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Submission + - FAFSA Website does not support Linux (

Horizontal_Mode writes: I was thinking about going back to college for the 2011-2012 year and upon beginning my application I was told browsers on Linux were unsupported. You can get around it by changing your User Agent string, but I'm not sure I want to "lie" while applying for money. I guess the Microsoft tax applies to Federal Student Aid as well. Grrr

Submission + - ask slashdot, procedural programming to oop

An anonymous reader writes: I have a question that I figured would be best to post to the slashdot community: where can i fnd a tutorial/book that breaks down the concepts behind object oriented programming for someone like me who already has a fair grasp on procedural programming? I don't write code for a living, but with the current state of the job market I wouldn't mind learning more about it in my spare time.

here's what happens: I decide I want to write a simple windows/android application and so I follow a tutorial to get the appropriate development environment up and running, then I follow a tutorial or two and they all seem to just say "then we use this code... to..." without actually saying why im creating a new object, which classes are inheriting others, how to effectively use the gui in the development environment and what code clicking on certain things creates and why.

it just seems like procedural programming is very straightforward and while I realize there are many more aspects to oop, no tutorial manages to explain the concepts in a re-usable manner. I follow a tutorial and either get frustrated that im not really learning anything or I build the application and then realize I could build the same application again but I haven't learned how to look up new classes/objects I might need for a different type of application. the tutorials all get you from point a to b, but they don't really teach you anything. why does oop feel like such a hard area to get into?

Submission + - The Tale of Red Hat's Name!

donadony writes: The post discusses 3 versions of stories telling "How Red Hat got it name!". The post is based on Bob Young, co-founder of Red Hat, interview. Each of them is an interesting one to read.

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