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Comment Re:The sharing of table scraps economy not viable? (Score 1) 85

Except in this case, people who pay the bills are venture capital firms, and those don't eat at the Fed trough, they burn their Google/Facebook/Etc billions. Like that poor sap who subdisized Twitter with his Google money before getting stabbed in the back by a homeless dress designer he hired out of pity in the first place (all true, look it up).

Comment Re:Yeah, but WHEN? (Score 1) 165

Remember how computers were going to get more powerful, how we'd have literally megabytes of storage available?

The problems scale faster than the solutions. For instance, I have a 32GB SD card on my phone, but guess what, that can only store 5 or 6 HD movies, and will probably be barely enough for the trailer of a 4k movie. By the time storage catches up, I will still only be able to store 5 or 6 movies in a 5-year old format and 0.1 movie in the newest format on a phone. Progress much.

Comment Re:Also good for Solar Panels, but don't expect to (Score 1) 165

The Web is packed with thousands of great inventions and solutions that you never will see.

Wrong. The Web is packed with conspiracy theorists who don't understand why some "great inventions" are not practical. We've heard this bullshit for decades about electric cars and it took a billionaire with balls of steel and no fear of bankruptcy to make it happen. And yet they're barely making a profit nowadays after years of losing money to the tune of 1 billion per year.

Get real. There's no mysterious stash of brilliant inventions that got "scrubbed" from the web by nefarious agents. There's tons of unrealistic, not cost-effective ideas and only one Elon Musk, that's the real problem.

Comment Re:Let me guess, he owns a red hat? (Score 1) 907

Immigrate control=hate.

Really? Let's follow your logic for a minute. Let's say for instance that all illegal immigrants in the USA become official citizens today. What do you do with the illegal immigrants that arrive tomorrow (since of course building walls to keep them out is hate)? You also give them a passport? What about those who arrive next week, next month, next year? Surely you can't be of the opinion that today's illegal immigrants are better persons than tomorrow's, otherwise that would be hate, so how do you solve this problem? You let anyone become an American citizen, with no control?

But illegals are a drop in the bucket. Last year 15 million people entered the green card lottery. That's twice the population of NYC. So according to you, since immigration control is hate, those people must be automatically allowed to become citizens. What is your strategy to accommodate this volume of newcomers? How can you even print and hand over that many passports? Where will those people sleep? What will they eat? Where will they work? And that's just year 1, there's gonna be 15 millions more the following year, and then the following.

See, the problem with virtuous statements like "immigration control is hate" is that they don't offer a viable alternative, they don't provide realistic solutions as to where the line should be drawn and how. So why don't you do everyone a favor and teach us your brilliant strategy to end immigration control in an effective way?

Comment Re:For "Best American-Style Light Lager" (Score 1) 907

Yes, I did that on purpose

Yes and I was born yesterday.
WTF is wrong with you? I know there are some shameless liars in this place but I never expected one had been hanging around for so long.

Lowering yourself that far to defend against a joke? What a piece of work you are.

Don't be a sore loser. I got you to search Wikipedia in a state of frenzy because you just couldn't believe that Miller won a gold medal - it's impossible for you to control your anti-American bias. That's the takeaway here.

Comment Re:definitions? (Score 4, Informative) 221

What's to stop them from writing in the manual, "purchase and install Comprehensive Assembly #012934" and selling that part which is basically a replacement for the entire unit?

What you're describing is using a RaW (Rules as Written) legal strategy, and in the context of this type of legislation, this is usually not a winning approach because it clearly contradict the intent of the law. A RaW approach is better suited to administrative matters, such as a DMV dispute.

Comment a Code of Conduct is a weapon (Score 1) 53

i think the point of a Code of Conduct is to have a baseline to kick someone out if they're being undesirable. It's similar to having an acceptable internet usage policy at work; the point is not to prevent people from checking Facebook during work hours, it's to give yourself some ammo in case you want to get rid of someone for some other reason. (ex: "On July 6, you broke rule 212.1 by visiting Reddit during work hours, so you're fired - although what we really don't like about you is that you f*cked the CEO's daughter and wiped yourself on his MBA diploma").

That's how they got Martha Stewart, by the way. She didn't go to jail for insider trading, she went to jail for lying to federal officers who were investigating her insider trading activities.

Comment Re:For "Best American-Style Light Lager" (Score 1) 907

Oh wait a minute, the link says the category of "Best American-Style Light Lager" but you cut that out of the middle of your quote.

Yes, I did that on purpose to offer you the joyful experience of confirming that Miller is not, after all, a world-class beer.

Just think of that blessed moment between reading my quote and finding out how misleading it was. That curiosity, that incredulity that was nagging you, and the fulfilling relief of finding out that your hunch was correct. None of that would have happened if I had pasted the full quote.

You are welcome.

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