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Comment Re:With all that security... (Score 1) 118

Sometimes there are tpm type chips that work as follows:
Manufacturer creates the chip and it's OS and access code and turns it over to the vendor.
Vendor creates his access code and destroys the Manufacturer's access code. The manufacturer cannot access the vendor code.
The vendor prepares the software that is required, for the end-user and seals it with his password, he can, if he deems it necessary destroy his code
The end-user can have controlled access to the tpm type device's contents.
The chip can be programmed so that 3 bad access attempts destroys all future access.

Now, use the chip contents to checksum the bios, and some critical security software. If the result is OK, life goes on.

Comment Re:Bow to your Amazon overlords. (Score 1) 186

Hillary is neither a moderate nor a conservative.

Hillary is right of center, just like her husband and Obama. What made the Clintons and Obama successful was co-opting the Republican agenda with welfare reform (Bill), health care and taxes (Obama), and foreign policy (Hillary).

I think what you meant to say is: "As a moderately retarded person, I voted for Hillary"

Uh, no. I'm an asshole. Otherwise, I wouldn't be working in IT. I voted for Hillary because the alternative was a KGB toadie.

You got your KGB toadie. Actually, you got a man who ran "His company his way". Now he intends to run the USA "His way". And as a owner without shareholders, he was beholding to noman. And as President, well......

Hope he will be impeached before his mandate is over.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score 1) 205

I think the more salient point is whether or not terror attacks represent any significant risk at all. Now I'll admit when someone Jihadi drives a truck into a crowd of people, that certainly creates some casualties, and by consequence creates a significant amount of fear. But what are the real odds of any resident of a Western country dying in a terrorist attack. In reality, the odds are infinitesimal. Now dying from a heart attack or stroke, or hell, even choking or highway fatalities, those represent massive killers, with huge numbers of casualties with huge costs for society. And yet, here we are, with our stupid Savannah ape brains, unable to discern a meaningful and present threat to our person from a threat that's unlikely to harm you or anyone you know even to the second or third degree ever.

The fact that surveillance is taking place is itself a deterrent. So, NSA or FBI or agencies know, frequently from emams, which teenagers are susceptible and let the agencies know. No, ISIS is attacking it's own religion, but is effective for kids who grow up religious, wanting sex, wanting passion. You can't have it until after marriage, ergo, it's off to ISIS we go.

Comment Re:Shut up and take my money... (Score 1) 67

What I'm looking for right now is motherboards! Where is ASUS in all their lineup? They have a B350? Where is their X370's? It's going to be Gigabyte and ASUS so I need all various iterations of the motherboards to be in reviews hands now so that I can decide and have it a couple weeks before the processors come out. Then the processor can arrive by overnight mail and voila. I might have even bought they old processor in the new AM4 package to bootstrap with.

I don't have your discretionary spending, therefore, my purchase will be with constraints of budget and expandability. I may choose a high end motherboard, and a low end cpu and in a years time, go for the top end cpu. Or I may wait while Intel prices fall and choose one of their give-aways. Competition leads to squeezing profits, while encouraging major research into better architectures.

I am not a hardware geek, but I recently read a detailed ARM configuration, that is x86_64 compatible, with shared memory and on the one mother board, the I/O processor. The I/O processor can be upgraded, without having to buy a new system. Without hard disks, keyboard, power supply and monitor you are looking at around $300.00 price range.

Comment Re:AMD get your act together... (Score 1) 67

You mean, make their newest product available to people so they can sabotage their launch by "benchmarking" it with synthetic software which doesn't really support it and is specifically tuned to run well on Intel hardware and compiled with a compiler which specifically sabotages AMD CPU's? Why would they want to do that?

Intel does not have exclusivity on intelligence, though for a few years they have had exclusivity on marketing. So, AMD is leap-frogging over Intel. In the future, ARM systems will leapfrog over the two. Technology moves on. Time to buy AMD shares.

Comment Re:Best Linux Distro (Score 1) 224

I do not doubt that Linux Mint is a good distribution. I used to be a staunch Fedora enthusiast, but in my mind, Fedora is dying and will disappear within two to three years.

It will disappear because it is not a Desktop system for all users. It is a workspace distribution for code hackers. To survive, Fedora must recognize and accept REMIXES and SPINS. (Remixes cannot be produced within the USA because of patents). However, offshore, Remixes allow video and music codecs, and some software that RedHat will or cannot include. Fedora has one hand and one foot tied behind it's back.

On the otherhand, Look at Korora or Chapeau Linux or even a Fedora based Linux from outside of the USA. Those versions shame Ubuntu.

