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Comment Re: Atheist [Re:Free global markets != wonde (Score 1) 56

Our nation started out with very few Federal regulations on food, safety, and medicine. It was either assumed to be a state-level issue, or lawsuits were assumed to be the proper way to settle disputes between consumers and suppliers.

As mass manufacturing and cross-state commerce picked up, this gradually changed, often based on cases of nefarious practices. For example, law-makers realized it's not practical for the average consumer to test all their purchased food for pesticide residue.

Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 1) 222

What's that have to do with job merit? Sure, English language proficiency matters in the office and I don't dispute that, but you seem to be talking about OTHER things beyond language.

I haven't seen anything refuting my original point. I categorize English skills as a direct merit for the job. Music, food, history, sports, etc. should be moot to hiring decisions, but in practice it's not. Human habit is to hire people more like ones self.

Comment Re:Why does GOVERNMENT have to do EVERYTHING?! (Score 1) 317

Why would right-of-way matter when talking about connectivity for poor people? Poor people need cell phone towers, not lines to their apartments.

The poor people where I am, once they get below a certain level of income where having a car is a big problem, all tend to use a cell phone for internet and nothing else. Likewise they move around more often than those with higher income... take that to the extreme of the homeless guy that has a phone in hopes of getting a job. Cable right of way in his neighborhood is completely irrelevant.

If there is a program to help those people on the internet, there would be help to pay for data plans or upgrade the phone.

Comment Re:PIN? (Score 1) 47

Why do you think that? PIN stands for Personal Identification Number and as such the length is not defined. SIM cards allow longer pins (I use a 8 digit one - but I only need to type that one when I reboot my phone, which is rare), credit cards have allowed longer than 4 PINs for ages. PIN does not imply 4 digits, but 4 digits is the default.

Not even always: the default for our nationality wide accepted smartcard (which are horrible, but it is what it is), is 6 digits.

Comment Re:The law has changed since 1934 (ie 1996) (Score 1) 317

I think the problem that chairman Wheeler was trying to solve was states that attempted to block all provision of broadband service under the universal service rules. I'm still trying to figure out why a state would ever deny an internet provider permission to be a lifeline provider. It can't be a profit-maker for those internet providers. It can't be that there aren't poor people who need service in the provider's area, or there would be no lifeline business. It can only be that the state did not wish for there to be broadband at all under the universal lifeline rules.

Comment Re:Background and the real issue (Score 1) 317

Without electoral weighting, lots of people who don't bother to vote now because it is pointless (like in my state) would be up at the crack of dawn, in line at the polling places, waiting their turn to cancel out the votes of bicoastal pricks or flyover hicks.

You can't really have it both ways. Without the electoral college, the popular majority would be the list of counties here and we know how those counties voted. This would not have biased the election further in Trump's favor.

Comment Re:You may not like this (Score 2) 317

No, the founders who raped their slaves were not Democrats. The founders had a "Democratic-Republican" party, which is also referred to as "Jeffersonian Republicans" or "The First Republican Party" and isn't the Democratic party, and the other party at the time was the Federalist party.

Each of the amendments started out with the decision that the intent of the founders wasn't going to matter any longer. Any future amendment must do so as well.

Democrats fought to keep slavery, and they fought to prevent women from voting.

Well, that's really bad. But the Democrats wisely decided to stop doing those things. In the years that the Democrats cut their ties with the segregationist portion of Southern voters, spanning from the Goldwater to the Nixon campaigns, the Republicans took them up. So we're now in the position that the Republicans are the political heirs of the 1964 Democrats. So having taken over the bad stuff the Democrats used to do, you are not in a good position to revile us for our past sins.

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