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Comment Re:Fuck this guy (Score 1) 771

Prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Asshole's an idiot, I'd rather he be in prison than in the general population.

I disagree completely. There is no doubt that he is an idiot; however, calling him an asshole is an entirely different thing. He thought there may be children in trouble and wanted to INVESTIGATE. Yes, he brought a tool along to help "fix" the problem if the situation was what he was told it was. If he had not brought the gun, would you still be seeing his actions in the same light? He clearly was not going to use the gun unless he found something atrocious; otherwise, he would have went in shooting.

Yes, something "bad" should happen to the guy, but do we really need to hang him? Is that what justice should be in America? I am tired of every infraction being grounds for instant and eternal punishment. I don't want to live in that kind of world.

Comment Re:The Internet and dumb people (Score 1) 771

(I hope the pizza shop owners sue this idiot and garnish his wages for the rest of his life)

Eh? No harm no foul. He was honestly investigating something that would be considered as terrible by most of us. He shot nobody. I think he essentially had cold water poured on him and reality has become more clearly defined for him. The soft lies should now be completely gone for him without anyone being hurt.

This shit is just so crazy. We NEED to teach critical thinking to our children. If you have children and have not taught them to think for themselves, then shame on you. Unfortunately, our society is controlled by people who will NOT allow critical thinking to be taught in public schools, but we can still educate our children individually.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 3, Insightful) 771

See, if you actually want to debunk this, these are the questions you have to answer. These are the claims you have to shoot down.

WTF? I was mildly interested in this story and looked at the facts. None of the "facts" lead to anything terribly interesting. I am reminded of the (supposed?) words of Cardinal Richelieu: If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.

It is up to YOU to provide proof that YOUR interpretation of the facts is real. There are no facts like actual children disappearing or reporting things to the police. There are no facts like pictures of people doing bad things to children. There are no facts at all that directly support this theory in any way. It is all grasping at possible interpretations and running with them. Until YOU can show that YOUR interpretation has something real behind it, this is a fake news story.

No wonder you are anonymous.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 1) 771

Fake news can have lots of different motivations.

-- It can be satire or parody, like the Onion.



So, out of curiosity, what do you call fake news that turns out to be amazingly accurate?

Seriously. Read it and get chills about the nature of reality.

Comment Re:Barking up the wrong tree. (Score 1) 277

I love your .sig btw, but I thought of a counterpoint to your argument:

Teaching everyone to pilot a ship might be useful in a preindustrial society that survives by living on the water (they do exist!). Teaching everyone to practice law is a bit overboard, but we live in a world where the lawyers are everywhere. Perhaps it is not such a bad idea to teach law to children? I mean yeah, most of them will not become lawyers, but they might be able to survive a bit better in the current litigious climate.

I do get your point. Just trying to make the argument a bit more nuanced: Familiarity with no expectation to practice is reasonable whereas familiarity with the expectation of practicing professionally is blatantly absurd. I mean, they taught me how to play basketball in school. Even encouraged me to play on teams in real competition. Did anyone ever really expect me to become a player in the NBA? Utterly ridiculous (oh wait, new speeling: rediculous).

Comment Re:Provide this at the state level (Score 1) 277

Now if there were evolution for states, I'd be all for it. Every year, force a random poor state to dissolve and be amalgamated with its neighbors, and a random rich state to split in two. Then, doing the right thing would be rewarded by survival over time.

This is actually a fascinating idea; however, I disagree with your reasons for keeping school stuff at the federal level. The GP/OP is correct: None of this belongs at the federal level. The only thing the federal government should be concerned about in relation to individuals is the Constitution itself (not violating the Bill of Rights). The federal government should be managing the individual sovereign states and their relationship to the outside world, not managing individuals. That is reserved for the states.

Managing everything from the top to the bottom is known as a dictatorship, even if you bother to try and dress it up as a republic or a democracy. Just. Stop. Let the chips fall where they may. To paraphrase someone's signature (forgot who): Chaos, everywhere, everywhen.

Our efforts to control all of reality are doomed.

Comment Re:No different from China (Score 1) 248

I'll be glad to tell you the difference. In China, the censorship is from the government; this article is referring to private businesses. Clear enough?

Yeah, the government has nothing to do with this:

Keep on keeping on. Critical thought is not required in order to live.

