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Comment Re:A view from a user (Score 1) 508

It's because too few developers are too spread over all that irrelevant stuff like konqueror and pim. It's violation of Unix philosophy. KDE is trying to provide not only DE but also browser, PIM, shmillion of other things, while both browser and PIM domains require separate dedicated projects of the same sophistication as entire KDE.

Comment Re:Well seems like the law works. (Score 1) 138

Trademark law exists only to regulate trade of actual goods and services, using it to limit what sort of information people transmit free of charge to other people would be violation of freedom of speech. And possible donations are a moot point since they're not payments for goods and services. Sure from original author's point of view messing with their canon like that isn't nice, but it shouldn't be regulated by law.

Comment Re:EditorDavid is an ass (Score 1) 231

Well, maybe democracy is a bad idea. At least its current implementation. The way things work resulted in perverse incentives which torpedoed government efficiency. This is what caused this rift between commoners and "elites" in the first place. Due to immense complexity of today's state machines it's not enough to elect someone who can fool people into liking him. There need to exist mechanisms to encourage actually competent (which is at doing their job, and not at convincing people they're competent which is a totally different skill) people to arise, and US's and UK's political systems clearly fail at that nowadays.

Comment Re:You win some, you lose some (Score 1) 517

These things happen when the government represents the interests of its own people instead of the interests of the globalist elite.

Why would globalists want EU? In truely globalized world there can be no EU, as all countries are equally important parts of the world. EU is just next iteration of Holy Roman Empire, I'd call it Forth Reich. They're really prone to treat everyone outside EU like trash, kinda like Third Reich.

Comment Re:Oh really? (Score 0, Redundant) 517

Well, perhaps we could find a better way to hand out grants to scientists, so we don't end up wasting it. I mean there's the Replication Crisis to consider, and the Decline Effect, and then somewhere north of 40,000 neurology papers that were a waste of time (not all British of course).

Those things pretty much demonstrate that funding of this "science" is mostly empty waste of money. Acquiring funding and doing science are two totally different skillsets and this pretty much guarantees that people doing actual (that is replicable) science will get jack shit. I see nothing bad about those pseudo-scientists, whose only "productive" contribution to society is to elicit citations from other such pseudo-scientists in endless circlejerk, to get a tiny bit less grants which are mostly wasted anyway.

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 159

That's only in close proximity to the plant. While a significantly larger area than that is off limits for human populace. Some locales are closed just because they have somewhat larger risk of cancer, something that an animal population will be totally fine with. Humans just have less tolerance for being subject to natural selection than animals. Don't force human rules on animals :P

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 2) 159

I always thought that Chernobyl make a good wildlife preserve, because it's no longer infested with humans. A large powerplant will still require a lot of human workers, even a solar one. And it will be hard to find enough workers willing to live there to man it fully.

Comment Re:But now part of the historical narrative? (Score 1) 621

Why higher threshold? Anything other than 50/50 would be unfair to one of sides. And if you require a particular attendance % then it's just nearly impossible to come up with proper course of action in case if it's not met, even if you repeat the referendum there is no guarantee that required attendance will be reached in finite number of reruns.

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