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Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 805

In california once your income exceeds the subsidy thresholds you only get to keep ~40%. In round numbers, 40% goes to assorted federal taxes, 10% to state taxes, and 10% goes to sales taxes. There is also a big chunk of the population that doesn't understand that voting for bond measure that get paid for as a property tax is just a way of obfuscating that you're being asked to vote for a rent increase, so that stuff passes every single time.

Comment Re:Skeptic (Score 1) 399

Thats not the job creator, thats a market opportunity. If someone comes along and builds a business to serve that market, that might create some jobs. At one point in time, that business might have needed 30 humans to operate. Today it probably needs 12. At some point in the very foreseeable future it will only need 2-3.

The challenge of future then becomes; what to do with all the extra humans?

Comment Re:Still too low (Score 1) 540

Sure, but thats not where the H1B abuses are happening. They're happening at outsourcing firms that charge BigCo $100k/year+, pay the H1B 60k, and profit off the indentured servitude. Thats why there are a quarter million H1B applicants. Getting one of those through lets you print money. The percentage of those going toward their intended purpose is in the low single digits. 100K may raise the bar, but it doesn't change the economics. BigCo will still pay the $145k to the outsourcing firm. 200k might just be enough to make a difference. BigCo will direct hire the H1's that matter, for whom the program was intended. Outsourcing firms will get local talent where they need it and ship the lower end stuff back to The Republic of Elbonia.

Comment Re:Why not spin off their own company? (Score 1) 531

The sharp ones will end up as consultants anyway. It's not a terribly talent rich region, and there aren't a lot of corporate locations with significant IT footprint. Most of the folks with talent in South florida either go into consulting or end up in IT departments with single digit headcounts. The rest will either have to leave the business or leave the area.

Comment Re:Yeah, well look at Apple's INSANE markup. (Score 2) 196

I'm as disappointed as everyone else in the new macbook pro, but I also recognize that its a great machine that been incorrectly positioned. If they had positioned it as "The best Macbook Air we've ever made" it would be enjoying completely different sentiment in the press. We'd all still be wondering WTF am I going to get a new pro level laptop, but it would be easier to move on if they admitted outright that they were abandoning the pro market.

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