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Comment Re: False premise (Score 1) 482

if MS pushes the issue, they will lose industry to linux, and they know it.

I would have thought would know something like that too, but recent decisions have me scratching my head. Either the NSA is hitting them REALLY hard or they are utterly fucking disconnected from reality. Decisions from Microsoft just boggle the mind over the past few years. Utterly disconnected from reality. No sight at all of cause and effect. No sight at all on how Windows 10 affects businesses. Just blows the mind.

They seem to totally not even consider how a business would feel using software that could give advantages to their competitors. It blows my mind.

Comment Re:One can hope (Score 1) 124

"The UNIX way" was to have multiple, not quite compatible, complete operating systems from multiple vendors such as HPUX, Solaris, IRIX, etc. Porting your software between those was a considerable effort, and in fact a whole standardisation body (posix) has sprung up around efforts to make those systems at least nominally compatible. And in later years, the Linux way was quite similar, with LSB attempting to keep distributions at least nominally compatible with each other, but the effort of porting an application from one distribution to another still going by the name of "porting".

I have no idea in which dimension your UNIX way happened, but it wasn't this one.

Perfect troll or perfect idiot? No idea. Don't care.

Comment Re:Renault Zoe (Score 1) 458

And then you run across monsters like me. I drive until my fuel tank is close to empty... so roughly about 4 hours non-stop. I fill my tank, use the restroom, etc in under 5 minutes and I am back on the road again. I typically drive 18 hours with stops only for fuel. I have driven 38 hours straight before. I put 30k miles on my new car in the first 3 months I owned it.

I am... a driving maniac. I love driving (not commuting, that is not driving). Oddly, I have been considering getting a Tesla but I have no illusions at all about how far I can go and how fast. I test drove one and it seems like a nice car to drive. I may get one as a 4th vehicle. It will NEVER be a distance vehicle until I can swap battery packs out instead of recharging.

Comment Re: Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 197

Let's face it, folks, we have been bullshitting them for about a century now, I can understand that they're kinda pissed.

I spent a decade in the region and I have given this a lot of thought: Fuck 'em. I do not do religion; however, the Western World has Christianity, which teaches a fundamental lesson of "turn the other cheek". This is why we are civilized and they are not. Don't get me wrong, there are some really good people over there, but as a culture, they teach fighting, retribution, and revenge. Until they learn the "turn the other cheek" lesson, nobody can ever do right by them.

So, fuck 'em. When they are ready to join us at the adult table, they can. Until then, no apologies (as that is just a sign of weakness) and no regrets (another sign of weakness in animals).

Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 197

What is REALLY funny is that Al Queada (SP?) in Iraq said they were only doing suicide bombs and car bombs to get Americans out of Iraq. Funny how the same troubles were there with and without American forces present.

Granted, Saddam was keeping that nastiness in check... but we do not need to devolve this into a discussion of Monday morning quarterbacking. A useful conversation to be sure... but not useful between us right now.

Comment Re:a little late, no? (Score 1) 290

While it is nice to have an option for a i7 CPU and 32Gb of RAM for the minority of users that actually need that processing power, most people do not need that kind of performance any more than they need a car that is designed with the 24 hours of Le Mans in mind.

So... are you saying that there i no point in product differentiation? They should just release the Macbook and be done with it? No pro version?

Or... are you implying that making a consumer version and calling it a pro version is not fraud?

I am honestly unsure what you are getting at here, as on its face, what you are saying is nonsense. Either a race car driver needs a race car or the driver just needs to not participate. What Apple has done here is to tell the race car driver that they can not participate in this race... with a car that was previously considered a race car.

What does pro mean again?

Comment Re:Loses credibility (Score 1) 164

Blowing away the moderations I have done in this thread because everyone is missing something REALLY important here: How do we know that Apple did not simply modify the non-caching mode to ignore the directive and use the cache anyways?

Granted, they probably did just fix a bug... but maybe they didn't. Maybe they just use the cache now even when caching is turned off.

The reason why I am piggy-backing on your comment is because it was deeply insightful and along the same lines.

Comment Re:It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 1) 564

The hiss. The tape becoming damaged now and then resulting in parts of your songs being screwed up. The poor speed regulation on many tape decks. The felt pad under the tape becoming damaged or falling out and having to replace it, hoping not to damage the tape in the process. The tape getting "eaten" by the deck. The fact that almost all prerecorded tapes were made with the lowest quality tape possible (low bias, non-metal), so you didn't even get the best quality tape could provided from your music purchases.

All true. So very very true. You did forget one thing but I do not blame you for it since almost nobody but me ever did it: Tracking.

If the head was not aligned properly, you would lose lows and highs.

I completely agree. I see no reason for tapes at all. As a matter of fact, just the other day I was remembering all of the hassles associated with tape then in relation to digital files now. No matter what, a digital file ALWAYS sounds the same. It does not fade, there is no concern with tracking, etc etc.

