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Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 3, Insightful) 193

The problem is they are not suing over the mistake made by the clinic, but that the child has the wrong genes.

The kid having the wrong genes is the direct fruit of the clinic's malpractice. It's no different than a baby being dropped on its head by the doctor. You don't sue ONLY for the mistake, you sue for the consequences of the mistake. Two parents decide to merge their DNA and make a baby. They do so knowing their, and their families' histories. The clinic chooses to negligently upend that planning with an unknown set of consequences - and robbing the parents of having allowed the father to contribute his traits to the child they've chosen to make. The ramifications are numerous, both emotionally and quite possibly medically, intellectually, etc., for the child. You can't separate the negligence from the life-long consequences.

Comment Re: Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 1) 302

You seem wise. My post was in half-jest. An oversimplification based on the presupposition that government and corporations will co-create this tax system and do so in a way that it favorable to them, not the people.

I would ask you this: How do you reconcile instituting an entirely new tax scheme when we already have regulatory bodies in place that monitor and control the means of production in this country?

Meaning, why would it be beneficial to create an entirely new tax system when you can achieve the same end result (lower pollution) by changing regulations for these industries?

I am very wary of giving our coporatist government the impetus and support required to create a new tax system. I have serious doubts that it would be implemented in a way that truly benefits the people of the country. I can see the undue influence of our political system's sponsors and lobbyists creating something that does not work as advertised and our elected officials telling us "you will need to pass it to see what is in it," yet again. Then, once it is passed and we start to see the poor results and broken promises hearing "nobody knew that energy policy could be so complicated."

Am I just too distrusting? Do you have faith that the US government would implement a sweeping new taxation policy in a way that doesn't end up fleecing the US electorate?

Comment Re:Non-starter 'flying car' (Score 2) 147

Yeah. Clients are always kind of shocked at the downdraft created when I use mid-sized hex to lift a camera while we're shooting some video. And that's something that weighs, oh, 15 pounds. It takes a LOT of moving air to keep a suitcase or a watermelon hovering in the air. To say nothing of my over-two-hundred-pounds and my passenger and the thing we're sitting in. NOT back yard material, here, never mind the enormous racket it's going to make.

Comment Re: Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 1) 302

So we, the citizens, own the air. And the government will tax corporations that put CO2 and other pollutants into our air. Then, those corporations will raise their prices to cover the cost of the tax.

So we, the citizens who own the air, will be paying to have our air polluted. ...........!

This is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard of.

Comment Re: BETRAYAL (Score 1) 354

Surprised but not surprised you got modded down. You pointed out a moderate position, in that some of the people who voted in the last election were neither crazy liberals nor crazy conservatives. This does not jibe with the liberal ideals of "everyone who thinks different than us enjoys hurting women, children, the downtrodden, and minorities." The people who think this way are incredibly vitriolic and vituperative, and do not recognize when their diatribes are alienating the very people they need to accomplish their goals. Apparently they would rather attack people than try to convert or engage them, thus the vote down for a moderate position.

I long for the days when being a liberals opposed rather than espoused oppression, stood up for freedom instead of trampling on the freedom of others, and had at the center of their being a bleeding heart that oozed a decidedly squishy kind of love for everyone. As sappy as it was, it was light years better than the feces slinging rage monkeys that have taken over the party today.

+1 Fnord for the Illuminatus! reference.

Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 1) 354

And he would have learned zero about running large organizations, created no jobs, and added no value except to himself and his brokers.

I don't like the guy, but I can see the desire to take some capital and through sweat and tears create something of your own. I can see how it has shaped him, his own desire and his journey through different companies, bankruptcies, the spotlight, etc. His efforts earned him a spot in the White House. Mere investment would not have resulted in the same man. It would certainly not have resulted in the presidency.

I am not defending Trump here. I am calling out your criticism of him as short sighted and misguided.

There are plenty of other reasons to bang on the guy. The one you picked is just kind of stupid. You just said he should have never worked a day in his life. Some people find hard work virtuous. Many look at trust fund babies and inheritance based investors as a plague, not something to be respected.

I see his choice to work his ass off as a feather in his cap, not the other way around.

Comment Re:Lights on vs someone being home (Score 1) 287

What you point to is merely the absurdity of the human experience, in total, as explained by someone who has had their pretensions, facades, and defense mechanisms stripped away by a powerful psychoactive substance: Ye become as little children.

What I am referring to is peer reviewed memory studies that point to a chemical change in the activation potential of neurons associated with long term memory making them energetically easier to activate. There really is no comparison between what you are referring to and what those scientists are referring to.

An example would be asking someone to name all of the concepts they can think of with the word "tooth" in them in 45 seconds. Or naming all of the words that come to mind starting with the letter E in 1 minute. Dosing with THC will increase the number of concepts or words one can recall.

What is very interesting is that while it allows easier access to long term memory, it seems to short circuit short term memory to some degree.

