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Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 372

I live in Montreal. We used to sky in the winter within the city. It has not been possible in recent years. We are now having a winter season that is two months shorter than when I was born some 70 years ago. Two months less winter, one month extra summer and the other month shared between spring and fall.
I am in Canada, so we are benefiting from global warming. The USA north-south mid-country is not. You are having tornadoes the likes of which you have not seen before. Ditto for flooding and for hurricanes. Nah, its just imagination that one year is worse than the year before.

Enjoy the doubling of your foodbill for agricultural products (grains, fruit, cattle). Look at your living in A/C home, since you will find it too hot to remain outside in mid-summer.

Comment Re:w00t - the K6 bug all over again! (Score 1) 112

A+BxC in one instruction is the fix. Apparently this instruction fails when the Ryzen is at some power saving stage.

  I believe it is a bug in the Ryzen Microcode, that can be changed by modifying the motherboard. In otherwords, fix the MB for now and fix the instruction in the Ryzen ASAP. I believe there will be a microcode patch for Windows and Linux and whatever to fix the CPU at some near distant future.
By the way, my CPU has an INTEL patch to correct faulty instructions. It should not happen, but it does. And by the way, the NSA has not explored the effect of modifying cpu instructions. I hope they do not go to that extreme.

Comment Re:It's a good sign. Shows he's working for the US (Score 1) 381

he's actually putting the interests of the USA before those of foreign nations

Sure, if our interests are cutting education funding, cutting the EPA, cutting elderly food programs, cutting women's rights, cutting healthcare, and increasing racism and military spending. Nothing will make America great again like a generation of stupid kids, sick and hungry people, and weapons.

If I go into a business arrangement with a partner, and he makes money and I make money, it is a win-win. Even if he does not have the larger investment, but he makes good money, should some of his benefit be taken away? Think Nafta, Mexico, Canada.
Canada buys all it's winter fruits and vegetables from the USA. It buys American cars. Does Trump know or understand what is fair trade? You need to look at the annual balances and decide if trade is fair or is not fair. Measure as well, the jobs created in each country.

Comment Re:Sounds about right (Score 1) 381

I'd expect this trend to continue for at least the next 4 to 8 years, depending on how the 2020 elections go. Perhaps even longer than 8 years, depending on how much damage is done to the average citizens' lives due to selfish and thoughtless policy decisions and legislation.

You are identifying a problem of a Negative thinking President, aided by a racist confident. And Pence is the wishy-washy VP that will take over and hopefully change the tone and attitude of Americans. You are being conditioned to live in fear. Shame on your President.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 535

The biggest losers in the last election were CNN and The NYTimes. They will never regain credibility.

Because their polls were off? Weren't everybody's? If you mean being called out as "FAKE NEWS" by Trump, I don't think that's hurt their credibility at all - Trump is demonstratively full of shit. His fact-checking is non-existent.

CNN and NYTimes commission polls from Polling companies. From the popular vote, Democrats won the presidency. (+3 million). But you have gerrymandering, you have some states with small populations having as important a say as California or NY State or Texas.
He went after the small states with important majorities.

Now, we are watching the Stock Market begin to crash. Hope it does not bottom out at below the numbers that existed when Trump came to the Presidency. Republicans, get a backbone, Do not repeal ACA, but get after the high high unrealistic profits of the USA medical system. (Drugs, Hospitals, Torts, and Doctors).

USA. The baby boomers (born between 1945 and 1950) are reaching pensioned years + 10years = 65+. Absolutely these (we) bommers are going to need the ACA). Do you want us to DIE because of high cost choice means we turn away from care until it is too late?

I live in Canada, with Universal health care. I feel bad for my fellow Americans who are being led down the "Republican Dollar First" path. Fix up the ACA. The concept is great. Billionaires made their money from the middle and poor classes. Time for them to do some payback.

Comment Re:The Slashdot Beta Debacle (Score 1) 299

I suppose that the better question is, "Should India allow outsourcing to the USA?" Technology exists where there is a budget for research. India is the place to be. It's market potential is vastly greater than the USA.

If I was in my early 20's, I would very strongly consider a permanent move to India. Thats where the action is today, and for tomorrow.

Comment Re:Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 649

First comment. Is the Moron, the President? Trump has to represent 100% of the population. He did win but he did not win with a majority of the population. He got support for under 50%. But what about the other 50%?

I am a grateful Canadian to Trump, We are going to prosper now that the USA will be exporting their scientific research to foreign countries, just as the USA did the manufacturing. Why not? Most of the good stuff (smart phone glass, Galaxy, Iphone, and other phone packaging is done off shore anyway), why not the rest.

And while you are at it, we can also learn to make the bomb. How so? After you export your scientists, you will export nuclear material. With 500 atom bombs in the USA (or is that 2000, who cares about others owning the bomb? I am paraphrasing Trump.

Trump, we love you. We love your blocking immigration of scientists, doctors, teachers and farm workers. Keep it up.,

Your grateful neighbour.

Comment Re:So fix it for $diety sake (Score 1) 130

Instead of billions on a stupid wall, invest billions in supercomputing tech. Hell, invest billions in semiconductor tech, cuz China is trying to take the lead in semiconductors big time.

Fucking Trump, trying to bring back manufacturing when he doesn't understand the concept of "robot".

I think it's too late to look at being ahead. The USA does not have exclusivity on intelligence, but the USA handicaps itself by having exhorbitantly high cost "for profit" universities. The pentium was designed in Israel, much of your supertech stuff is being done in Asia, or India or Israel.
The number of university grads in the states as a percentage of the population is 15 percent less than most of the industrialized world. Canada, per capitia, has 15% more grads than the USA. Its because we say "low cost education and free healthcare is not for profit", but for country.

Comment Re:The US actually leads in robotics... (Score 1) 297

The ironic thing is that the US is actually known as a leader in robotics. Car assembly lines are almost completely automated, for example. Chip making, pick and pull machinery is a common staple. CAD/CAM is a part of everything and anything in the US. Want to be able to design a new widget? Better know Solidworks, AutoCAD, or similar.

The talk about the US losing the robotics race is unfounded. In fact, contrary to what a lot of people believe, the US still doing manufacturing, and is definitely not going anywhere. Robotics will definitely be a part of how new plants are done, period.

Standard packaging, to allow supermarket item picking by robots is still to come. I can see where I would go to a supermarket, choose my fruits and vegetables, and I would shop the rest from a terminal or from my cellphone. When I get to the cash, my robot picked stuff and my own stuff would meet and the cashier would only weigh/count my stuff, while the rest was already priced and packed.

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