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Submission + - Time to Standardise Online Security?

loki_tiwaz writes: "Recent posts at Bruce Schneier's blog and an interesting story about how the NYPD still uses typewriters (and memories of listening to a bunch of undercover police on a train one day discussing a virus problem on their computers), and the recent hack at twitter — has got me thinking... Now that virtually everyone is interacting online, the security of identity, in the form of site logins, particularly, is a very serious topic now.

It seems to me that it is now well and truly time to gather all the security people of planet earth together and define an international online security best practises policy. I know that the subject is all full of people who think they know and many many snake oil vendors selling rubbish security and many many criminals making a very tidy living from capturing credit card details and other such things — but if there was international standards for what constitutes adequate online security, arrived at after a couple of years of intensive debate and discussion, were to be implemented as an international standard, that we could perhaps get more people online. Online security is a topic full of myths and hearsay and snake oil. It's time the subject achieved some kind of maturity and a basic standard was defined."

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