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Comment Just uninstall it and delete your account (Score 1) 313

I dont know what is the great thing about instagram. It's just an app to apply some filters used mostly to apply a vintage effect in a photo of a meal. I know people here on /. don't need someone -me- to help you how to find an app to replace instagram, but please let your friends know about EyeEm or Snapseed. Anyway, results are almost the same.

Comment Non profit/business projects. (Score 1) 70

Well, maybe and exception, but for non-business projects, Kickstarter works great if the idea of the project can make the people feel they're part of it.

I know about a movie, of a new Director that already made a pair of good very-low-budget movies that wanted to make a new one but better produced. Depending on the amount of money one send, you can get a different benefit like a DVD of the film, a ticket for the movie premiere or at least, see your name in the credits.

Simple projects that you don't expect much in return, but that you think they're a nice idea.

I don't see myself backing a business project with lots of money waiting for a big thing in return.

El Regreso Movie (Spanish)

Comment And people are still asking why... (Score 2) 255

... it will never be the Year of Linux in the Desktop.

I'd LOVE to use linux in the Desktop always (I love the Open Source philosophy) however, this kind of things make it hard.

Now what? Ubuntu users moving AGAIN to another distro? Mint? I do not know.

KDE/GNOME/Unity/X11/Mate/Cinnamon/LXDE/etc/etc/etc and still LibreOffice looks like Office 97.

I've decided a while ago to stay with debian, even if it does not look that "eye candy". Anyway, I'm old enough to not care at all if my desktop can not spin like a cube.

If someone cares about Linux in the Desktop, please stop this. Ubuntu is too popular between linux newbies, do not disappoint them. Please.

Comment ...and that conenctor is a great feature (Score 1) 543

Quite off topic but I can't help to say it: it's amazing how Apple, in the iPhone5 video, mentions the new connector as a new feature, and as if it was a gift from God, they say that it's reversible.

We can not deny they're marketing genius, the way they do those videos with Jony Ive and the other guy acting skills describing characteristics already in other devices as a incredible step in technology history, like LTE.

"We've created the new, much smaller lightning connector." Wow, what would this world be without it?

"And we made it reversible, so it fits either way." Thanks for explaining me that it fits either way, when I heard reversible, I did not catch it.

(My karma went from "Excellent" to "Good" recently, don't be so hard, please).

Comment Re:Open office (Score 1) 505

That's it.

I'd love to use linux in my Desktop and apart from the Office Suite, in my case, I know I could use linux the whole day at work. But with Libre/Open Office is impossible.

The very simple reason that the documents you receive does not even still look the same as the original, it's something a manager of a company can not tolerate.

I'm not at all an Apple lover, I'm even one of those that for any reason would use an iPhone and I've sticked to Andorid, but I have to admit that my life is easier since I've got a Macbook pro. I'd love to use a Linux instead, I mean it, but at work I simply can not.

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