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Comment Re:Fuck blackberry (Score 1) 199

Insecure is a relative term. I designed encryption stuff. If each client has a unique encryption key, and there is a transition consisting of re-encription between sender/receiver, then the sender does not know the recipients encryption key and vice versa. There is a daemon in the middle that decrypts/re-encrypts for both parties, and it is not PGP. Each party uses symmetric key encryption.

And of course, Blackberry could be using public key algorithms for encryption. That would mean that a physical phone (found or taken by government) will have both public and private keys... Not a great idea.

Comment Re:DOS was terrible (Score 1) 211

Single user and no security what-so-ever. IBM should have used the 68000 combined with a proper OS.

Single user single tasking was just fine for the day's hardware and the user needs. *nix would just slow the hardware down for no good reason, PCs weren't for remote time sharing use. Plus *nix, and its software "ecosystem" wasn't really a good match for a 16-bit architecture.

Yes, the 68K was a much nicer processor. The segmented memory models of the x86 were a major source of bugs. 32-bit registers would have been nice.

MS and IBM had a proper OS for the hardware of that era, it was 16-bit OS/2. The market said no thank you.

The market did not say No, It was MS that saw OS/2 as a serious competitor, and did everything to prevent it's deployment. They MS succeeded.
ask the old timers about that failure of OS/2.

Comment Re: Just what the world needs (Score 1) 268

As an European I haven't been following all the details, but if I am not mistaken, Trump is actually relatively supportive towards gays

Trump just announced as his Vice President a governor who openly advocates forcing "gay conversion therapy" as a biblical method to cure homosexuality.

Trump took a dull boring evangelist as a running mate. When you put the potential VP beside Trump, Trump comes out like a shining star.

Comment Re:Beyond a doubt (Score 1) 166

Yes, because the word of the driver who totaled his car is also entirely reliable. I mean, it's not like he'd be liable if he crashed it himself, but could get a lot of money if Autopilot was the problem.

The autopilot also limits speed to legal limits. Which driver do you know follows the posted limits. Therefore, to exceed the posted speed limit, you disable autopilot.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1127

The GGP is, though possibly not intentionally. The only way to enforce the "a person who does nothing deserves nothing" rule would be to eliminate the stock market, eliminate corporations, and basically throw out the entire system as it is now. After all, the people at the top of our economic system make money by doing basically nothing other than loaning out their money.

In fact, capitalism in its purest form can best be described as "Those who have get; those who have not get bent." It is basically the exact opposite of the fanciful notion that people should be rewarded for their hard work; the people at the bottom invariably work the hardest (to the point that they get home from work physically exhausted) and get the least benefit from that work, and the people at the top do the least work and reap the biggest rewards.

A universal basic income is really the only way to make it possible for people to be rewarded semi-equally for equal amounts of work. It takes away the necessity to work for your most basic needs, thus freeing up time for people to learn new skills and improve their abilities so that the time they spend working is actually valuable to society instead of just continuing to do things that a robot will soon be able to do for less money. And whether they choose to improve themselves or not becomes entirely under their own control, rather than having menial labor forced upon them by the need to eat and have a roof over their heads.

social welfare is not universal income, but guaranteed income. Society needs to take care of the poor and needy, or expect civility to disappear and crime to rise.

Comment Re:How can you tell a politician is lying? (Score 2) 259

How can you tell a politician is lying? Their lips are moving.

That is why we should elect Jeff Dunham President of the United States.

Walter can run for Vice President. Plenty of precedent for having a dummy for VP.

Its easy. The best American example is convoluting insulting exaggerating Donald Trump. He has called his opponents liers, crazy, and moreover, will not produce any facts, like his financial status. For example, does he owe money to the IRS, or to the electricians, plumbers. and other tradespeople who are or have sued him for non payment? I would say that DT is morally and financially bancrupt, and needs to win the presidency in order to avoid the truth and facts from being divulged. And just read body language. What you are watching most are his hands, not his face. Yes, completely ignoring facts and exaggerating or distorting facts is what we see from the man.

Comment Re: NUKE ORACLE (Score 1) 122

We were too busy watching SCO go bankrupt.

I'm still trying to figure out what that means. I mean, has anybody lost their house yet? Even with all of this, a simple divorce proceeding would be much more devastating to any particular individual involved in the case.

Watching this game by Ellison is like watching exaggerating Donald Trump. And watching Jealousy and greed manifest itself.

Comment Re: Walmart mentality (Score 1) 205

Uh huh. Are you aware of the problems with the race to the bottom? If you only place a value on monetary value, and nothing else, the you are not empowering those on lower wages but ensuring that soon everyone will be treated as slave labour. It is your own future you're handing over for a few cheap trinkets. Dumb,, but sure go ahead and vote for Christmas, you're going to get stuffed.

Essentially, with your Dollar store mentality (Walmart is no longer competitive, though their products are of cheap quality), you are insuring that the next generation of workers will not earn enough to pay the taxes that are needed to cover your government pension.

Comment Re:bs like we find people over X don't work over 5 (Score 1) 144

bs like we find people over X don't like to work over 50 hours a week and that is not the what we want in this office.

Wait a sec, when people think women don't want to work 50 hour weeks so get fewer promotions and less money it's all fine, because that's their lifestyle choice and they prioritize work hours over pay. But when older people don't or can't work like a 20 year old who hasn't figured out they are being exploited yet, it's unacceptable and a lawsuit is required to fix it.

Of course 50 hour weeks are ridiculous. At the moment they are mostly illegal in the EU (the limit is 48 hours, and even that can't be a constant thing). Just apply it equally to everyone.

For a delivery crunch, I did 60 hours a week for a three month period. At the end of the third month -- I had burnout. I quit that company and took a 6 week rest. Still had that obsessive compulsive 60hr work /week feeling for a long time.

Comment Re:Or bash it with actual proof... (Score 1) 470

I measure the effects of GMO on my life. I used to buy tomatoes that were deep red and juicy. They were GMO modified to make them survive transportation. Well, these tomatoes are now pinkish red, more meaty and not at all flavourful or delicious. The tomatoes have become decorations to a sandwich or salad.

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