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Comment lots of addresses tied up by big companies (Score 3, Informative) 129

There is a lot of expensive real-estate tied up in these "8-blocks"


HP, by virtue of their acquisition of the assets of DEC, has 2 8-blocks, which is probably worth a small fortune in real money. 33 million IP4 addresses.

Most (all?) of these were reserved in the great IP address land grab back in the early 90s.

Comment ten reasons not to go (Score 4, Insightful) 370

1. The ridiculous ticket prices, when compared to subsequent rental or blu-ray purchase.
2. The ridiculous snack bar prices. $6.50 for 30 cents worth of popcorn? $5 for a paper cup of fizzy corn-sweetener water?
3. The talking idiots behind you. you cannot shut them up. the theater does not care.
4. The texting idiots in front of you. phone screen as bright at a truck headlight in a dark theater. inconsiderate wankers don't care.
5. the uncomfortable sardine seating (in most theaters, some have better seating but for most, there is very little personal space)
6. the box-office lines. 50 people in line and one math-challenged high-schooler making change.
7. parking at the theater. hundreds of yards from the door at many big movie-plexes.
8. driving to the theater. so much more time-efficient to never leave the house.
9. the fact that at most theaters YOU CAN'T GET A BEER. (...most... not all... and when you can it is disruptive to those around you.)
10. the fact that you cannot pause the film to answer a nature call.

I've got a 75" TV with watts and watts of 7.1 audio. A nice comfortable recliner. Privacy to do what ever I want when the film plays. Beer, liquor, munchies, a clean bathroom just steps away. I don't know why anybody goes to the movie theater at all any more, I'd rather sit on a hill of fire ants. Movies at home are awesome.

Comment Re:About time! (Score 1) 266

I'm not egregiously overweight. I'm just a large man. 6'5", 250 lbs.

Coach class on some airlines (hello Delta) is like torture. My knees press against the back of the seat in front of me, god forbid they recline it. My shoulders are so wide (and I'm not giant that way) that if I sit besides another person who is not "challenged of stature", there is not room for my shoulders or arms. I will almost always pay for "premium economy" to get the leg room, but there is still the matter of fitting my shoulders in. My butt fits in the seat just fine, it's just that my butt is not the widest part of me.

I'm all for smaller seats for smaller people. The airlines can fit them 10 abreast for all I care. But I feel bad for the person sitting next to me, because I am wider than the seat is, and it is not because I am overweight.

On the last flight I booked, premium economy was 24% more than coach, so it's not as cheap as you claim. I cannot afford first class for personal trips. First is usually 2.5 times the price of coach. I'm just an engineer.

Also, the width of shoulders of the *average* American man is 18.5" -- quite a bit more than the 16" seat width that is typical in most airliners. Do you want to jockey with me for that 2.5 inches? I didn't think so. If you have not noticed the silent battle for the arm rest, I'm guessing you don't fly very much. Seat cramping is a problem on most airliners.

Comment Chrome has made a giant leap. Bravo! (Score 4, Interesting) 132

I say "bravo!" for the Chrome team. Their results are significantly better than the prior test.

in the last test, Edge lasted 70% longer than Chrome. see https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

in this test, four months later, the laptop with Edge lasted only 11% longer than Chrome. If I were the Edge team, I'd be watching my back and not crowing so loudly.

Note that they only tested on Windows 10, because Edge only runs on Windows 10.

Comment Re:good luck with that. (Score 1) 276

A US CBP Agent absolutely can prevent a U.S. Citizen from entering the country. So can a ICE officer. But more likely they will call your device "contraband" and seize it, and you may be subject to extensive "interviews." (read: interrogation).

Remember that CBP has a long memory -- if you do anything off-color, you will be flagged for extra attention forevermore. Argue with them once and you'll be on their shit list forever. Don't declare something and get called on it and you'll be on their shit list forever.

It is best not to fuck with immigration officials.

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