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Comment Re:Watch the video - he does NOT like Russia! (Score 1) 716

Anyone running for president has NO BUSINESS making jokes about other countries engaging in acts of War against this country. That's the equivalent of making a joke about having a bomb while in line at the TSA. When they take you seriously, you deserve NO sympathy.

Wait a second...

If someone hacks my personal email server its an act of "WAR"? Sorry, but you are hopeless and confused. A personal email server means nothing at all to the government. Its a personal server. Its definitely not a government email server, and I don't own it in the legal sense of citizens owning the government. I don't have anything to do with it at all it seems, as, by the actions of our government, its officials, and Hillary herself, the contents in question are not my business (the 30,000 "personal" emails Trump was referring to). They aren't even a concern of our government. Our government hasn't asked for them forcefully. They haven't reviewed them, and they aren't planning to. Even the government emails sent and received from Hillary's personal server have been declared so innocuous that sending and receiving them did not trigger any of the provisions discussed in the briefings about classified documents. So even having access to those can't be construed as an "attack" on our government. Remember nothing marked as classified was ever sent through that email system. Might as well be quilting tips and brownie recipes, right?

None of the facts support your position. You should retract your statement as it is blatantly false.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 716

What's even more contemptible is the situation that has arisen from a civil servant's willfulness to skirt her responsibilities to the people who employ her. She created this issue. Now everyone who isn't a zombified Hillary supporter has questions about what was in those emails.

Openness and transparency was promised. Obama assured us we would have it. Instead we have secrecy, zero accountability, and willful our employees!!!. But hey, it was a personal server, and the 30,000 emails in question were only personal emails. If she wants to play it that way you can't go back and now say Trump is advocating anything having to do with government email systems, inciting harm to the government, etc. No silly "treason" accusations, no false cries of tampering with a government email system. It was a personal server, not a government server.

  And, furthermore, the contents of the entire server (with the exception of the deleted "personal" emails" that no one saw but Hillary, her inner circle, and her lawyer) were all approved by the justice department, the FBI, Loretta Lynch, and Barak Obama. No classified emails were sent. Nothing that would violate her clearance protocols at all. That server was as harmless as a kitten during her term as Secretary of State. How much less relevant are the things in there now that time has passed? Well I guess we won't ever know will we?

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 716

Even if he wasn't joking, are you really saying that this quote about hacking into someone's personal email system, to acquire personal emails, that America has been assured to have ZERO classified details in them and ZERO government affiliation, is considered "inviting them (Russia) to attack us"? Hacking into a non-government server to retrieve details about a wedding and what to wear is not "an attack." Calling it one is blatant stupidity or baldfaced partisanship.

Your political thinking cap is on waaaaay too tight, homey. Its cutting off the circulation to what's left of the rational part of your brain. You know, the part that isn't pwned by a false ideology sold to you be shysters in government garb and media shills.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 716

There's a problem with what you are saying then. Trump asked Russia to give the media copies of the 30,000 "personal" emails Hillary deleted from her home-brew personal server. The only way there would be "personal" emails from her server residing in a government server is if they weren't personal. They would be "government" emails, sent to members of the government, that she deleted for some reason. Definitely not "personal" emails.

And, furthermore, what's up with the treason accusations? Even if Trump did say to hack her email (which he didn't), the head of our justice department, Hillary, and the FBI have all declared there is nothing on her email server that was classified. No need to worry how insecure it was, or that it was a violation of policy to use it, everything there was as safe as tap water. Furthermore, it is not a government owned server. It's a personal server, so there are definitely no "treason" issues as it's not government property being talked about.

Not siding with either one of these juvenile, puerile, and corrupt imbeciles, I just want all parties to keep their heads when discussing the issues. Hyperbole and sensationalism backed by rabid self interest and self justified irrational beliefs don't help the conversation one bit. All it does is show that some people are so hopelessly wrapped up in the ideology they have been sold that they are willing to sacrifice their integrity and honesty to scratch out a couple of imaginary hash marks on the internet scoreboard of shame.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 716

Those emails were sent to other servers. Most of which are still up. And many of which are government email servers.

So you are admitting that at least some of the "personal" emails she deleted without oversight, departmental review, or third party vetting are actually not personal. Otherwise why would they be in government email servers if they weren't sent to government email addresses?

Comment Re:Joke ? (Score 2) 716

Should espionage and violation of national security for political gain ever be something joked about by a major party Presidential candidate?

So instead of the candidate who made an already-made-several-times-by-other-people joke, you prefer the candidate who looks you in the eye and knowingly, deliberately, repeatedly lies to you about her handling of matters related to espionage and national security? Why?

Comment Re:Joke ? (Score 3, Insightful) 716

As opposed to waiting six months at a time for Clinton to even hold a press conference (it's been that long - that's how scared she is of her own supporting media) and then knowing, based on years of examples, that quite a bit of what she says are bald-faced lies? And, you're not scared of HER scary proposals? She's gleefully in favor of infringing on constitutionally protected rights, supports nationally self-destructive immigration policies, and wants to see the government involved in wildly more private sector activities, at both the business and personal level. She also "says a ton of things," but because it's done in that focus-group-tuned, calculating Clinton way, it's actually a lot more sinister.

Comment Re: Er (Score 1) 562

What does the engineering difference between those two styles of air brakes have to do with the judgement call of when or whether to apply brakes in the first place? Is the fact that a guy in Nice, France chose to run down 84 people with an air-brake-equipped truck just an engineering failure, as far as you're concerned?

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 2) 670

So what you are saying is that its completely acceptable for a party organization to become a secret arm of the election committee of a single candidate, divert funds from all other candidates to the anointed candidate, and promise that once that candidate is in office large donors will receive political appointment in a federal government position.

As long as the candidate who gets elected doesn't offer it themselves, its acceptable. Of course that candidate will make the appointment, but they didn't offer it directly. One of their minions did, which makes is completely OK. Nothing to see, move along. Right?

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