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Comment Re: see what the Union free work place get's you! (Score 1) 289

Having a fiduciary duty to make a profit does not extend to or excuse a violation of law, or asking others to violate law. That's what you "fiduciary duty" people seem not to get; that duty does not supercede law, ethics or morality in any way.

Stop making excuses for the sociopaths making the world a worse place for your kids to live, and stop holding their actions up as a paradigm that you and everyone else should follow. Seriously. Just stop.

The question to answer is "What is the net-net profit" that Apple really needs? Are the directors drawing too much salary, forcing a squeeze on shareholders and Apple's suppliers? Is it time for suppliers to tell Apple that supplier owners and their employees health and basic financial well being are being impacted?

Is it that Apple sales are down, because their software quality is down? Is it that Apple is being sued by the European Union that claims that Apple evaded taxes and paid only 50Euros per million dollars of revenue, and the Union will win?

Comment Re:AES (Score 1) 53

I do not shop online with an unlimited credit card. I put money into the card account in order to make that purchase. I also live about 1/2 kilometer (just under a half mile) to a local bank branch, in which I withdraw my weekly need of cash.

There is a negative aspect to my way of doing things. I have no credit history to speak of, except for my bank which knows me. I was able to get a very low cost mortgage, when I needed it, but it took some work to get the credit rating companies to do their work and look at my non-indebtedness. Watch out for the errors that these parasite companies make, and boy, do they make many. They can ruin your reputation and your credit worthiness with a simple error such as mistaking someone else for you.


Comment Re:More political redirection (Score 1) 562

This isn't mud slinging. This is technology news about obfuscating forensic evidence in practice on a technology website.

Your statement is mudslinging.

Whether the secure wipe was used as a simple matter of Best Practice, or was done for Nefarious reasons, is not known. So when the article makes judgements such as "When you're using BleachBit, it is something you really do not want the world to see." it becomes a political mudslinging story.
I don't personally use this software, but I personally always securely wipe any drive which I'm done using. Even if there's nothing on there, even if it only contains "yoga emails" or etc.

The disturbing thing to me is that this article is all but using the "If you have nothing to hide, you wouldn't use secure wipe methods" line of bullshit. Using strong encryption, secure wipe software, etc. should not be allowed to be seen as a "shady" or "suspicious" activity- it should rather be seen as the Intelligent and Normal way of doing things.

You can be fairly certain that the FBI part-timer or other consultants who set up the Clinton server(s)s incorporated bitbleach or wipedisk in their backup procedures. The Clintons are not CS graduates, but relied on their computer support staff for maintenance.

Privacy in her level of government representation surely required such a tactic.

Comment Re:Worked for Amazon. (Score 1) 156

"Amazon's initial business plan was unusual; it did not expect to make a profit for four to five years. This "slow" growth caused stockholders to complain about the company not reaching profitability fast enough to justify investing in, or to even survive in the long-term. ... It finally turned its first profit in the fourth quarter of 2001: $5 million"

Seven years it took to hit profit, but they knew that and said it would be like that all along.

I suspect that Amazon's turnover and revenue were significantly higher than anything Uber's ever seen, and I suspect they never lost $1.2bn at any stage of their inception.

It was also - as stated - highly unusual.

How much of that 1.2billion were director salaries and initial owners (Pres, CFO, CEO, etc.) of course, no dividends. It does require large data centers to manage Uber, but these centers need only be regionalized, say one center for each timezone or 15 million people population, with the neighbouring centre serving as a backup-recovery role, if needed.
Very few people want autonomous vehicles. If they did, municipal bus companies would be a thriving business.

Comment Re:Laissez Faire Capitalist Here... (Score 1) 204

I believe that the internet should be a state run utility.
I live in Quebec Canada
About 25 years ago, the Quebec government nationalized the electricity industry. They bought out the independent electric companies and created Hydro Quebec. HQ built the James Bay project that sends water (dam generated) electricity to all of Quebec, some of Vermont, Ontario, and some of New York state. The wholesale price of electricity outside of Quebec is around 4 cents per kilowatthr (it might be 40 cents per megawatthr). For major industries in Quebec, the price is competitively priced.
Retail price is around 7.5 cents per kwhr Quebec took the decision that where small towns (numbers merited it), these towns would get cost effective electricity. Farming communities, dairy producers, beef and cattle producers benefited from the standard retail price.
And HQ was mandated to provide adequate maintenance and be there on time to accommodate all municipal and industrial growth. So far, after these many years, its great.

HQ has rights-of-way, is well equipped with linesmen, engineers, etc., to install it's own national network grid. I believe that they can and would jump in, if there were hints to and a mandate from the government made by enough citizens.
We are not as densely populated as some American states, but the internet is just a communication highway, albeit different from the highway that occasionaly needs snow removal or repaving.

