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Comment Re:Ex post facto (Score 4, Informative) 302

This is the fundamental misunderstanding of everyone that comments in Apple's defence. Their actions were never legal to begin with. No laws were changed.

A lot of people outside of Europe (and to be fair, even Europeans) doesn't understand how the EU works. Ireland can't simply decide to stop obeying EU treaties any more than a US state is allowed to all of a sudden decide that someone no longer have to pay federal tax. If that happened, you can be sure that the IRS would demand the taxes be paid in full after they found out about it.

Comment A cardinal what? (Score 1, Offtopic) 42

It took me quite a bit of reading to understand what a "Cardinal scouting director" is. In fact, I'm still not entirely sure what such a person actually does.

Given the tech-oriented and international audience of this side, I'm not sure that one can assume that I am alone in being confused by the wording of the title. A better one would be to simply refer to the person as "sports executive".

Comment Re:4.5 hours a day? That's really sad. (Score 1) 188

The fact that the expression "binge-watch" actually exists ought to tell you something

I have a hard time watching any TV-series where each episode doesn't have a conclusion, since I can't watch something for more than about an hour straight. Seems like viewers of modern TV-series treat them as single 25-hour movies.

Comment Re:Can anyone explain? (Score 1) 41

Both Ansible and Docker work and are supported on FreeBSD, but I can't tell you if there are any specific issues to consider since I don't actually use them myself.

I still run Linux on my workstations because it's easier to get all the workstation/laptop things working there. However, I'll give FreeBSD a try on the desktop as well next time I reinstall.

On the server, there are really no benefits to Linux currently.

Comment Re:Can anyone explain? (Score 4, Insightful) 41

I'll give you one reason why I finally moved to FreeBSD for my servers: it does not use systemd.

It might sound like a trollish thing to say, but it's true. It's not the only reason of course. FreeBSD really is much nicer on the server. It's much more predicable and easier to analyse problems. The lack of systemd is just one factor that contributes to this.

Comment Re:Not JVM (Score 2, Informative) 172

I wouldn't be so quick to assume that reference counting requires less CPU cycles unless you have actual data to back up that claim.

With reference counting every single allocation, as well as every single object ownership transfer requires extra CPU cycles and memory accesses to manage the memory as well as manage the counter (yes, I know Swift does some clever tricks to avoid the counting which frankly is the only reason it's as performant as it is). Also remember multithreading issues when updating the refcounter.

With garbage collection, you obviously don't need to do any reference counter management, saving a lot of CPU and memory access cycles right there. But what is less obvious is that memory allocation itself is much faster with (compacting) garbage collector. After collection, all free memory will be in a single contiguous block, reducing the memory allocation operation to a single ADD instruction.

So, in summary:

With refcounting you have:

  • Slow memory allocations (need to manage a fragmented heap)
  • Slow accesses and pointer handovers (updates to the refcounter)
  • Slow free (need to manage the free list)
  • No asynchronous pauses (since there is no garbage collector)

With a GC, you get:

  • Fast allocations (usually just an "add" instruction since the heap is not fragmented)
  • Zero cost accesses and pointer handovers
  • Zero cost free (just stop using the pointer)
  • Some asynchronous pauses and CPU usage while running the GC

There have been plenty of research on memory management, and we're well past the time when you could say "GC is slower than the alternative".

Comment Re: "mass market affordable car" (Score 1) 430

Thankfully, much fewer than in most other places. Because of the cost, and the fact that most people can get by just fine with the very good public transport system, cars have become somewhat of a status symbol here.

That said, myself and most other people I talk to are annoyed that the government is not being more welcome to electric vehicles. You could have very good coverage with only a handful of charging stations, and you can travel across the country several times on a single charge.

Instead, you get this: http://www.stuff.tv/sg/feature...

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