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Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 128

That's only in close proximity to the plant. While a significantly larger area than that is off limits for human populace. Some locales are closed just because they have somewhat larger risk of cancer, something that an animal population will be totally fine with. Humans just have less tolerance for being subject to natural selection than animals. Don't force human rules on animals :P

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 2) 128

I always thought that Chernobyl make a good wildlife preserve, because it's no longer infested with humans. A large powerplant will still require a lot of human workers, even a solar one. And it will be hard to find enough workers willing to live there to man it fully.

Comment Re:But now part of the historical narrative? (Score 1) 621

Why higher threshold? Anything other than 50/50 would be unfair to one of sides. And if you require a particular attendance % then it's just nearly impossible to come up with proper course of action in case if it's not met, even if you repeat the referendum there is no guarantee that required attendance will be reached in finite number of reruns.

Comment Re:Call me when it gets a serious MS Office conten (Score 1) 249

I think people should drop office already, both libre and ms variants, more particularly writer/word. Most of time of using it is devoted to dicking around with fonts and text layout, something that should be done automatically by a typesetting system. It's really unfair that professionals get to use real typesetting systems while rank and file amateurs are stuck setting up all this manually. Amateur nature of this software and lack of proper standardization leads to formatting breakages when moving between libre and ms and between different versions of them, something that was handled properly in TeX, which is almost 40 years old already!

Comment Re:"He took on the software in a simulator" (Score 1) 441

Of course it's not Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it's definitely a flight simulator. The article doesn't say if AI is driven by simulated data from radars and stuff or can read simulation data directly. If it's plugged into simulation directly then it has the same problem as all other game AIs. Since AI is omniscient with perfect reaction times it needs to be artificially made extremely dumb so humans could have any chance to win.

Comment Re:Children (Score 1) 207

Monitoring children, just like monitoring all people, has the same problem: you simply don't have time to sift through all irrelevant stuff. And there's no real way to determine what is harmful and what isn't. Most of things you'll find harmful will be so because of some kind of misunderstanding on your part and will make you look like a big idiot to your children. And you really can't do much upbringing if your children think you're an idiot. And if they decide to join some gang or something they'll find a way to bypass any surveillance methods for their communications..

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