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Comment Re: Nothing of value was lost (Score 1) 39

What is this chat you're speaking of?
I don't see too many people on IRC. Perhaps you mean something as backward as Skype? No thanks.

Anyway, sorry but mail and mailing lists still are very relevant. I'll miss GMane dearly myself and wouldn't mind donating a few grands to keep it alive.
It's still the best format for discussion with people in open-source and other projects.

Comment Re:Has Nintendo not heard of smartphones? (Score 1) 158

You must be living under a rock.
Games have been getting worse since the mid-2000, now they're all the same uninspired action/press-A-to-be-awesome games targeting a casual audience.
The Japanese are the only ones with any creativity and personality, and among them only Nintendo has mass appeal, in part because their US division is mismanaged and spends all of its money on marketing for kids.

At the latest E3, the biggest video game convention worldwide, Nintendo only had one game while competitors had 20 or 30 each: Zelda for Wii U and NX. Yet they easily got the whole world much more excited than American studios presenting all their rehashes of Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Comment Re: As a C programmer (Score 2) 315

I see you do not understand what a mobile app is.
There is no real logic in the app, it's just UI for a web service. The UI is target-specific, in particular because it needs to respect platform-specific idioms and UX paradigms, and the UI is 100% of the app.

You're coming from the world of real applications which do real work and for which the UI is just a trivial interface driving a library. This is not what mobile is.

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