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Comment Re:Note to self (Score 2) 227

Used cartridge market only exists because printer manufacturers shift significant parts of printer's price on printer cartridges. This price shift results in market distortion so market seeks to shift the price back. Only sane solution of this conflict is to have cartridge manufacturer as a separate corporation from printer manufacturer. Otherwise there's no way to prevent printer manufacturers from artificially distorting the market like this.

Comment Re:Auto Elevation (Score 1) 58

A linker command in larger projects can easily blow over those limits necessitating hacks in buildsystems. To me it's one of most striking examples suggesting just how poorly Microsoft reinvented Unix. Another related issue is that command line is passed as single string in windows api while individual args are sent in separate strings in posix apis. Separate strings make more sense for lowest level api. Parsing command lines and handling escaping to be able to pass arguments with spaces for sure isn't job of a low level api. A shell should handle this since all shells have their own rules for escaping, and conversion layer for this is yet another annoying source of complexity.

Comment Re:Big problems come in small packages... (Score 1) 318

Military can't think in terms of price of equipment. More fundamental is accomplishment of war objective. It's true that a CIWS would be a lot more effective here, but it's also shorter range, so ship or vehicle equipped with CIWS would have harder time getting into range. So Patriot could be better in a pinch, better than CIWS that couldn't get there. Also, cost of missile vs drone doesn't matter because the enemy most likely can get less drones than US government can get missiles anyway.

Comment Re: do it without communicating or warning the sit (Score 1) 136

This is exactly what I want to stop: only rich people deciding what will be seen by masses, and it's clear that copyright accomplishes totally opposite goal, since nowadays you need VC backing just to shield yourself from copyright lawsuits and establishing cross-licensing to reuse any sort of other people's art. And you can be sued even if you don't reuse anything(people will sue anyway if you created something close to other copyrighted work accidentally even if it doesn't exist) or if your reuse is compliant with fair use(youtube etc won't bother double-checking this if they get a takedown notice). And, no. Statutes of law don't make copyright's need clear. Far from it. Besides citing statutes when I'm in fact arguing for their repeal is circular reasoning.

Comment Re: do it without communicating or warning the sit (Score 1) 136 , notionally it is patronage, but not in the way you mean it since it's not tied to wealthy patrons. Another way is government funding. And you failed to prove the need for copyright. Existence of Microsoft(which basically attempts to build own government around control of software that is not subject to democratic checks and balances going a lot farther than simply compensating developers) was never the objective of it, and there's no reason to believe it wouldn't exist without copyright. Like, Red Hat isn't hurting for cash either, at least enough to sustain development. Copyright is only needed to raise astronomic rent for silly world domination plans.

Comment Re: do it without communicating or warning the sit (Score 1) 136

There's no reason to believe that buying rights even makes sense. Like it goes against the idea of authorship which is supposed to be central to copyright. If you sell rights you're still author but your "rights" are no longer "protected" because you don't "own" them. It's other guy's "rights" now and they set all rules which original authors may not agree with anymore for whatever reason but their opinion doesn't matter anymore.

Comment Re: do it without communicating or warning the sit (Score 2) 136

If those people want exclusive rights just to create something then I'm fine with them not creating. Paying money for something that costs nothing to replicate goes against whole reason money exist. It's equivalent to operating a money printing machine. It cost nothing just to allow someone to copy something, which is totally distinct from the act of creation and not connected to it in any way as far as economic system is concerned.

Comment Re: do it without communicating or warning the sit (Score 1) 136

I'm fine with that, most of that stuff is boring anyway. It can work based on voluntary donations too. In fact current system ("purchases" + "piracy") is de facto equivalent to voluntary donations. Like people publishing torrents recommend "purchasing" stuff you liked. Need only to make this explicit and enshrine this in law.

Comment Re:It's good to be reminded (Score 1) 187

You can't call someone "intellectual" just for pursuing alien life issue. Humanity has nearly no information on this topic thus most things you can arrive to are either obvious or subtly wrong but not disprovable due to lack of experimental data. There's nearly no possibility to come up with testable hypotheses there and most of work done on the subject is intellectual circlejerk. Thus it's easy avenue for any dumbass who wants to pretend to be an "intellectual". There's simply no conclusion that could end up wrong and foil up their charade.

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