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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 359

Then you must have read the last part of the article. I quote it here for people who didn't (and I can't blame them):

Williams, a self-proclaimed health-food evangelist, said she’d like to see the company sell packs by themselves to people who can’t afford the device. “It would be great if they offered people the opportunity to buy the packs and press them by hand,” she said. “I want juice for every man, woman and child.”

Now, seriously? Apparently the world this person inhabits does not contain fruits, the only way to get juice is to buy them pre-packaged at 8 dollar per serving, and the only thing that stops a poor person from enjoying this is not the ludicrous price but a separate machine.

Wow. This really exists.

Comment Re:Exactly: If you use Twitter a lot, your public (Score 1) 67

You probably want to use Qubes OS which provides an environment where all of this is handled for you. I switched to it and I'm really happy with it.

You can create multiple templates and all you do in the templates is installing software and make generic configurations. The actual VM's where you run stuff is based on the templates and are reset whenever you restart them.

Comment Twitter? (Score 4, Insightful) 67

First, they talk about a user's identity. Later they merely talk about Twitter links and finding the user's Twitter ID. So what is it? Can they identify users or Twitter accounts? If it's the former, that's concerning. But it seems to be more likely that they found a Twitter account user by comparing the browser history to a Twitter account that had been sharing those links. The latter doesn't seem as impressive now does it?

Comment Not just Pixel (Score 1) 69

I've had the same problem on my Nexus 6P since a few months. It doesn't happen often (at most once or twice per week) so it's not overly problematic, but when it does it completely freezes the device until some watchdog kicks in and it reboots itself.

Comment Re: Too expensive (Score 1) 61

And therein lies the problem.

Watches are generally jewellery with some secondary use case

Apple watches sell because it allows Apple fans to show that they are part of the group, without holding their phone all the time. It's similar to people wearing t-shirts with their favourite heavy metal band on it. When they pass someone, they know they are part of the same social circle. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. People do it all the time.

But this is where smart watches have a problem. They have to compete on their own merits, and frankly, it's very hard for a watch of any kind to do that. I use one for biking, but that's pretty much it.

I'll buy one of the new Android Wear watches, but I doubt I'll be using it off the bike.

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