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Comment Re: Irrelevant Studies (Score 1) 285

What's weird is if this isn't a legitimate way to test the Chicken, why did they get the expected results from the other 4 restaurant chains that were tested? They used two independent labs to verify the results, and both times the results indicated significantly less chicken in the subway "meat". According to this article about the testing they tested 3 samples taken from 2 sample sandwiches of each of the products tested (3 from other companies and 2 subway sandwiches). The subway meat was such a large outlier that they initially thought there was a problem with the testing so they tested 5 additional samples of each of the subway products but got the same results.

In any case, the testing certainly seems to show that there is something significantly different about the chicken procured from Subway that was tested by the labs.

No organization wants to defame another, or get sued for wrongful information. You can rest assured that they found that the chicken they had was factually 50%+ of soy. Was it Subway, or their contracted meat supplier who may have adulterated the ground chicken so that it would pass through a slicer without disintegrating.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 323

I guess that President Trump never heard of overtime, or focused attention span. A lot of good his tweating is doing for the country.
He has delegated away all his responsibility and new, its only empty words.

Well, you got what you wished for. Santa Claus with blond dyed hair.

Comment Re:My experience... (Score 1) 434

Completely validates that report. When my last employer decided to fire the American citizens (forcing them to train their "offshore" replacements in order to receive any severance) that built the products and systems that made the company a success, those of us that remained discovered that we had to rewrite everything they produced (with a much smaller staff, of course). The greed of executive management results in far worse products for the customer - but they got their bonuses, so they do not care.

Your previous employer hired students fresh out of computer science or trade school. The compentency test would have shown that the students knew pockets of theory, but could not consolidate their knowledge so as to be competent to design or support a system.

Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 1) 618

We are making America Great Again!

I doubt it. Like water, business expenses flow downhill. And like water, block a leak in one place, and another will form elsewhere.

The problem is that senior management (directors and close managers) earn too much money for their responsibilities.
Live by the 7 to 1 rule. A manager can manage 7 other managers, and have time for himself.
Does he deserve a salary that's more than 1.5 times the average of his direct reports? Is he a shareholder or is his high salary really stealing dividends from shareholders. In a corporation no person is worth more than 400K/yr. The other net money belongs as dividends.

Comment Re:Revolution (Score 1) 127

Eventually it's going to reach a tipping point where you choke enough people into poverty that eventually they're just going to say

"fuck it, I have to survive somehow" ....and start just taking all those pretty coins that robotics have allowed you to save...

This is just a basic fact of life, you can't make people poor and expect them to just sit there and take it.

Is it possible that the roles will be different. Manufacturers will give away products, just so the factory can stay open.

Comment Re:Someone triggered a /. dupe? (Score 1) 447

I agree - BK exploited a hole in the system in a way that was reasonably annoying but pretty harmless. This just highlights the fact that voice control over computers is a crappy way since there's no way to truly identify that the person who do the command has the right to do it.

It's about as secure as a MS-DOS system.

They uncovered a flaw with Google's software. Bravo to them and to their ingenuity. (Them being BK)

Comment Re:Someone triggered a /. dupe? (Score 1) 447

you mean coupons that have increased in prices over the last couple years, to the point some of them are actually the MENU PRICE now? (e.g. 2 whopper meals $10. you don't need a fucking coupon for that.. the coupon price *used to be* $7.99, which was at least a marginal 'deal'). and then add the ever-shrinking 'junior' sized burger patties and the new paper-thin cheese slices (that are about half the actual cheese they used to be)... bk is bad.. the worst.. for scamming their customers. the only 'value' there right now is the 50 cent ice cream cones and $1.49 10 piece "chicken" nuggets... and no coupons needed for those, either.

Beef prices are on the fast and steep rise. Eat eggs, cheese, or fish for more of your meals / snacks.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

The cost of living in the USA is near the top of the list. While taxes are not high, you get little to services. You have hidden taxes vis -- Healthcare, education, low govt pension, costly insurances.

