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Comment Re:Isn't this like an ancience technology (Score 2) 64

The 2000 liter requirement is kind of a deal breaker. If I have a 1 meter square device that can produce 50 liters a day, that would be way better than a 50,000 meter square device that makes 2000 liters a day.

And in some places, gathering 2000 liters of water from the air is nearly impossible, in other places, it is almost trivial.

And water isn't always the problem, it is usually "clean water" that is the problem.

Comment Incoming Fraud (Score 2) 20

This is going to open up whole new arenas of Fraud. Imagine a "fake" reseller "NlKE" selling fake Sneakers that never come.

(Please note that is not an "I" (capital i) that is an "l" (lower case L) )

Incoming Message from NlKE, "%50 off all NlKE sneakers! Buy now using PayPal!"

Please file under "what could possibly go wrong"

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 412

The Gender Studies department is about 95% female. They are very active and visible on campus. They spend a lot of time on 'outreach', yet they still can't crack 6% on male involvement.

I would classify that as a complete and utter failure. The problem is that they have created their own stereotype and now are struggling to overcome it. You can't spend your time bashing men(everything is misogyny and rape/sexual abuse) , and expect men to want to join.

Comment Re:Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 412

Affirmative Action was never about anything other than political correctness dressed up as a statistic that can be changed by government.

There are women in Construction, but the overwhelming members of that industrty are ... men - No outcry
There are men in Nursing, but the overwhelming members of nursing field are ... women. - No outcry
There are women in police and fire, but the overwhelming members are ... men. - No outcry

The terrible thing is, that when we tell women "You can be whatever you want" and then despise them for being what many of them want to be (moms) ; we are doing a huge disservice to women .Women are special, just as men are. They just tend to be specialized in different areas. Everyone being the "same" isn't progressive, it is enslavement.

Comment Re:11 minute of action per game (Score 1) 226

This may be true, but when it takes a pitcher (baseball) longer to throw a single pitch than it does to coordinate 11 (22 if you're counting both sides) from the completion of the last play to the start of the next that is ridiculous. Put players on base, and the time goes up excruciatingly so. Throw the damn pitch already; it shouldn't take two minutes to toss a ball 60'6".

Comment Re:Product placement (Score 1) 226

I am an actual "networking professional", and I can tell you, that there is often very little distinction between network infrastructure that isn't responding, and hardware that is on the verge of locking up. The only real way to tell is to "reboot" and see if it goes away. And that does make it look like it is the device, and not the network (to the untrained).

We issue troubleshooting tips based on how easy they are to complete by the end user, and then assess from there. We don't tend to have easy tools that check for networking issues that the end user has access to.

That being said, I actually believe that the infrastructure isn't there to support the number of devices, and the needs of those devices. I believe that it might be nearly impossible to not saturate the airwaves with signal to provide all the bandwidth all those thousands and thousands of devices need. There just isn't enough frequencies available.

Comment Re: Thanks, *hats (Score 1) 73

In this case, the solution is already available. When a new tower is spun up, to flag it as "unsafe" until a valid tower says otherwise.

I have a good idea where all the towers are in my city, if a new one was spun up, I'd know about it fairly quickly. And there are projects that have very detailed information on existing towers. The problem with this kind of attack, is that it is very short lived because it would be easy to triangulate where the bad tower/Node actually is.

Comment Re:Technical OR legislative? (Score 2) 296

You cannot legislate a sociological solution to a technical problem, any more than you can legislate a technological solution to a sociological problem. It is like using a screwdriver to hit a nail or a hammer trying to screw in a screw.

Since a DDOS is a technical problem, legislation isn't even going to solve the problem and will no doubt cause unintended consequences.

The only solution to a DDOS that will work, is a Distributed model to detect and dismantle the problem at the edges, not at the central attack point.

Comment Re:We Were Attacked! (Score 1) 74

"LOL! You think so? Let's say your own DNS infrastructure is a victim of this attack with the same magnitude. Are you able to handle this?"

Yep, all fucking day without even looking, and IPv6 will make it even easier. It's called a static IP address and not having more fucking domain names than you can handle.

While everyone else was fucked, my sites ran without a problem, and they all use DynDNS.

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