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Submission + - SPAM: Impact of Job Throttling On SharePoint Performance

elviraosta writes: Externalizing BLOBs is the nicety that can enhance the performance of SharePoint remarkably. However, dealing with TBs of content requires that tasks being performed on this large volume of data don’t hamper the performance of the SharePoint infrastructure. Consider a typical SharePoint environment where the total size of content can easily reach in TBs. An archival job from one tier of storage to another or such other BLOB transfer activity can easily choke the SharePoint servers. At peak times, if these jobs continue to run, the capacity of the SharePoint infrastructure to service the user requests is seriously compromised.
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Submission + - The Deadly Microsoft Embrace (

yogeshg1987 writes: The government of Tamil Nadu ( A state in India ) decides to give away laptops for free to deserving students. This story explains how Microsoft played spoilsport in the Government's decision to include free software in the laptops.

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