Add in those costs, to include the expenses for private equivalent services, and then do a compare to other civilized countries that include healthcare, nearly free university, good old-age pensions,

USA, your net net discretionary income is no better than other g7 countries.

Comment Re:Simple math... (Score 1) 339

and drop a pre-defined amount of cash, it might actually be a rational decision.

This is where a lot of people fall down though. Back in college there was a group of us who would go regularly to the local casino and we did beat the house (we did the same thing as the MIT students were a few years previous at a much smaller scale). Inevitability someone one would want to go along because they thought they could win big. My first response was how much money are you willing to lose. They would always respond back with none and I would tell them that they shouldn't go to the casino then. If they still decided to go I would always hope they would lose not because I wanted to be a dick but because far too often if they would win a reasonable amount, for a college student, they would go crazy and think that is how things are.

My wife loves the slots. She seems to know which are going to give. For the last 19/20 times, we have left the Casino with more than with what we came with. I don't know how she does it. But it helps with the groceries and some bills. (No we don't play hundreds, only up to 30 max )

Comment Re:Never understood the Ubuntu hate... (Score 1) 373

If memory serves, the initial attitude towards Ubuntu was positive. It was an easy to install and use distro for non-systems type users and newbs. I think the hatred set in when they adopted Gnome 3, and later, systemd.

I've come to realize a long long time ago, that people have self-imposed obstacles to change. Its just that what we know is giving us comfort. Change is disruptive. Too much change in a short while is catestrophic to some.

And then there is the gripers. They need something to gripe about. Its a relief to being frustrated.

I am at the age of patience and wisdom. After 55 years in IT I retired. My retirement computer is due to retire, and I still have a long life ahead of me. But, I look forward to change. It stops my brain from getting rusty. I definitely do not want a rusty brain. Also, my budget for toys is limited, not open to whims. So, I study more than jumping to conclusions. My purchases are done after considerable research.

The above is my opinion.

Comment Re:commonly used claim? (Score 1) 227

"I didn't murder someone" is a very commonly used claim among those who don't murder people. Would that "raise skepticism" and make one a target for a murder investigation? I don't think so. This is a chilling-effect arrest. They know this guy didn't hack someone, they're just trying to make the tool-makers lives harder because the tools can be used for no good.

If I was a gun manufacturer and someone used a gun I manufactured and sold to commit murder, am I an accomplice or guilty in the use of the gun?

The guy made a hacking tool. It became available and hackers used it. Should the guy be found guilty of being an accomplice or even being charged as a hacker?

Comment Re: Musk did this too (Score 1) 421

This device is not a garage door opener. It's an add-on for one, which connects it to the internet so you can check on the status of your door from a phone app (in case you're worried you forgot to close it).

The company disabled the cloud access to this guy's device, rendering it completely useless for the only thing it's good for. The customer couldn't get remote access working anyway, but that's the only thing that device is for! So instead of fixing his issue, they locked him out of using his own device (maybe some friend could have gotten it working for him), all because he posted a bad review. If you can't see why this is wrong on many levels, I can't help you.

My friend runs an internet based business and has a main salesman. The salesman give him a listing. My friend contacted the client, who wanted a machine rental very early in the morning. My friend explained that the machine was out on loan and would be available after it was cleaned and checked. The client swore and generated insults against my friend. My friend returned to inform the salesman about the rage, and the actions taken were similar to above. The order was cancelled.

Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 505

Trump's extreme vetting decision is working very well. Canadian tourists, for example, busses with classrooms of school kids with one or more immigrant children have cancelled visits to the USA. Even Canadian born WASP are avoiding the USA. We used to camp around Lake George, around Plattsburg, and now we are visiting our own east coast provinces.

I'm glad for Trumps actions. Our tourist dollars are remaining in Canada. And now we are looking at purchases via ALIBABA in lieu of EBAY.


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