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Submission + - Are the Pirate Sites Protesting SOPA? Nope. ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Just whom is going dark for SOPA? Not the pirate sites. Peter Wayner spends a few minutes with Google and discovers that now that O'Reilly Books and No Starch Press are dark, the pirate sites are the easiest-to-find, non-dark sites that will help you download a digital version of the book. He writes, "The deep question for the Internet is how to deal with people who don't play by the rules and look for ways to respect the people with whom they work. The response of the pirate sites to the SOPA/PIPA protest is a good indication of what kind of people they are. Are they going dark? Are they on the barricades with Tim O'Reilly? Nope. It's just another day of showing ads for "free desktop strippers." Should the Torrent sites be dark too? Is going dark an effective protest? Or has Tim O'Reilly just illustrated his famous point that book sellers have to make it easy for people to buy legit copies. If they don't, they just head for the pirates?

Submission + - How Dyson reinvented the personal heater (

An anonymous reader writes: The story of Dyson's revolutionary invetions, his creative process and his general outlook on life. Very interesting

Submission + - Oh Music Where Art Thou (

An anonymous reader writes: Students from the Netherlands have found a new and clever way to get people to their destination. The Android application makes the music sound like it is coming from the user's destination. If the destination is on the left of the user, the music is played louder in the left ear and vice-versa. According to its developers "it seems like cycling towards a concert of your favorite bands".

This new way of navigation is particularly suited for cycling, jogging, hiking, skateboarding and other activities where people do not want to be distracted by a screen or a commanding voice. As the application does not calculate a path to the destination, users have the freedom to take shortcuts traditional navigation devices do not know about.

More information can be found on the website The innovation is featured on the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.


Submission + - Bill would require a warrant for digital tracking (

GovTechGuy writes: Sens. Mark Kirk and Ron Wyden used the 25th anniversary of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act to stump for a bill that would require police to obtain a warrant before using an individual's cell phone, laptop or other digital device to track their location. Under current law the government can access that data without a judge's approval, or even access a user's email account without first getting a warrant.

Submission + - Google Won't Leak Search Terms Anymore (

nonprofiteer writes: Google plans to encrypt search for signed-in users, so that websites will no longer get to see the search terms that led a user to their site, though they will get aggregated reports on the top 1000 search terms that led traffic to their sites.

Submission + - Galaxy Nexus Running Ice Cream Sandwich To Launch (

Lucas123 writes: The first smartphone to run the Android Ice Cream Sandwich mobile OS, which unifies tablets and smart phones, is expected to debut tonight. Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone is expected to go on sale sometime this month and will be sold exclusively through Verizon Wireless in the U.S., according to insider sources. The phone is expected to have a 4.65-in. touch screen — compared to the iPhone 4S's 3.5-in screen — making it among the largest, with a 1280 x 720-pixel Super Amoled HD display, and it will be powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor. The phone will have 1GB of RAM, 32GB of storage.

Comment Re:2 Words (Score 1) 308

One more word: Nope

Amazon MP3, Facebook, Twitter, and a number of Google branded apps are all preinstalled by Google on my Nexus One and are not removable. Each Android upgrade has brought more of these. Sure, it's not as bad as a carrier branded phone but Google is not exactly innocent either.

Comment Re:PS3 now costs as much as a midrange BF3video ca (Score 1) 167

Yeah, but you need to factor in identity theft into the price as well.

Only if you're planning to give them your credit card information or to use a password on PSN that you use elsewhere. Neither of which is required nor recommended (IMHO). If you don't give them anything sensitive, then they have nothing that can be compromised.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 167

You do realize you can get PSN without giving them your credit card info since it is free, right? Heck, even if you want to buy something you don't have to give them your CC info, just need to buy PSN cards at the store.

Not only that, you can buy PSN cards online from and download the codes immediately. So you don't even have to go to the store. (At least in the US. YMMV.)


Submission + - Right-Wing Extremists Tricked by Trojan Shirts (

gzipped_tar writes: Fans at a recent right-wing extremist rock festival in Germany thought they were getting free T-shirts that reflected their nationalistic worldview. But after the garment's first wash they discovered otherwise. The original image rinsed away to reveal a hidden message from an activist group. It reads: "If your T-shirt can do it, so can you. We'll help to free you from right-wing extremism."

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