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Submission + - Jail Mail May Fail (

loteck writes: A county jail department is quietly planning to dismantle an inmate email system, reports San Diego CityBeat:

Launched in 2007, the e-mail system allows users on the outside to send short messages to inmates via the Internet for free. Jail staff prints these messages and distributes them to the detainees, though the inmates cannot use the same system to respond.

The advisory group responsible for the system isn't required to notify the public of its meetings and no public comments are sought, according to the article.


Submission + - Exploit Site milw0rm Suddenly Closes (

loteck writes: Popular exploit website milw0rm was taken down by its owner on Wednesday. Citing a lack of time to properly keep up with the site, 'str0ke', as he was known in the security community, has apparently removed all access to the milw0rm repository of exploits and security information. Google has a cache of the 'goodbye header' posted, where str0ke writes: 'I wish I had the time I did in the past to post exploits, I just don't :('.
The Internet

Submission + - Oldest Known Bible Published Online 3

loteck writes: Codex Sinaiticus, a project that aims to digitize and disseminate the oldest known version of the Bible, went online today. The 1600 year-old text is substantially different from the modern Bible, including the addition of at least 9 books, and the omission of "some familiar — very important — passages", "including verses dealing with the resurrection of Jesus." The process of digitizing these fragile documents is also covered in some detail.

Submission + - Former Governor Hosts UFO Talks (

loteck writes: From CNN: "Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington will be moderating a November 12 event at the National Press Club where he will discuss the Phoenix Lights incident. He says he will be joined by 14 former high-ranking military and government officials from seven countries who will share evidence from what they call their own UFO experiences and investigations."

Symington claims to have "witnessed a massive delta-shaped, craft silently navigate over Squaw Peak, a mountain range in Phoenix, Arizona" that was, according to him, witnessed by "hundreds if not thousands" of people in Arizona. There is no shortage of speculation on the Phoenix Lights incident online.


Submission + - To Offer Real Privacy Controls (

loteck writes: From Wired: has announced it will release a new privacy tool, AskEraser, which will allow users to stop Ask from storing any information at all about user searches. With Google under fire for its meaningless cookie policy change, Ask has stepped forward to give searchers a reason to move away from the Googlopoly.

The article goes on to say that the service should be available by the end of the year in the US and UK, with global roll-outs by next year.

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