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Comment Re:Hyperbole stew (Score 0) 507

Funny, I've always thought that "they hate us for our freedoms" was a joke, and understood as such by everyone.

No. Many do hate Americans for their freedoms.

Many people believe that an individual should not have the freedom to speak out; especially against the government.

Many people think that an individual should not be free to practice whatever religion they want (Islam!).

Many people think that the state is the center of existence, not the individual.

Many people want strong and dominating government that tell people what they should be doing, unlike America where you can do whatever you want, including sitting on your ass doing nothing.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 213

Point is that once you go into Steam and pick a game, chances are that the Windows version of it is more fully featured than the Linux version.

I have not noticed any differences. You will need to provide proof/examples.

In the case of Civ VI, the Windows version is out (albeit new) but the Linux one is almost out.

It is out now. They tried to sell it to me last week for $49.99 which I declined.

Other games, like Civ V - the Windows version is more fully featured than the Linux one.

I have played Civ V on Windows and Linux. I failed to notice any differences. Perhaps you can provide significant details?

Long story short, if you are an intense gamer who wants to try everything, like my son, then you will use primarily Windows for games. For myself, I do not need much. DOTA, Skyrim, and Civ V eat up massive amounts of time by themselves. God forbid I should do any of the survival games like Ark or Rust. Rocket League is fun for quick gameplay. I still occasionally play Command and Conquer Red Alert.

FYI, Skyrim is drop dead gorgeous at 4k resolutions. I play in a window at 3584(?)x2016 so I can get the largest window possible without being full screen. Still haven't found a reasonable way to do that on Windows.

Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 1) 893

You screwed up. The current government is a joke. Bogged down in legal proceedings, and its relationship with the press is a disaster. Trump is so divisive half the country is basically pulling in the opposite direction to the other, and governance is only possible as long as the Republicans control both houses. Policies are made based on alternate facts and fake news, fed directly to Trump's brain through his favourite sources of media - Fox News, Brietbart and Infowars.

Sounds fine to me... at least compared to the industrial scale starvation of the American people that Clinton would have continued.

By any objective measure, I have been living with half the resources my parents had available. My children have half the resources that I had available. Their children will have... nothing, if this shit continues. Better to have an amazing train wreck where we all die than to allow those fuckers to kill us while they live large.

Comment Re:Emails (Score 1) 893

Remember when like 70% of slashdot thought that it was a good idea to put this buffoon in power because Hillary was too "establishment" and was a dumbass about classified emails?

Any regrets yet?

Nope. He is proving to be just as terrible as I thought he would; however, he is STILL a better choice than Clinton.

You do not fully understand why Clinton is so despised do you? Well, Clinton herself is not actually so terrible. Directly. It is what she would have allowed to continue that is so terrible.

The United States is crumbling around us. All of the wealth is being tied up into personal accounts of a very few people. A fucking interstate bridge fell on people and killed them. In America. Absolutely inconceivable... and yet, due to the resources all being tied up in personal accounts, people are DYING. Trump will not fight this, but he is a disruption in how that shit show works.

It is sad that the people in power essentially forced us to choose Trump as a reaction to their unholy greed. As bad as Trump wants to be, he will not be enough to cause more damage to America than the industrialized asphyxiation that a Clinton administration would have happily continued.

Do you understand now why Trump won the election?

Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 1) 893

Don't pretend he was the better candidate, every act and objective measure demonstrates that to be false. At least be honest, you voted for him because you care more about seeing your team win politics than about your country.

I did not get the same meaning out of his words that you did... or you have weird logic. ;)

What I heard him say was that he could not in all conscience vote for Clinton. The only choice left at that point is Trump. I did not hear him mention political parties at all... and yet you did mention political parties. Perhaps YOU are what is wrong with this country?

Comment Re:both outcomes were hostile. (Score 1) 294

More to the point, we stuck him there. After his travel documents were revoked, he couldn't go anywhere else.

This is something I do not understand. Passports and such are just rules. Governments break their own rules all the time. Why wouldn't they be able to break a rule about documents? Who would enforce the rule?

For example, let's say Iceland wanted to offer Snowden sanctuary or whatever. Why would they necessarily care if America has revoked Snowden's travel documents? Those are not Icelandic documents. Iceland could let him in just as easily as Russia did.

Comment Re:It's SANCTIONS not Snowden (Score 1) 294

Can I remind you of some of my other predictions....

No. You are an Anonymous Coward. You have predicted everything from the fall of Rome to the splitting of the Moon. You have no history. You have no future. You have no reputation. While occasionally, deep words of wisdom are indeed uttered by you, they are one-time things and in no way related to any other things that you have said.

In short, if you want your predictions to have ANY chance of having any meaning, create an account.

Comment Re:Flynn is a Russian spy (Score 1) 135

Kick this whiney buttercup out of office and put a Republican in.

Then give us a real Republican to vote for. Seriously, between Trump and Clinton, Trump was the only sane choice.

Here is the REAL kicker, Trump was an insane choice overall; he only looked like a sane next to Clinton. Seriously, what the fuck is going on when the best person presented for the office of President of the United States of America is an outright scoundrel and thief?

The people who influence this country are deeply troubled. Too many groups are willing to outright slaughter in the name of an ideology. Here is an idea: If your ideology requires killing people, your ideology is likely WRONG. If your ideology requires the stripping of resources from the majority of sentient creatures, then your ideology is like WRONG.

You do not have to hug and love the person next to you, but holy shit, how about letting them live without being molested by your ideologies?

Comment Re:Good. Sex and Computers dont mix (Score 1) 233

I just don't get why anyone cares at all...

Booth babes are an annoyance to me because most are not actually beautiful, they merely have some proportions that are generally considered desirable. Furthermore, they get in the way of finding information.

On the other side of that coin, they are pleasant to look at and they do not outright prevent finding out information... There is no harm being done.

So why the outrage? Booth babes are not a big deal. Let marketers try to use booth babes if they want. This really is a non-issue. I suspect some hysterical females and some testosterone challenged males are behind this absurdity. Just chill out people. Nobody makes it out alive.

Comment Re:Well, damn (Score 1) 335

WTF does this have to do with Trump? He may have the most anti-climate policies possible to conceive and he would not be able to make the ocean rise by a millimeter... so why bring Trump into this?

Do you have some sort of fetish for Trump? Or maybe it is just the office of President of the United States that you are so fascinated with? It is rather annoying. I do not like Trump and do not want to hear about him all the time but people like you keep bringing him up for absolutely everything.

Go grab a pussy or something and relax.

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