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Comment Re:Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 313

In this quote, replace "Flynn" with "Jack Bauer" or "Carrie Mathison" and tell me it truly sounds like incompetence.

Those are _fictional_ characters. You know "fiction"? Where contrived situations and railroad plots let the viewers play out juvenile power fantasies? I mean, I like an action movie/show as much as the next person, but I also realize when I'm watching them that I'm suspending disbelief just as much as when I'm watching a fantasy movie/show like _The Lord of the Rings_ or _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_. In the real world, without the contrived plot, and the superhuman powers (let's face it, pretty much all action heroes like Jack Bauer have superhuman powers such as super strength, speed, reflexes, fighting ability, deductive powers, damage resistance, ability to curve bullets around themselves so that they don't get killed by bullets, ability to torture people and actually get useful information, etc.) action heroes are just incompetent assholes who get people killed. Just picture all those action hero cops who turn in their badges to go after the bad guy, but, in the real world, they _don't_ get there in the nick of time and save the day heroically.

Making real world decisions based on fictional characters is crazy. The really sad thing is that people like you who can't tell fantasy from reality are probably a large part of why Trump is President elect right now. Too many people believed that he actually is his fictional character from TV.

Ah man, I'm getting tired of aspies.

Comment Re:Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 313

In this quote, replace "Flynn" with "Jack Bauer" or "Carrie Mathison" and tell me it truly sounds like incompetence.

Those are fictional characters and this is real life. The real life consequences of his actions may have resulted in real damage to national security.

You don't even know what happened. You don't know if that rogue internet connection was connected to his workstation or if he just wanted to use his personal iPad at work.There's no information there to show anything but a guy that doesn't behave like a mindless robot who follows orders blindly.

Comment Re: Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 313

It's amazing how many of you US experts on Islam there are on the Internet, with all of your deep knowledge about a large fraction of the Earth's population.

Dude, that's on wikipedia and this "house of islam" ideology has been abundantly communicated in multiple declarations by various muslim radical groups. If your strategy is to accuse people of making shit up, provide facts and sources to support your view, right now you're just being a bigot.

Comment Re: Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 313

White nationalist nut jobs in America and Europe probably approach 75 million when you combine active members and support. They don't have much of a religious bent to them but that's not really comforting to the rest of us.

I don't think people understand large scale numbers. Here's the figure for white supremacy in the USA:

Levin estimated fewer than 50,000 people are members of white supremacist groups, but he says their influence is growing with a more sophisticated approach

Use whatever semantics or math you want, there's just no way you can get to 75 million people that condone violence made by white supremacy group. It's just not the case. Find another ideology or group if you want to make the 75 million pro-terrorist muslims look like something else than a massive number of fanatics.

those who deliberately emphasize that propaganda are deliberately helping ISIS.

I don't follow your logic. When someone like me says that ISIS is mass murderers, or that 75 millions muslims out of 1.5 billions endorse and support violence as a way to promote their religious view, I'm not involved in propaganda, and I'm not "confusing" those 75 million fanatics with the 1.425 billion non-fanatics.

They DO exist, and there's shitloads more of them than there are extremists of other religions or ideologies, and refusing to see that on account of some politically correct bullshit is madness. There comes a point where trying that hard not to be a bigot makes you a fool.

This all reminds me of that Rotherham situation where a pakistani pedophile ring was left alone for years because the cops didn't want to look racist by investigating them.

Members of the British-Pakistani Muslim community condemned both the sexual abuse and the fact that it had been covered up for fear of "giving oxygen" to racism

The same shit happened at Rochdale too:

Same shit: white people wanting so badly to not be racists that they let criminals abuse children for years.

So the lesson here is simple: stop being offended on behalf of muslims when someone mentions that a small percentage of them are a bunch of fanatics. You're helping nobody, including the muslims. If you have energy to spend, defend the people who are murdered or the girls who are passed around as sex slaves in the ISIS Caliphate.

Comment Re: Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 313

Why is it so hard to understand that just because a religion or an interpretation of it in theory requires a violent act doesn't mean all followers actually follow through? This speaks more about bigotry.

What speaks more about bigotry is how liberals will get their panties in a bunch when someone mentions jihadist mass murderers, as if acknowledging the problem is the same as not making the difference between "normal muslims" and radicals.

Here's real numbers for you. Around the world, there are roughly 75 million muslims that condone and/or support terrorist activities. It's a small percentage (there's around 1.5 billion muslims total) but there's no other religion with such a massive following of fanatics.

Now if you want to make your mission in life to defend the honor of the remaining 1.425 billion (that nobody except for their own lunatic fringe is putting on trial by the way), go for it. Maybe if someone you care about happens to be in a stadium or supermarket when "freedom fighters" show up with bomb vests and AK-47 your perspective will change. One thing is for sure, if that happens, it's not a Bible or a Torah that those "freedom fighters" will carry with them.

But it's ok, coward. Go on and make me (or anyone who doesn't embrace the politically correct bullshit) the bad person while ISIS is out there burning, raping, torturing and killing people. I'm not a real threat and I don't have bombs so it's easier to focus your anger on people like me while safely draping yourself in the cloth of the self-righteous.

