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Comment Re:Blocking "Hate Speech" enables more hate (Score 1) 117

Even if you forbid people to speak up they still can act on their beliefs. The only thing that forced political correctness accomplishes is burying problems under the rug. With it you don't know what people really think. So you can't address their concerns. Hate doesn't appear from nothing. It has its own social or economic roots, and with enforced doublespeak rules in action the government and other concerned parties can't get to the root of issues. It allows them to pretend that nothing is happening. But issues remain and people act in any way they can. Thus you get those protest votes for brexit and "joke" candidate Trump.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 99

They already did it in the past, they removed greeks and armenians. They didn't do it to kurds only because they were fellow muslims and they needed their support for greek/armenian massacre. All people who are called turks in Turkey are of armenian/greek ancestry, and the only reason they didn't change state culture to greek or armenian and went with genocide instead is to allow old ottoman elites to remain in power.

Comment Re:The year of the Linux Laptop? (Score 1) 255

But now we shouldn't consider installing linux manually to be the default way. Most people can't or don't want to manually install OS and while having linux equals installing it manually in minds of people it'll remain a niche OS on desktop. Even experienced users who installed various distros innumerable times should consider getting their new laptops/PCs with linux pre-installed. Even if they install own distro, a linux tested hardware is less likely to lead to driver issues.

Comment Re:State Sponsored vs Rogue Agent? (Score 1) 210

Who cares how they think? People can always revise their opinion based on evidence, which I did to come up with such an opinion. Both Hilary and Trump are clearly in bed with big business aristocracy, and Putin's government has close connection to it too. Putin is Yeltsin's apprentice and both of them are part of old soviet nomenclature that "sold" itself to US in 1990s. Many people of actual influence there even have dual US/Russian citizenship. Even if there is no outright backroom pact there, Putin, Clintons and Trump are part of same groupthink.

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