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Comment Re:Problem solved (Score 1) 173

are lacking in critical thinking skills, formal (relevant) education

Unless you want a career in academia, "formal" education matters only for the first job after college. A good resume and decent real life achievements are much stronger credentials than a document that a school sold you for a small fortune.

Comment lame (Score 0) 173

Ok I don't know what's your deal or why you're nibbling on that useless point but here's what they say:

In emails to 9to5Mac, LG acknowledged the problem — which LG says isn’t an issue for any of its other monitors — noting that routers “may affect the performance of the monitor” and that users should “have the router placed at least two meters away from the monitor” to avoid issues.

Now the use of double quotes and the fact that they cite an email from LG is enough to put an end to this argument, unless you're really just trolling.

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