Comment Re:And the next food craze starts (Score 1) 176

And in between all that we have various other food crazes from low-carb to neanderthal diet.

I recently had to cut carbs from my diet. I have lost 5 belt notches worth of weight in the past 4 months. It may be a craze, it may not be. I would highly recommend it though.

FYSA, I did not cut carbs to adhere to that particular diet, I cut carbs to manage blood sugar levels. It is amazing, in retrospect, at how bad carbs are. They are quite tasty though... pastries, pasta, pizza, all gone. :(

On the bright side, I love steak, eggs, and cheeses so I get to eat as much as I want! It is weird how the weight just evaporates despite eating more than I usually do. WTF is up with carbs? Is it the sawdust and other fillers? I don't know. Carbs in modern society (processed foods) are pure poison.

Oops. Off topic. What were we supposed to be talking about again?

Comment Re:Systemd, WTF? (Score 2) 166

I started out with Linux about 97-98 time frame. I was also a SystemD naysayer... unfortunately, I still am.

SystemD is brittle. any part that break appears to break the whole. I am used to Linux being quite robust and getting past many errors to a console and being able to fix the "box". That does not and can not happen with SystemD.

SystemD keeps the EFI partition open and appears to either constantly write to the partition or just trashes the partition hard when a hard reboot is necessary (again, due to poor decisions by software developers). Example, was playing DOTA2 and the system hard-locked on me for some reason (thermal?). The system would not even try to boot even after leaving the power off for a minute. Became really worried that something terrible had happened and tried to boot off USB. Booted no problem and rebuilt the EFI partition from scratch because it was no longer even recognizable as an EFI partition. Fuck YOU SystemD. That is very very naughty of you.

I could go on but there is no point. The supporters mostly seem to be religious zealots who think that the average case is always applicable when in reality, it is the exceptions that define whether or not your software is good.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 1) 434

I saw Rogue One in 3D, then in 2D. I preferred the 2D presentation primarily because it was brighter... the 3D did not add much value at all to me.

Good example. Rogue One was filmed with all the standard 2D tricks. The most jarring of those tricks, when seen in 3D, was probably the partial focus scenes: Scenes where there were grand backgrounds but the director wanted you to focus on an actor so a majority of the scene is out of focus. When seen in 3D, it just messes with your eyes and mind.

Long story short, the content creators appear to only know the tricks for 2D filming and use those tricks in 3D films... which is just terrible for everyone. Headaches and eye strain are some of the more obvious indicators. My eyes hurt very badly after seeing both of the most recent Star Wars movies in 3D. Those are 2D creations. In no way should they have been forced into a 3D format.

And this applies to the rest of the supposedly 3D content.

Not quite a side note, but I would like to point out why Avatar succeeded so dramatically whereas the rest of the 3D films flopped HARD.

Avatar did not generally shove things out of the screen at you. There are two notable exceptions and they both worked very well: The "writing" on the computer displays stuck out and the floating AIWA (SP?) representatives floated out. Essentially, Avatar appeared like you were looking inside of a box and could see the 3D aspects of the things inside that box. It was very easy on the eyes and the mind. No translations needed to be performed (except when stuff stuck out, which as I said, was sparingly used).

Comment Re:Edge..What Edge? (Score 1) 202

I wonder why they included Edge. I have never seen anyone use it. Is it that popular? I don't think so and the numbers show.
Flag as Inappropriate

You are conflating launching with being popular... as intended.

Edge gets launched by default when you click on a link in another application. You can set this, but it gets reset intermittently. Edge is also the default PDF reader. Since I only use Windows for work and I read PDFs, I get stuck using Edge for that. Every aspect of Microsoft Office appears hardcoded to launch Edge for even the flimsiest of excuses. This tells me that it will be a very important vector for attacks. (I do security).

TL;DR, Edge may be getting launched a lot but that does not imply that it is being used a lot.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 449

I hear people middle aged or older (like myself) pining for a lost past, it's often clear to me that what they're mourning is the loss of their youth.

I disagree with your assertion. Partially. It has truth to it but it ignores the elephant in the room. Control.

The stuff I did when I was younger was insanely fun because I was discovering new stuff. Everything nowadays seeks to take control from you. This sucks the sense of exploration/discovery out of whatever it is you want to do.

Examples are like shooting fish in a barrel:

All Microsoft products. Very few useful error messages. No included compilers/interpreters (powershell is the only counterexample). Unable to control the behavior of the operating system except in the most superficial of ways.

DRM and Anticheating. You can not modify lots of software and expect to use it. If the CRC/MD5 whatever does not match, it refuses to run or the server you are connecting to refuses honor your connection. (There is some legitimacy to these things but they also ruin the fun by removing control.)

Meh. The summary is that lack of control if what makes modern computing less fun than it used to be. How can you get the spirit of discovery going when you have someone saying "no" all the damned time?

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