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Comment Re:"The G part stands for GNU?" (Score 1) 436

I think that's a good analogy, but I wouldn't say that the communication protocol is worthless and not subject to copyright.

As a professional software developer, I've found that the most difficult thing to do is to come up with the right interface; designing the right software architecture is much more challenging than implementing algorithms.
Copyright applies to interfaces as well, regardless of what Google would like.

Comment Re: Do video card upgrades even matter anymore (Score 1) 153

It's not half as fast neither nor 2000 times as parallel.
Are you just saying random stuff out of your ass?

For double precision, a single Xeon CPU is 500 Gigaflops, while a Pascal GPU is 4 Teraflops (possibly lower for those cards, which are gamer models optimized for single precision).
In practice though, servers use two Xeon CPUs, so the GPU offers you something that is 4 times faster in peak computing power.

Another complication is that, while it's not too complicated to reach close to the max on CPUs, it's very hard to do so on GPUs, in part due to the limited programming model and also due to the tools that are not as good.
You should be happy if you can make your code run 2 to 3 times faster on a GPU.

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