Comment Re:This thread makes me think (Score 1) 287

The primary effect of LSD on people who want to be at the effect of something is to have altered perception, yes. This is obvious, as it happens frequently. Generally the first time someone takes it they will experience being under its effects, a wanderer in a new landscape, driven if you will, by the effects of the drug.

What if I were to tell you that with practice one could learn to not only eliminate the perceptual problems of hallucination, but that one could also enhance their perceptual acuity drastically while under the influence of LSD?

What if I were to tell you that LSD is for some, a master, and to others a servant?

This may be unfair, but I feel that you would reject such thoughts and ideas completely. I feel you would not question them, nor look for proof or examples. You would dismiss them outright.

This is the fulcrum point on which the debate of the usefulness of hallucinogens rests. I know something to be objectively true, experienced and verified by others concurrent with the experience. It is repeatable and can be generated in others with some guidance. It is fact.

You, or maybe I give you too little credit, lets us say some, a vast majority, would reject it unconditionally.

Comment Re:Lights on vs someone being home (Score 1) 287

It has been theorized that THC decreases the energy required to access long term memory. This theory came about from the results of cognitive experiments under the influence of THC. People were able to perform better on some cognitive tests when using THC, especially those that required longer term memory and recall.

The conjecture is that with easier access to long term memories you can make more disparate connections and see more obtuse or less obvious relationships between ideas and concepts.

Comment Re:Lights on vs someone being home (Score 1) 287

It has been proven repeatedly that these states of consciousness can be productive at problem solving, both in science and in personal matters.

If they were random it would inhibit these processes. Confusion and delirium would result from random firing. The opposite is quite true.

Just look up "psychedelics in problem solving" or some such. There is plenty of objective data for you to read.

Comment Re:"Neural signal diversity" (Score 1) 287

I would be sad about your viewpoint of life, your closed off mind, and your inability to discern the difference between physiological states and your own prejudice against "spiritual and religious experiences." However, I have realized that you will always be that way and that it pays off for you.

You have your reward in that you get to choose what parts of reality you believe in. You have created your own religion where anything that doesn't fit your predetermined, self limited, and (intellectual honesty requires me to say this) bigoted mindset gets thrown out, denied, labeled as untrue and the persons who dare speak of them are excommunicated as infidels to your reality. I sure hope you enjoy this life you have created for yourself. If you do not you only have yourself to blame.

How small of a world where you know all and already have all of the answers. How small a man that he only considers his own counsel in matters beyond his knowledge.

Comment Re:"Neural signal diversity" (Score 1) 287

Wow, thought your uninformed thoughts you inadvertently described what actually happens sometimes when taking LSD. I have heard multiple users speak of gaining awareness of this state.

Imagine the sensation of observing yourself do all of the things you do, from a vantage point behind and above your consciousness. You can see, feel, and sense your body and mind performing the actions of breathing, heart pumping, thinking, emoting, making decisions, speaking, moving muscles etc. but not as the normal instantaneous and personal immersive experience. You are one step removed from that experience, able to observe yourself doing all of these things, like you are the thing operating the levers and dials of your body and mind.

Thank you!

Comment Re: duh (Score 1) 287

Higher is definitely not better.

For instance, if you are trying to perform certain mental tasks that you do in every day, life for your job, taking moderate to high doses of hallucinogens will make that task more difficult. You might start to question why you are doing this type of work. You might realize that this particular activity could be done better in a number of ways. Or you might realize that this type of rote regurgitation is so far beneath what you are actually capable of that you can do it while performing other tasks at the same time, something you would never have thought possible when not under the influence.

If you are a highly trained scientist you can reliably use hallucinogens to enhance your creativity, create breakthroughs, and solve vexing problems. For instance, the US government still uses an anti-submarine detection device developed during an LSD study.

If you are interacting with another human, it can lead to all kinds of interesting places. Communication without the use of normal language, interactions like having a deep philosophical conversation while copulating furiously, or empathic co-communication that leads to psychological breakthroughs. Other interactions can happen as well, that border on or cross the line completely into the realm of what some would call paranormal. From experience I can say it is only strange until you are part of it, then you realize it is natural, normal, human. You have just been brainwashed to believe that it is not real, not available, not possible.

These things are merely the tip of the iceberg. However, uninitiated, small minded, and confused individuals control the laws regarding these substances. I think it is due to their minds being limited. Not stupid mind you, which is excusable. Self-limited, controlled, and unwilling to accept things as they truly are. Kind of like a scared animal that puts its head in the sand, thinking that if you can't see it, it can't see you. Except that they know better and still do it. The problem with this type of thinking is that it is the truth, true reality, that people like this are hiding from. Undeniable, immense, and self evident; it terrifies people who would like the world and themselves to be as they define, not as they really are.

Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 240

If the "equilibrium is out of balance" there will be shifts and changes in the system until equilibrium is achieved.

So, once the sun stops adding energy to the system things should settle down. Until then you should buckle your seat belt. Its going to be a bumpy ride.

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