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Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 330

Please unconfuse me, is the "it" in your opening sentence referring to Systemd or the Init system.

Like all new replacement functionalities, there are teething problems. Already, systemd is stable and easy to use as a system management tool.

I find systemd just fantastic, considering it's age and the progress made.

I guess, thats why SUSE' RedHat, Ubuntu and Debian have evaluated systemd against their existing init system and made the switch. Resistance to change reminds me of the expression.

When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Comment Re:So does it still let you "always click to flash (Score 1) 98

So does it still let you "always click to flash"?

It'd be a real pain in the ass if, by watching one video, I have to always allow Facebook (major example) to run flash content, rather than just the specific flash content I authorize.

Also: where's the "click to run HTML5 video", please?

I watch CNN, BBC, ABC and YOUTUBE on my cellphone and laptop. BBC is still using flash, and some of CNN's videos are also in flash. And of course tubeyou still has mulitude of videos in backwards flash. Has anyone written a converter?

Comment Re:Opportunity Cost + Retirement Fund (Score 1) 137

The government wants back doors on demand, but sooner or later a government worker will see the opportunity to sell the details ...

And he then retires.

Is it not possible that the government employee was already paid off by insuring this potential security breach gets into law?

I am a security freak. Being a retired senior (65+) I get free banking in Canada. I have two bank accounts and I use one for holding an amount to cover credit card purchases, and of course my credit card fallback goes against that bank account.

This new law allows every institution's encryption security to be handed over the the government along with test cases. So much for privacy.

Comment Re:They never learn (Score 2) 137

These backdoors will be exploited by criminals. Hopefully IT companies won't comply to this madness.

No more on-line banking ever more as you know it. If the government can get the decryption capability, so can the criminals.
Not only that, dare you to use your credit/debit card at any retailer. WOW,

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 1) 331

A lot of the people living in low lying areas, particular in Asia, don't exactly have the resources to pick up and leave, and if you bothered to read the article you would realize this is exactly what these people are talking about, large numbers of people living in areas that climate change will make relatively uninhabitable, or at least considerably more unpleasant to live in, getting up and leaving. You know... migrations.

I see this happening within the USA midwest to southwest states. Who wants to live where the daytime temperature rises above that of the human body, and where water evaporation at that temperature leaves the land parched and nearly barren. Of couse, the side effects are denied too, you know the ones, hurricanes and tornadoes and dry heat windstorms.

Comment Re:Why is this guy still talking (Score 1) 468

We get it Stephen, you've got an opinion on everything. Why exactly do we keep treating yours as definitive when it's clear you're way out of your expertise?

Since when is common fucking sense way out of his expertise?

It hardly takes a genius to figure out that greed created the financial chasm driving cost-reducing solutions such as automation and AI, and a 12-year old can grasp the fact that greed isn't an element in society that is easily controlled by any means. Not law. Not policy. Not taxation. Not anything.

Are not the MBA courses teaching students that businesses thrive on profits, and the most important actions necessary are to protect and promote the business, irrespective of collateral cost? And then there is competition. If you can't compete, you die. Robots and automation are being deployed to permit the organization to compete.

One point, If you impoverish your middle class, they will not have the net-net (discretionary) income to purchase your products. So welcome within the next generation, the role of "the guaranteed income".

Comment Re: Valid (Score 1) 590

I can is international, and being a world institution, one nation alone cannot shut it down.
The real problem is that the world does not trust single countries, even if that country is the United States of America.

The world used to revolve around the USA, now it revolves around the East, (Asia, India, etc.)

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1429

Stop bitching about how unfair the electoral college is. Go through the legal process to change/eliminate it so this it doesn't happen again, if that's what the people want.

As a non American, watching the elections and the Tweaks from DT, I wonder if the USA is going to elect someone with some intelligence and business savy or just someone without average intelligence, but with business savy.

Ninty percent of a manager's role is with people skills. DT's skills are demonstratively lacking. Already the world is laughing at the USA. You have elected a game show boaster. My granddaughter has more common sense and people skills, and she is only 11.

Comment Re: Castro dead (Score 1) 279

Most people are unaware of the US involvement in pre-Castro Cuba, and would be shocked if they did a little research.

Castro and communism are not my choices for leaders or economic systems, but the US is responsible for overthrowing lots of governments around the world, then acting shocked when a dictator or religious zealot steps in.

Hopefully Trump won't renew the economic oppression of the Cuban people. We have behaved shamefully.

It is healthy as sign and recognition of the crimes against the people of Cuba by the United States and the American embargo. Even with that embargo, the average Cuban has better health and education than the average American. Yes, the Cubans had oil problems, and thus they could not purchase American cars, partially because of the outlaw of Cubans to hold foreign money. As a citizen, you could be opposed to the policies of certain acts of legislature, but not promote policies against the individuals in the government. Even dictatorships had discussions about policies and situations that needed controversy to be resolved.

Canada has a vigorous tourist trade with Cuba. We found crime much lower in Cuba than in the USA. You could walk anywhere and have no fear.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 278

If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker would destroy civilization.

We are on to our second woodpecker.
If we can't increase food production, then we need birth control (i.e not more than 2 children per family). Tough luck if twins or triplets are born.

And if that is not good enough, we need to prune humans from the earth. I would keep the dumbest, and eliminate the smartest humans.

Comment Re:Wait what? (Score 1) 143

It's like a diesel-electric locomotive: separate electricity generation and then propulsion using an electric motor.

Power for the entire ship is provided by a pair of Main Gas Turbines (MGTs) and a pair of Auxiliary Gas Turbines (AGTs). The AIMs are the electric motors that drive the propulsion shafts.

In the case of this failure, both propulsion shafts seized up. It's not entirely clear if it's the AIMs that failed, or if something else sized up the shafts first.


Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 196

You DO NOT want the company you are buying things from to make record profits.

It means that they are taking a higher percentage of your money than any of their competitors.

You might want the company to have the greatest sales figures (not true of Apple), or the greatest proportional re-investment (not true of Apple), or the greatest customer base even (not true of Apple).

But, like walking through Las Vegas... all that show and money to blow on things comes from one source... people like you paying over the odds for their products.

Teenagers are the ones driving Apple's sales. It is not adults. I know many adults who complained that their Apple phone had very limited lifespan, and that added software from the apple store did not function as advertised.

Android has a larger selection of free or low cost apps. Android is more popular.

However, if Trump convinces Apple to manufacture in the USA, they will either double the selling price of their phone, or receive a normal -non exaggerated profit.

Comment Re:TLDR (Score 1) 186

Too long, didn't read.

You didn't miss much. TFA is silly. Ideas and thoughts are not "demeaned" by sharing them. Sharing an idea makes it valuable. You can get feedback, and refine the idea, and the chance of one of your lazy friends "stealing" your idea is wildly exaggerated.

There are plenty of good reasons to minimize social media use, such as wasting time, but even there it is better than passive activities like watching TV. The first warning that you should skip this article is in the first paragraph, when the author brags that "I’ve never had a social media account". So if he has never tried it, how can he be such a big expert about it? Is anyone else sick of listening to non-users acting superior, and preaching on and on about how their choice is the only true path to a perfect life? These people are worse than vegans.

Though he was addressing his message to career oriented people, I watch my granddaughter with facebook or instagram on her cell, eating and never ever leaving her eyes from the cellphone. She has become addicted to a completly wasting her time and is slinking downwards to a high-school grade 11 graduation and no further.

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