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Comment Re:Hate to State the obvious but... (Score 1) 141

The thing is who will decide what "direct provable relationship with said government" really means? They can decide on any interpretation probably mostly informed by kickbacks from entities in question. Whether particular relationship qualifies as direct or no can be very subjective, their decisions wouldn't be subject to much of scrutiny and they can decide whatever they wish.

Comment Re:There's more than the DNC hack ya know (Score 3, Informative) 312

Donetsk isn't in Crimea. It's deep in the mainland. Ukraine basically splintered like Soviet Union did before, and Crimea and Donbass(Donetsk is a major city in the latter region) are among regions that have splintered off. Russia has incorporated Crimea but didn't incorporate Donbass for some reason.

Comment Re:There's more than the DNC hack ya know (Score 1) 312

Who cares what he said? People lie. Some campaign promises aren't enough to warrant supporting him with black ops. Sanctions actually support local industry by removing competition from foreign imports and Crimea's status doesn't matter as long as people aren't getting killed there.. The only issues with sanctions is that they're insulting.

Comment Re:There's more than the DNC hack ya know (Score 5, Insightful) 312

I for one am a Russian, and I frankly don't care who wins on american elections. It's obvious to me that this whole story is made up to whitewash Hilary's fuckups in her campaign that alienated people so much that they voted for the designated "joke candidate". However the very idea that associating something with Russians can automatically vilify it seems very insulting and ridiculous to me.

Comment Re:Not Re:Big donors versus small? (Score 1) 374

I need to disclaim that I feel some frustration and disappointment with Ubuntu, too. I had hopes that it would become a dominant desktop OS, but it never did. It's not like there weren't major opportunities. For example that Vista fiasco. It's just that Ubuntu never filled any of the big vacuums. However, I mostly didn't care that much, so I never even investigated the details. I just observed the results.

I was replying to this. Ubuntu didn't become dominant simply because computer manufacturers didn't get around to use it. Many of them tend to have heavy ties to microsoft and in any case it will take decades if not millenia for both common users and manufacturers to change. And the destop linux community isn't too unhappy with being a niche os in general either. If they wanted total domination they'd just croudsource buy some desktop manufacturer and make it completely adopt linux and sell linux boxen at reduced price to make enough of a user base.

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