Comment Re:Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 313

Flynn broke rules he thought were stupid. He once told me about a period he spent assigned to a C.I.A. station in Iraq, when he would sometimes sneak out of the compound without the “insane” required approval from C.I.A. headquarters, in Langley, Virginia. He had technicians secretly install an Internet connection in his Pentagon office, even though it was forbidden. There was also the time he gave classified information to nato allies without approval, an incident which prompted an investigation, and a warning from superiors. During his stint as Mullen’s intelligence chief, Flynn would often write “This is bullshit!” in the margins of classified papers he was obliged to pass on to his boss, someone who saw these papers told me.

So this is information the reporter collected from sources which include Flynn himself.

In this quote, replace "Flynn" with "Jack Bauer" or "Carrie Mathison" and tell me it truly sounds like incompetence.

Mavericks and people who thrive in large, heavily hierarchical organizations without losing their free will are awesome. I mean, maybe this Flynn guy is some kind of idiot but that's not something that is clearly established in that article. If anything he sounds like someone I would have loved to work with.

Comment Re: Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 313

Right, 80% is completely bogus. it's not 80%, it's to kill or enslave whoever isn't a Muslim.

It's even more strict than that. In order to be spared, a country must be part of "the House of Islam" (Dar al-islam), which is defined by 3 rules:

1. Muslims must be able to enjoy peace and security with and within this country.
2. The country should be ruled by a Muslim government
3. It has common frontiers with some Muslim countries.

Everything else is heathens.

There are lesser targets (like Dar al-Dawa, pro-Muslim countries that don't match the 3 rules) but they're also slated for extermination if they don't become proper Muslim countries.

The only Dar al-Islam region in recent history was Afghanistan under the Taliban rule. Anything else was at best al-Dawa.

Of course some people see a reality TV real estate buffoon as the Pure Evil that will destroy the planet with war and intolerance, I'll be curious to see how those people will thrive under the rule of radical Islam.

Comment Re:Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 313

Its kinda stunning that (most) of the GOP is going along with a wholesale appointment of incompetence.

He doesn't owe them. They did not help him get elected, at all. So at the moment they have no leverage whatsoever. Later there will be some quid pro quo going on because they will need each other, but in the meantime he's a kid in a candy store and he's picking people who won't prevent him from Making America Great Again.

Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 1) 725

Gandhi was no wild eyed extremist. Martin Luther King was also no hatred spewing radical.

I'm sure they would have gone along just fine. As described on Wikipedia:

In 2016, a group of Ghanaian academics, students and artists called for the removal of a statue of Mahatma Gandhi from a university campus. They accused Gandhi of being racist towards black people by holding the view that Indians were higher than them. This view was also held by two South African professors Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed who claimed that Gandhi described black Africans as “savage,” “raw” and living a life of “indolence and nakedness”. Gandhi also demanded separate entrances for blacks and Indians at the Durban post office while he was living in South Africa.

Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 1) 725

"white devil"

You been watching too many 70s flicks, son.

Even better, in attempting to be reasonable you compare them to an animal protection organisation.

The irony is very, very thick.

Once you remove the stick that's up your ass, look at this:

"When the tragic shooting of Trooper Dermyer happened right here in my own city and it directly impacted my community," said Capps. "I took it personally. I wanted to do something about it."

And so the 16-year-old conservative blogger, who has interned with national news outlets like Fox News, decided to organize a Blue Lives Matter rally.

Critics of the rally point to the recent Black Lives Matter movement that spawned in response to the killings of young black men at the hand of white officers. They took offense and slammed Emma as a "White Devil" on social media.


UC Berkeley Student Columnist Maggie Lam Attacks the “White Devil,” “Skinny White Girls”

or any other results that google will give you for "black lives matter white devil".

Also apparently you don't know what irony means.

Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 4, Insightful) 725

I don't think BLM is about every individual case (there's the ACLU for that), and we can all see that in some of those situations things are not that "black & white" (so to speak). In some demonstrations we can also see some form of hatred (against cops, against "white devil", etc).

I think BLM is more of a reaction to institutionalized racism that persists to this day - things like black drivers being pulled over because they're black, which is real. The constant grind of discontent leads to this. Just like PETA they're a bit over the top and often biased and unfair, but they're the only way society can move forward. Middle-of-the-road opinions don't bring change.

Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 3, Funny) 725

Fake news has been a thing for a long ass fucking time, why are they JUST NOW making a big deal out of it? Examples of really old fake news sites:

That site could fool anyone with their fake news; how could someone know that the current headline ("Butt-Hurt Losers Demand Election Recount!") is not impartial, objective news?

Comment Re: (Score 1) 667

What we're seeing is you not seeing any of the arguments actually presented against Devos. Ever. Ever. Ever.

What arguments? instead of linking random, irrelevant sites, explain those arguments yourself, in your own words.

Of course you won't because just like the whole Clinton campaign this is just more vague, baseless accusations that only surf on "trump=bad" with zero substance whatsoever. If you had had any real point to bring up you would already have done so instead of trying to paint me as the one who doesn't stay on topic. Your trolling is weak, pal.

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