Comment Re:Wayland bashing (Score 1) 151

Cue negative Wayland comments by those who have not read, or do not understand the code. Who do we hope will maintain the codebase? There's what, four men still alive, who can do the job?

My experience with Wayland is "It's half working and twice as slow as X11". To obtain wide acceptance, performance tuning and shortening of execution path lengths are needed.

Finally, from a terminal mode, (there is of yet, no wayland terminal), it is impossible to start a gui program. Typically, while in Wayland, enter terminal mode and invoke gparted, or qt-creator yumex-dbf or other. Most will not start execution

Comment Re:"Ghandi" quote updated (Score 1) 412

First they laugh at the science. Then they ignore the science. Then they actively fund bullshit artists to obfuscate the science. Then they burn.

So when will Americans be immigrating to Canada? We are temperature impacted, but not to the same degree as Americans. And of course, it means that we start to buy our fruits and vegetables from Africa and Latin America. (California Oranges are now being replaced by ones from Africa, as California's drought made them too expensive to purchase. The same is true for other seasonal produce).

Comment Re:The skill they need to teach in IT school... (Score 1) 332

If you actually did some research you would find the $150k a year is in high cost of living markets. Having been involved in hiring in the Ohio area, the average is around 70K->85K. If you are lucky enough to be a Sr. Developer and Sr. Level Network experience like I, then I am able to earn quite a bit higher, but the hats I wear is significantly more.

Every large organization is provided with studies showing the net-net incomes for specified jobs. The job's payrate is mostly dependent upon the city in which the work has to be done.

Consider two lakes, one where the water is high, and the other where the water is low, and a channel that connects the two bodies.
When the water is high in one, water flows to the lower one. When they are both at the same height, there is no flow between.

That is the story of labor. Work will flow to the one being done at lower cost. And that foreign location will see a rise in salaries that is faster than the source location.

Comment Re:Kind of rigged test (Score 1) 188

Only if they are trying to be the highest performing chip on the block. Being the highest performing chip at a reasonable price point (the $200 mark is generally the sweet spot only the money is no object crowd wastes more on a cpu) is far more important.

AMD needs a more efficient core. If they have done it, bravo to them.

I'm running a 2009 processor that runs at 49C / 90watts. Its fast enough for desktop work, but not as a server with database. I am looking forward, as the other gentleman stated, to not spending more than $250. I want a mother board that supports the current technology and supports 6 sata 2 or 3 drives. Is it a dream, or future version possibility, that the MB will come with 16Gig ddr4 type ram soldered to the MB? If there is that possibility, I would plop down my credit card for such a combo now

Comment Re:Any military use? (Score 1) 102

This has been proven to work with fibre optic cable. You can't observe a photon without affecting it, and that observation is then detectable. The only difference is that now they are using lasers through the air rather than through fibre optic cables.

It's not perfect, it's still possible that ways will be found to observe the light in a way that the tamper detection doesn't pick up on, but turning that into something you can reasonably hide in a position to intercept those photons is a not insignificant challenge.

Suppose there were a 100 laser transmitter/receiver pairs on the satellite, set aside for keys. If you use one encrypted message to contain information about which of the 100 lasers would be used to transmit the true key, and when (in milliseconds of time from UTC), I think that there would be a pretty good secure system. One would have to monitor all 100 laser transmitters concurrently, and also know which one sent the message identifying which transmitter will transmit the true key.

Comment Re:Air gap or hardware interlock critical systems (Score 1) 85

I understand what you're getting at and mostly agree. My only comment is that once you design these big in-vehicle fully-connected systems to do stuff like report on steering angle and live fuel pressure or whatever else, it's awfully tempting to turn around and implement the PUT or POST to go along with those GET APIs so that all your dealer diagnostics and datalogging tools just hook into the same point everything else does. It reduces the number of different systems and interfaces you have to design, implement and debug.

I have no data on this, but I suspect cost cutting measures have to be insane at auto makers. I recall buying a nice turbo AWD Eclipse in the mid-90s for nearly $30k. Twenty years later and I can still buy a nice turbo AWD car for just a little more than that and this new car will have VASTLY superior features all around. The cost difference barely accounts for inflation. How they also crammed so much new tech and new hardware into it for what's effectively the same price today as it was 20 years ago boggles my mind.

So I suspect this all comes down to trying to push more stuff through that new system to save a few bucks somewhere and then skipping that whole "security" check in the process.

Robotics and automated assembly lines did away with workers. It takes far fewer workers to assemble a vehicle today, than it required 5 years ago.

Comment Re:Wait for the conspiracy (Score 1) 285

Maybe I missed publication of some definitive proof, but this story kind of says the Russians did this, unqualified. We've seen some similarly confident attributions in the past that turned out to be wrong. Convenient, but wrong.

If I were Putin, and I had dirt on Clinton, I'd hang on to it until she were President. Much more leverage that way.

Perhaps it was some member of the Republican party!

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