Comment Re:A clear preference (Score 1) 734

Putin dislikes Clinton for one reason (imo):

No one in the world has more influence in the Balkans and Ukraine than Bill Clinton. Not only did he win a war there, he has deep understanding of the region (even knowing who some of the crime lords are), and has personal relationships with many people there. Apart from Lewinsky, he was an excellent president and he managed to settle a complex region that could have ended up like Iraq is now, if someone less competent had been in charge.

However, Putin has a goal to increase his influence in the exact same region. The biggest impediment to reaching that goal would be Bill/Hillary in power again.

So Putin is going to get his wish, a win for his activities in the Balkins and Ukraine, and an arrogant President in the USA. Wow, the USA is live Peter Sellers movie, with Trump playing as Peter Sellers. Just the laughing stock of the USA for the next 4 years.

Comment Re:Breaking News (Score 1) 190

Shock waves reverberate around the planet as Samsung claims it has better products than its competitors. This revolutionary marketing technique is sure to catch on with other companies and before long no one will admit they make second rate products publicly.

Soon, they will need to manufacture their products in the USA, because of job creation and NIH. (Not invented here)

Comment Re:Desktops aren't dead (Score 1) 240

That's not really what the "question" in the article was implying though. I completely agree that desktops are going to be a thing for ages to come yet (and I have 2), but the question was lazily trying to point out that performance increases on the desktop are seemingly coming to a halt for newer chips. This isn't really a surprise for me, as I've got a 5 year old i5 2500K in my home machine that is keeping pace with even the newer games just fine as long as I spend a couple hundred bucks every 2-3 years on a new video card. Same at the office. We went to assess our 3 year upgrade cycle for workstations and realized we'd only get a 20-25% boost in peak processing power by spending our full per-person budget on new machines and instead decided to keep what we have, switch all boot OS drives to SSD, max out the RAM and get 32" monitors and we STILL have money left over.

I'm not sure if AMD's got anything in the pipeline that can shake things up, but if they do, this is their chance (again).

If 55 inch color TVs with 4k support can be had for under $1000, why can't we have a desktop with 32gigs ram, and some SSD slots for $500.00

Comment Re:First rule of journalism. (Score 1) 240

If the article ends with a question mark, the answer is "No". Because if they had evidence to say it, they would have just put a period.

AMD's new ZEN cpu chips are superior to anything Intel is offering. Intel, its time to chase AMD, and while you are at it, chase AMDs pricing too.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 1) 432

Go Trumperor!!!!!

Trump had nothing to do with the Ford decision. That decision was taken at least two to four years ago. Trump is BS'ing the population. Want a straight answer, Ford probably started on the electric car plant design overhaul in 2008. They need the Mexican plant to operate gasoline powered cars while they shut down the USA plant and retool. And then, the Mexican plant will retool, so that the Ford cars can be sold competitively in the world market. This export of Ford cars from the USA is not going to go far, as costs of living in the USA are too high.

You may not like it, but you need to have more socialized benefits, so that costs of living are lowered. Companies need to recognize that senior managers in major organizations cant expect million dollar a year bonus expectations. The company has to find ways to rein in costs if American goods are to be exported.

Sorry, I guess it is never going to happen.

Comment Re: Applying tort to patents (Score 1) 455

You won't need it. This is a classic nuisance suit. I watched a lawsuit much like this in court once. A driver of a bobcat wasnt wearing his seatbelt when he lifted a load too high digging out a house foundation, and it fell into the foundation and he was crushed. He got absolutely nowhere.
If using the phone in such a way while driving was not illegal, they might have a case, but the driver broke the law and is solely liable. This sort of case is a 95% loser. Barring incopetence of the defense it has no chance. There is thhat 5% though. Also it will cost apple a good bit of money to win the court case which they will not get back. This case was likely taken on 33% contingency. The sleazeballs pushing it are looking for a portion of what it would cost apple to defwnd the case in a settlement. They might even get it if this was a one time affair. The problem is it isn't. Apple would have to keep on payong for every accident. There are two likely outcomes:

A. Apple offera tiny tiny settlement which is eaten almost entirely by the lawyers, screwing over the family, or

B. Apple pulls the trigger and demands a court case. It will cost them a couple hundred grand at least to puto bed, the plaintid's lawyers eat it partially because they will be desperately trying to avoid a situation where they will not only lose but also have pay apple's court costs.

So its give the family a pittance and reward the troll attourneys, or punish the attounrneys. I would really rather take B myself but it almost certainly won't happen. In the case of the bobcat thing it went to court because the plaintiff was so offended by the fact that the lawyers that talked him into it so badly screwed him that he screwed them back by excercizing his right to go to trial, forcing them to prosecite the ridiculous dog of a case and get hammered for it by the court.

The problem with the man's patent is that I may be driving the car, and my daughter, in the backseat may be doing the texting and video conferencing. Should she be stopped as a passenger, from so doing? And what if I was in the train from the Suburbs to Downtown, should my cellphone be stopped as well?

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