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Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 1) 505

And as someone who thought they'd got it right as of somewhere in 4.x and dislikes the direction 5.x is going, I wish they'd stop "improving" it. Just fix anything that ails it, stop fucking with the interface and removing features, egads. That's why I no longer even try Gnome-based distros; can't stand the giant cellphone it's become.

Comment Re:Sheep (Score 1) 189

Interesting from a grazing efficiency standpoint. I do wonder what it does to total gut balance and mortality in the event of scours or other pathogenic processes.

But as to the nominal topic... in North America, there used to be about 20% more bison than there are cattle today. Bison mass about double what cattle do, and eat proportionately more -- therefore farted more, probably producing about twice as much methane in total. Somehow this failed to cause global warming.

Comment Re:How is this a breach of terms? (Score 1) 109

I have a LinkedIn account, but it doesn't get access to my email. I use it mostly to keep track of professional acquaintances; why would I put personal info there or give it access to my address book?

I expect the main fallout from this targeted scrape (it doesn't sound like an actual data breach) will be a minor uptick in spam. Like that's news...

Comment Re:Spare $1,500/month for new immigrant won't work (Score 1) 618

That's why BI needs to be restricted to citizens. Not to legally here, not to illegally here, but only to citizens, with proof of citizenship. And only to minor children of citizens (and no others), to nix the anchor-baby problem.

I'm not much for socialist welfare and such, but I do think BI is better than the current impossible tangle. Get rid of the entire welfare state (with the possible exception of some medical aid to low income) and replace it with BI, and it would probably cost taxpayers less and do more good.

One of the problems with the current system is that it enforces poverty, because if you do save and invest what little you've got, or own your home, or for one disabled payment program, so much as own a car -- you're no longer eligible. I know people who stay poor on purpose because otherwise they'd lose their benefits. I myself have been dirt-poor/homeless yet ineligible because I'd socked away my paltry little inheritance as the only retirement fund I'd get, rather than spending it right off.

Comment Re:Two possibilities (Score 1) 140

I would bet they could find enough native speakers of Arabic, if only those people didn't feel like their very lives might be threatened by exposure. I can think of at least a couple Saudi atheists who really would rather not live in a theocracy that wants them dead, and would help defeat it if they could do so without extreme risk.

Comment Re:What, like Chrome? (Score 1) 149

Yeah, I found that with Earth too... tho that had ceased to be an issue because Earth won't run anyway. But this automatically installing (NOT updating -- it installed entirely new and left the old install alone) wasn't happening til this little escapade, and I think the last time Earth ran before it decided not to was about a year ago. So the updater hadn't run since then.

But then I installed Talk, and yep, that's when the new Chrome dates to. Hadn't thought to look in Task Mangler and kill GoogleUpdate. :(

I'd be fine with it asking, or at least informing me that if I want to run X, it will update Y. But this doing it *entirely* behind my back -- that put Google on my permanent shit list.

Comment Re:raging asshole, maybe, but he is right you know (Score 1) 637

I don't disagree, but I'd also like a way to turn off that crowdsourced moderation, because if it becomes groupthink points that's not useful either.

As it stands... this banning people because they don't get along (for any value of getting along) will, as Milo puts it, result in the most interesting people leaving (at least for some values of interesting).

Comment What, like Chrome? (Score 2) 149

Because about a month ago, Chrome installed a new version of itself without asking, without permission, and the first hint I had (since I don't use the nasty thing unless I have to) was a new icon on my desktop. (Didn't even put it in a sane location. It's somewhere down in User Application Data.)

Apparently if you have Google Talk installed, this is what Google does behind your back.

Comment Re:raging asshole, maybe, but he is right you know (Score 1) 637

Yeah, you'd think it would be fairly simple to incorporate a block-user command that could be applied whenever you wish, with a perusable block list so you can change your mind later. Geez, just a friend/foe function like we have here would suffice.

Or, of course, folks could just ignore people they don't like.

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