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Comment They should do it Sony Style (Score 1) 406

Include all the awesome features everyone wants on the box art, and put an insert inside that reads something like "By the way, we disabled all those nice features for uh, security reasons or something. What did you expect? We're Sony, and that's the Sony Style."

Then they can include a root kit virus on the pack-in demo disc.

Comment about time (Score 2) 747

Finally. It was a stupid idea to begin with. I should be able to time-shift all my content without renting a crippleware box from the cableco. 2 months for china to make capture hardware, 6 month for an open source driver to mature, another 6 months for support to stabalize in mythtv, plus some time for it to make it into the distros. Maybe a year and a half before I can refresh my mythboxen. Yeah.

The Military

Military Personnel Weigh In On Being Taliban In Medal of Honor 171

SSDNINJA writes "This is a feature from gamrFeed that interviews nine US service members about playing as the Taliban in the upcoming Medal of Honor. One soldier states that games like MoH and Call of Duty are 'profiteering from war.' Another says, 'Honestly, I don't really see what the whole fuss is about. It's a game, and just like in Call of Duty, you don't really care about what side you're taking, just as long as you win. I don't think anyone cares if you're part of the Rangers or Spetznaz, as long as you win.' An excellent and interesting read."
Classic Games (Games)

Sega To Bring Dreamcast Titles to PSN, Xbox Live 158

Sega announced yesterday that it plans to bring back a number of popular Dreamcast games, updating them and releasing them for download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi will come first, with further announcements expected after E3. "Both of the games will be based on the Dreamcast originals, but will be updated with high-definition graphics, surround sound, online leaderboards, and Achievement and Trophy support." Kotaku has a list of other titles they hope to see — what game(s) would you like Sega to bring back?

Comment Entertainment potential (Score 0, Flamebait) 555

Read your mail from a VM. Hand them a jump drive with your .vmdx & .vmx files, and see if they can figure out what to do with it.

Note this is purely for entertainment value, since that is about all an 1d10t wanna-be it staffer is good for. The reality is, they either A: want you to work from home, and will provide whatever is required to do so, or B: They don't want you to work from home, so don't work from home.

Comment Wow, its amature hour on ask slashdot (Score 1) 260

First off, no redundant PSU because they "don't have the capacity"? You not only need a UPS, you need an electrician.

Second, no sizing data? What is the peak load at startup per rack? What is the average running load per rack?

What would be your ideal runtime?

How many racks?

Peak Load will tell you how large a UPS you need (in KVA), Average load and run time will tell you how many expansion batteries you need to buy.

Buy the management card for your UPS and configure it to send you email alerts. While you're at it load the client software on your VMs so they know when to gracefully shutdown.

Ask your electrician if you need 3phase or 2phase (my money's on 2 for you)

Then get the electrician to install enough dedicate power circuits to drive your new UPS(s). While you're at it, ground the racks.

Then call your AC guy, because once you've done enough math to buy a UPS you'll have enough data to correctly size the AC in your server room.

When you find out management doesn't care about extended recovery time and data loss, and they shoot down the CAPEX for your UPS project, you can focus on things that really matter: good backups and your resume.


A Hyper-Velocity Impact In the Asteroid Belt? 114

astroengine writes "Astronomers have spotted something rather odd in the asteroid belt. It looks like a comet, but it's got a circular orbit, similar to an asteroid. Whether it's an asteroid or a comet, it has a long, comet-like tail, suggesting something is being vented into space. Some experts think it could be a very rare comet/asteroid hybrid being heated by the sun, but there's an even more exciting possibility: It could be the first ever observation of two asteroids colliding in the asteroid belt."

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