What was the difference again? Oh right. One government person can not arbitrarily decide something can be censored, like in China. It has to be a group of government people. All the difference in the world.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 533

Obama inherited the largest economic recession since the Great Depression. And the US is now out of it. Now you can argue over whether someone else could have done it faster or not. But let's not lie about the facts.

The recession might be considered over, but then, why should the workers care? They are still losing value each and every year and it is not stopping. Pay raises? I have only seen pay cuts, year over year, for the past decade or so. Don't get me wrong, I do get "raises" however, it is always preceded by a large pay cut. So, let's say I lost 20 thousand dollars last year due to cuts... I still scrambled and managed $10k in raises, but regardless, I only lost less than others. I still lost. This recession looks like it is permanent to me. Perhaps one of my children will see better economic times but for my life, this is it. In real terms, I will never get paid as well as my parents and their parents.

I suppose I will have to wait until the harvesting of baby boomers is no longer a "thing". Which means I will be dead. It is hard not to be filled with hate.

Comment Re:Just another way to vandalize stuff (Score 1) 237

If we're lucky, cities will start passing ordinances to make mere possession of these a crime, since there is no legal purpose for these.

I found the pro-establishment Nazi. Don't worry. They will not tell you what they are actually doing to the Jews and other undesirables. You can sleep well tonight knowing that there are laws protecting you from everything.

Comment Re:Thanks Trump! (Score 1) 237

I'm going to enjoy watching his supporters slowly figure out they fell for a long con, got suckered bigly, and voted in the world's yuuuuugest huckster.

Eh? The situation is far more complex than that as you would have noticed if you had seen as many presidents as I have. I suspect that Trump honestly believed what he was saying but, to steal a line from someone else in here: Some guys in suits walked into the Oval Office (without even asking permission!) and opened a briefcase with a video screen in it. It displayed footage from around 1963 in Texas with the caption, "This is what happens if you do not cooperate"

I am not trying to say that Trump was intending to do good things for the American people. I am saying that whatever his intentions were, they were fucked off quite rudely from day one. Really? He hired his most hated type of person to be his economic advisor? That is surely a sign that he is fully in control. No?

Yeah, the elections are just theater. Being president of the United States may be fun but it is far from the top of power. How else do you explain Obama's presidency?

Comment Re:Hawking is wrong: lower class jobs are doomed (Score 1) 468

Does society owe anyone a job?

Society needs the participation and cooperation of individuals in order to function. That implies that society must offer something to the individual that they would not otherwise get if society did not exist.

One of the main things that society offers is the ability "own" things; however, if there are no jobs available for you within society, you will not own anything according to the rules of that society.

Quite literally, it is possible to say with a straight face that society owes you nothing; but again, what is the individual's motivation to participate constructively within that society?

So if society owes the individual nothing, then the individual owes society nothing. Let it all burn... either society needs to make a commitment to the individual or the society will eventually decay into anarchy.

Comment Re:Curing Greed. (Score 1) 468

Sure, the disparity between rich and poor is great but the standard of living of the poor today, especially in the west, rivals that of royalty of old.

Just shut up. You have never been poor and homeless, or if you have, you have clearly glossed over your past experience. What about being starving and exposed to the elements is better now than what the royalty of old experienced?

The hardness of the ground and the coldness of the air has not changed except by a few degrees over the past few centuries. I guess you could argue that man-made global warming helps all the destitute equally by giving an overall reduced chance of freezing to death under the awning in the local park where an 11 year old boy can find your frozen body on his way to the library.

No. Being unwanted and dying cold and alone is surely better than commanding armies of tens of thousands of warriors and having virgins offered as gifts.

Oh wait, you mean refrigeration, awesome new materials to make beds and such out of, medical advances etc make the modern man who can afford those things more privileged than royalty of old? That is an argument that could possibly fly. None of those things were really possible a thousand ago. But that word... afford. Hm.

Whatever dude. Enjoy your fantasy world where the poor have it better than royalty from hundreds of years ago.

Comment Re: My Dell XPS that came with Linux installed... (Score 1) 284

I have a Dell XPS 13. I was not able to get the Linux Developers version. The only real difference between the two is the wifi chipset. I have had absolutely zero issues with my XPS 13 and in fact, I like it a lot. I am currently running Linux Mint on it. I believe it is the 17.3 release? Regardless it is the one before they rebased on a newer Ubuntu LTS.

Simple. Easy. Trouble free. Rock solid. Oh... and a gorgeous screen. The colors are not faded and grey like lesser grade panels display.

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