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Journal Journal: damn_registrars steps in it again... 7

Once again damn_registrars starts following me around with the same tired act claiming that this account is one of his sock puppets. To teach him the error of his ways, I posted a reply, that Stevie will read, and will likely do something about.

Enjoy your fun with the paranoid, psychotic pretend homeless guy. He should be even more fun for you then when I got APK to troll your dumb ass. Me? I'm going to go get some popcorn and watch this. This should be as funny to me as the APK / damn_registrars sissy fight was.

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Journal Journal: Diablo III sucks 3

I know, you're probably thinking "Gee, Red, that's an uncreative troll..." - but hear me out, and learn that instead of trolling I'm venting some deep disappointment.

Never mind the fact that after picking the game up yesterday morning, the servers were down for several hours - while (in my not so humble opinion) it's completely stupid to require an internet connection for a single player game, I get it - they want to stop piracy - but seriously - launch day was a disaster, and Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves.

The game itself, graphically, looks like Warcraft 3 with a slightly higher polygon count. Warcraft 3 was released in June, 2002. So yes, 10 years later and the graphics are marginally improved.

However, I'm an old school gamer - there comes a point where graphics are "good enough" and that's honestly where the graphics in Diablo 3 are - they're good enough.

The art direction, on the other hand, is pathetic.

Think back of the days when you first played Diablo, and entered the Tristram Cathedral the first time. Or, for those of you who have barely hit puberty, Diablo 2 and the Rogue's Monastery - and remember (or go play them to remind yourself) how dark and dank the dungeons were?

In Diablo 3, they look like a cheesy haunted house. The lighting effects look like they propped up from Halloween decorations, bought enough black lights to discover all the hidden semen stains, and invited their goth / emo friends and hipster douchbags over for an ironic rave party.

It's not the slightest bit creepy. Hell, Kindergarten age kids see this and say "Wow, that looks lame. I've seen episodes of Max and Ruby scarier than this shit."

And the storyline thus far.... yawn. It's essentially a retelling of the first game so far, after a (spoiler) fallen star hits Tristram Cathedral and wakes the dead. Oh, I get to fight the Butcher again? King Leoric again?

In Act 2, do I get to fight Belial in Tal Rasha's tomb again? Can I please endure something as annoying as the Flayer Jungle again with all those little bastards and their stupid little blowguns?

If so, why didn't I just fire up Diablo and Diablo 2 and play through them again? At least those games won't quit on me if Battle.Net goes down.

What an utter, complete letdown this game is. It could have, and should have, been so much more.
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Journal Journal: The Death of Liberalism 1


Money Shot:

In other words, these insubstantial explanations for the evanescent era of liberal hegemony after November 2008 seem to have been built to assuage rather than persuade. For those who write and read these arguments, only malign or random forces outside liberalism can account for a liberal epoch that ends a few weeks after it begins. It's not that liberals would rather be lucky than good, exactly. Rather, believing liberalism inherently good, they are left with bad luck, principally in the form of inadequate champions and egregious adversaries, as the only possible explanation for its setbacks. There's no need, in other words, to entertain the possibility that liberalism itself has defects that vitiate its political appeal and governmental efficacy.
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Journal Journal: Occu-poopers don't really want jobs...


Shitting on a sidewalk, stealing from and pissing in churches (even on a cross), yeah, that - they can handle - along with rape, heroin, prostitution, public masturbation, assault, and attempted murder.

But jobs? Nah, they aren't interested in that. Power to the people, or something.

If these ignorant, whiny, self-destructive fuckers are really the '99%' - then I'm honored to be part of the 1%. Fuck those guys.
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Journal Journal: Rule #99 1

If [X] exists, there are Democrats who wish to tax [X].

It's a corollary to the porn rule that if [X] exists there is porn of [X] on the Internet.
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Journal Journal: I wish I could take credit for this 3

... but I can't. But I will say I absolutely agree with the AC's calling for a confession from damn_registrars....


... and Squeak showing up here to post as an AC to accuse me of being him in 5... 4... 3...

Yeah, I know it's him doing that. It's a typical page from his playbook. Try to discredit me by accusing me of being one of his sockpuppets. It's tiresome, and it doesn't work, but YOU try telling that to his dopey OCD ass.

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