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Comment Re:so they give up (Score 1) 277

Microsoft revenue has grown in a more or less linear fashion since the 90s

The reason being the growing number of people having access to a computer (China, India for instance).

No, the split between US and foreign markets revenue has been roughly the same for many years (almost 50/50). If anything, foreign revenue went down a bit recently because of the generalized suspicions toward US companies, thanks to the NSA.

Comment Of course (Score 1) 124

Yeah it's almost like a fundamental part of the system can have two purposes.

Ah, so either when you said "it was primarily designed with servers in mind" you were making shit up, or you are when you say that it fundamentally has two purposes. No need to explain further, you're busted.

Comment Re:wow, people can get win 10 updated? (Score 3, Interesting) 277

Check this piece on ars technica:

Most available satellite-based Internet remains almost as limited now as when it was introduced two decades ago. It's slow and provides users only with a unidirectional download link. But there's something about the connections that made them highly attractive to Turla members: most satellite links are unencrypted and can be intercepted by anyone within a radius of more than 600 miles. That means a connection between someone located in, say, a remote location in Africa and a satellite-based ISP can be monitored or even hijacked by an attacker.

Comment Re:Yes, StatCounter, not Netcraft (Score 1) 277

I never understood they mobile strategy. Windows Phone isn't a bad product; it looks good, has decent features out of the box. But they scare developers away with their app store clone and their mysterious release cycles for the o/s and sdks. And they did buy a big manufacturer but did nothing with it. What is wrong with those people?

They are making money with the tablets though - now about a billion per quarter. Maybe that's the plan, Surface Phone. I think I'm gonna increase my MSFT position just in case. With Windows 10 revenue starting to pour in this is going to be a good year in Redmond.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 1) 277

First, startups are a thing of the past. Funding has dried up and acquisitions are no longer a thing. I wouldn't be surprised to see Macbooks sinking further with them, like a bad memento of a mad era.

Second, as much as I respect Microsoft for their magnificent business skills, working with Azure on a daily basis is truly horrible. The whole portal reminds me of a demented SharePoint, it feels like something that has been designed by many teams that hate each other, and the price premium over AWS just doesn't reflect any added value. Deployment is clunky, plans and tiers and services are confusing, and the whole multi-subscription model is just retarded. It doesn't feel like there's a clear direction or leadership in that part of the business, although they are basically printing money.

Comment Re:Amazing since market share dropped from 98% to (Score 1) 277

Which is amazing considering that a few years ago, 98% of people used their flagship product, Windows, while now only 38% of people do (Netcraft, 2016). They've done a really good job pivoting to maintain revenue while customers have dumped their traditional products en masse.

What kind of numbers are those? Please provide a link.

As far as I know, Netcraft only monitors web servers and there's just no way IIS ever had a 98% market share. Even with Azure going full blast it would never go anywhere near that, especially since a lot of Azure customers run Linux.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 0) 277

Computers running OSX have substantial developer mindshare.

Macbooks correspond to roughly 7% of the pc market, and yet OSX only corresponds to 3% of the o/s market. Guess what more than half of the Macbooks are running.

In any event, be it 3% or 7%, that's the entire market, not just developers. I don't know what "substantial" means to you but for Microsoft it's a drop in the ocean.

Comment Re:wow, people can get win 10 updated? (Score 1) 277

rural area, only other choice is satellite, which would be just as bad.. perhaps worse, because the wired connection from the satellite 'modem' could not be set to 'metered' - which i made sure is now set on their pc.

From a security perspective, the only thing worse than a satellite internet access point is maybe going to Moscow airport and connecting randomly to a "free" wifi endpoint.

Comment Re: One can hope (Score 1) 124

I'm sorry you don't actually administer any servers and therefore can't appreciate it.

Good point. Nowadays we have $15/hr visa workers for that - they get along very well with their counterparts when they call Red Hat helpdesk - maybe I could put you in touch in case you're looking for a job. I hear Infosys is on a hiring spree this winter.

Comment Re:One can hope (Score 1) 124

systemd is bad for servers. It adds nothing, just makes everything brittle and clunky.

That's funny given that it was primarily designed with servers in mind.

Of course! That must be why the documentation is hosted on "", which is self-described as "an open source / open discussion software projects working on interoperability and shared technology for X Window System desktops".

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