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Comment Honestly it comes down to two things (Score 1) 826

Change and control. Why replace something that isn't broken? What necessitates this change? If there's no necessity, then what value are we seeing to prompt this change? All features and tests and comparisons aside we then get to the final bit, the control. A fair amount of control is lost by switching to a dynamic init system, and it quite simply, confuses a lot of old world admins. There are a lot of advantages to a dynamic init system, but configuring and maintaining it aren't one of them. I myself have spent my share of time lamenting the difficulty the init changes have made modifying what used to be a simple one line fix.

Comment Re:how many of these people don't want to retire? (Score 1) 341

I can't imagine that there will be a time in my life where I'm going to want to stop building stuff. I might "retire" and work on my own stuff or FOSS or something, but can't imagine that I would retire as in not work on something constructive. My dad is in his 60s and is the same way so I'm expecting that attitude isn't going to change.

I don't suspect finances to be a sticking point for myself either. I enjoy what I do, and don't imagine that will change. There are things that make what I do less enjoyable, such as meetings, this years flavor of workflow management practices, project management, et al. However, there is satisfaction in building things, discovering new things, and a satisfaction in being a part of something that helps to improve peoples lives. Similarly, my father in his 60s has managed to find things to keep him busy and is continually teaching himself new things after work as his father before him. I don't expect my desire to work and learn to ever fade; just who, and what I work for.

Comment Re:Public (Score 1) 321

From a parent with a child with CP who donated their cord blood (didn't know she had CP at the time) I would recommend you pay the cost up front to bank it, and if it's not needed by the time they are 2 or 3 then I would seek donation options. In the US all the places we have found that will treat with stem cells requires them to be from the patient as the donor. In other words it seems public donations go to research, not treatment. Hold it for a few years, hopefully you won't need it, then you can donate it.

Comment Re:VBScript and/or PowerShell (Score 1) 427

I've found that vbscript/WSH for automation in my environment, especially if anything is happening in a PE. I use powershell for all my tools and remote management, AD management. I personally love powershell, quirkiness aside I feel more at home inside of it because of it's BASH like nature, and the ease of .NET assembly usage is certainly welcome. On the subject of vbscript, it can be pretty frustrating at times, but you reach a point where you've got a pretty solid code base that you are able to easily recyle it. I agree though, I'd rather be able to do it all in powershell, but I don't thnk it's quite mature enough yet for that.

Comment Re:John Carmack ditched OpenGL (Score 1) 515

I have posted this citation by Carmack in a comment on recent article on DX11, but it seems to be very much relevant here as well, so I'll re-post it - especially as TFS mentions Carmack's opinion circa 1997 (which favorably matches with the point of the article), but conveniently omits the more recent comment. Here it is:

"DX9 is really quite a good API level. Even with the D3D side of things, where I know I have a long history of people thinking I'm antagonistic against it. Microsoft has done a very, very good job of sensibly evolving it at each step—they're not worried about breaking backwards compatibility—and it's a pretty clean API. I especially like the work I'm doing on the 360, and it's probably the best graphics API as far as a sensibly designed thing that I've worked with."

lol, he didn't DITCH the API. He just doesn't have an issue using either one.

Comment Re:Former OpenGL developer (Score 1) 515

I agree with you completely. My largest frustration was that I love GL and wanted so much for things to pan out. Especially considering the huge advantages it had out of the gate. However at this current point and time, and with the bomb that v3 was; it pains me to say it, but MS i the inovater at this point. I mean Dx11 isn't a HUGE leap,but it's certainly an imporvement and one game developers have no reason to abandon.

Comment Re:OpenGL and the rant about marketing (Score 1) 515

Thank you, I was torqued up after reading that post, thankful to see a counter arguement was already made. Dx V9 was what turned that ship around. However, I do agree with the point on marketing. When you have a vested interest in something you will do what it takes to insure it's survival. Including synergizing your seperate markets for interoperability, pigeon holding developers into that line of work.

Comment Outage? For Serius? (Score 1) 284

Funny thing. I received the RIM server outage notification from my blackberry. Then I looked for news reports about it via my phone's browser. I then sent some BBMs to my friends and co-workers to test the service. I did experience a 10 minute hiccup in service last night around 5 to 6 cst, however it was just that, a hiccup. BBs are great corporate phones, and that's the reason I have one. What's with all the hate? Most wouldn't classify me as a corporate whore, but I consider my blackberry an indispensible tool for completing my job and maintaining connectivity. I work infrastructural IT in an enterprise environment, I can't really afford to not know what is going on. I've been through various smartphones before finally caving and going to BB. I've got to say, with a BES in place, the constant VPN like connection is a god send.

Submission + - Media streaming within an enterprise model

lot3k writes: I've recently been approached about doing some fact finding for my company. The current goal is to implement a new method for video streaming for live events within the company, as well as pre-recorded materials at reduced bandwidths. We are a nationwide corporation with roughly three thousand users who would be subject for this distribution; spread among three primary nerve centers (east, central, and west). We have a system in place now; however it's not a unified system. Each of the 3 hubs broadcasts more or less to its connected parts. We want to centralize this as much as possible. My question is what has worked in the past for people in their companies? Are there any new or interesting technologies or vendors in this area I should be considering while doing my research and subsequent project planning?

Comment Re:it's merely a bunch of eye-candy, who cares? (Score 1) 432

I totally did the same thing to my brother. We are close in age so we were roommates, I set his desktop up with that one day and waited for him to come home and start talking to me about some random nonsense. Halfway through the conversation as his monitor was powering on he notices I'm choking back laughter. He keeps talking but turns his head, then looks back to me, then back to the monitor and *silence*. He starts a kind of akward laugh and says "you are not my brother, a brother would not do this".

Comment Re:It's so in... (Score 1) 555

My preference is also not motivated by cost, which also goes back to what I stated before. Sour grapes, sour grapes, those old sour grapes. As far as your comment regarding the rumble feature, I can go along with that seeing as I've never been a fan. Who knows though, given the clearing of legal matters users might see rumble in their motion sensing controllers on more than a wiimote. I also know I see a lot of griping over lack of motion sensing with the 360 controllers on the xbox forums. In either case, it's been nice debating with you. Have a good one.

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