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Comment Re:Can they innovate into not being Walmart? (Score 2) 65

Ok let's say you buy a pair of jeans. Levis "Signature" is $17 at Walmart, cheapest Levis at JC Penney is $46 (I checked). So you can get through 3 pairs of Walmart jeans before you get to the JC Penney price. And while the Walmart ones are lower quality, they're still jeans, they do the job.

And when it's time to buy more, the price at Walmart will have gone down to $15.75 or something like that while it will be like $53 at JC Penney.

Comment Re:Walmart is a tech leader ... (Score 2) 65

You must hold Walmart stock to peddle that line.

Tough to lead in the technology sector with second tier and lower recruits.

There's a revolving door between Walmart and Amazon. Top tier IT goes from here to there, because they're basically the only retailers with so much volume that they have challenges nobody else has. Granted, the lower rungs on the ladder are mostly visa workers (Walmart is the biggest recruiter of visa workers year after year) because there's no point in paying a premium for people who install MS-Office, but where it matters, it's top talent.

I for one would love to work on IT projects at Walmart. Can you imagine the engineering challenges? We're not talking about digital goods, but real things with a real volume and weight that require space for storage and energy for shipping. Tons and tons of random crap, from batteries to lawn furniture and pepperoni. Fascinating.

Comment So precious (Score 1) 65

I see no reason to reward Walmart with my business.

"Reward" them? Is that how you see yourself, the belle of the ball that all retailers should bend over backward to please just so they can "deserve" your benevolent purchase of low-quality chinese dishware and apparel?

Buying and selling are two sides of a shared transaction. Neither side is "rewarding" the other. If you don't want to do business with Walmart, go somewhere else to buy your toilet paper for a little more. They're not going to go bankrupt over your boycott or over the strongly worded Facebook posts you make. There's plenty of people who are more than happy to accept a less comfortable shopping experience in exchange for lower prices.

Comment Re:Worked@IBM in 1980's, left, because sucked. (Score 1) 299

Any marketer/sales droid that relies on phones instead of email and messaging should be fired.

The worst ones use both.

My favorite ones? "Hey it's Gary, let's go right now over the exact same points we'll discuss with other people in the meeting we have in 20 minutes."

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