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Submission + - !@#$%Office in

jjohn_h writes: So it is official in the meantime: Oracle is not going to co-operate with The Document Foundation:

That's fine, Oracle, good riddance. But how is the successor to OpenOffice going to survive with a name like !@#$%Office in the namespace of this universe? You can see, I even refuse to spell it out. The recent Slashdot discussion has certainly shown that everybody and his cat dislike the name.

So what can be done about it? Well, let's start a Slashdot contest for an appealing name to the product. And also let's ask The Document Foundation and have the bright guys who came up with that name explain what they are expecting from it.

It is urgent. Another couple of weeks and the chance for a new name to a real free office suite will have passed (free as in freedom). Yes, Slashdot, please, you can give me bad karma but let this post run.

Submission + - Lighthearted friends could make you join NAMBLA (

mykos writes: The Facebook groups feature is causing bit of a stir with its users. TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington was allegedly added to a group about NAMBLA, and in turn, he added Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It's all in good (albeit tasteless) fun, except when a harmless joke goes awry and you find yourself being detained by customs when a friend decided to drag you into a mock terrorist group. Facebook representatives are aware of the matter, but are dismissive of it. A Facebook spokeswoman said "If you have a friend that is adding you to Groups you do not want to belong to, or they are behaving in a way that bothers you, you can tell them to stop doing it, block them or remove them as a friend – and they will no longer EVER have the ability to add you to any Group".

In somewhat related news, guillotines ensure you won't have dandruff on your shoulders anymore.

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