbit hole (Score 2) 311

Any idea on who pays for the terminal upgrade, it wasn't mentioned in the article? If it is being forced on a business, then the credit card company should be sending them out free of charge (assuming that the terminal will be paid off with transaction fees). I'm guessing this is not the case.

Otherwise, why is there are problem rolling out new terminals?

Comment *TODO: Insert Subject* (Score 1) 79

Although it is unlikely that a hack will occur, hopefully J&J will look at security more thoroughly in the future. Obviously a person dying due to a faulty, or hacked insulin pump is less expensive than a recall and firmware update.

Maybe they could just post equipment in major cities that hack the new firmware onto the pumps! No recall, and probability of a hack goes down even further. What on earth could possibly go wrong?!

At least the quotes don't sound like they were written by a progressive, brand visionary, user centrist methodology PR company; they've admitted that there is a problem, and it wasn't spun to say it was in the best interest of the users (take note HP).

Comment Re:The "bargain" used to include warrants. (Score 1) 367

*Please note that as a non United States of America citizen, I rely on TV for your law system*

Since the courts sometimes can compel a defendant to hand over a password for an electronic device, but sometimes can't, the TLA's obviously need a workaround right? Is that what is going on here? The TLA's can't assume access to your data and want to make sure they can?

Submission + - Twitter censors #DNCLeaks trending topic and hashtag (

bongey writes: Twitter censored the 2nd trending topic DNCLeaks hashtag. The trending hashtag #DNCLeaks was climbing over 90k tweets when it disappeared from the trending topics. It was replaced with PraisinTheAsian(17k) and TheWalkingDead(38k).

Submission + - SPAM: Almost Half of All TSA Employees Have Been Cited for Misconduct

schwit1 writes: Almost half of all TSA employees have been cited for misconduct, and the citations have increased by almost 30 percent since 2013.

Of the total allegations filed, 90.8 percent were against TSA officers, while 4.8 percent were filed against managers or administrators. Of the areas of misconduct, “Attendance & Leave” sees the highest number of offenders, while “Failure to Follow Instructions,” “Screening & Security,” “Neglect of Duty,” and “Disruptive Behavior” round out the top five.

It also appears that the TSA has been reducing the sanctions it has been giving out for this bad behavior.

Submission + - Milo Yiannopoulos Permanently Suspended from Twitter

Raenex writes: Breitbart writer and conservative provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos, was permanently suspended from Twitter amid a dust-up with Ghostbusters (2016) actress Leslie Jones. Trolls had been harassing Jones with racist tweets after the movie's opening, prompting agitated responses from Jones. Milo entered the fray with, "If at first you don't succeed (because your work is terrible), play the victim" and "EVERYONE GETS HATE MAIL FFS". After some back and forth, Milo was eventually blocked by Jones and banned by Twitter after CEO Jack Dorsey became involved.

While outlets such as TechCrunch signaled their approval, Milo summed up his banning with the following: "Twitter is intent on protecting free speech, as long as you are a Hollywood actress who bravely tweets about white people, or a New York globalist advocating for violence against Donald Trump. They’ve made it clear that being gay and conservative doesn’t get me past the velvet rope into their free speech club, which is looking more and more like the same liberal echo chamber the mainstream media turned into decades ago."

Submission + - Windows 10 on air-gapped networks?

roger_that writes: We have been looking at the Windows 10 upgrade for our networks, and have not found any information about what happens to Windows 10's attempts to "phone home", when the computer is not attached to the Internet. Do files build up on the hard drive, like the WER (Windows Error Reporting) files of Windows Server 2003/2008? Does the error reporting continuously grab CPU cycles, attempting to send reports that can never go anywhere? Is there anything I need to be aware of/change before I move to Win10? We will be turning off as much of the "phoning home" software as we can (think Cortana), but what happens with the stuff we can't turn off?

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