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Comment Re:Not handy for the home (Score 1) 81

I already have two good routers at home. One at each corner of my house. Both purchased for less than $100 each. If the speed and range promises are even half of what is bring promised, I do not see a problem with people spending a couple of hundred bucks to pick up a dual router solution. Someone like me would not think twice about it. But yeah, businesses would be ALL OVER IT.

Comment Facetime works on computers (Score 1) 114

I have used many of the popular video conf/chat solutions. To talk with family and coworkers for meetings. I have for now standardized on Google Hangouts. It mostly works, and works on many devices and platforms. I have also on occasion used Facetime. I do not have an iphone or ipad, but have a Macbook. It surprises me that Google is pitching this product as a Facetime replacement. I can use Facetime on my computer. The same is not true of Google Duo. For now, Google Duo is entirely useless to people who need a solution that also works on computers.

Comment Re:No nerds in Slashdot crowd any more... :( (Score 0) 54

Agreed. The intelligent people have left Slashdot. The remaining are mostly griefers. I swore off Slashdot a couple of weeks ago, but accidentally visited today. An old habit that will take some time to kill I guess. Comments on this story and all others on this site are a strong reminder of what the remaining crowd here is. Whiny crybabies and paranoid schizophrenics.

Comment Goodbye Slashdot (Score 2, Insightful) 474

Slashdot, as of late, appears to discuss less technology and more of this drivel. There are too many stories about jobs being outsourced. And the usual "freedom loving" crowd is begging politicians and anybody who will listen to force companies, one way or another, to not outsource. It did not work for manufacturing jobs, but somehow it might just work for their service sector jobs

You people need to adjust your expectations. You don't need a new plan B. You need a better plan A. If you think your job is in danger of being outsourced, do not expect someone else to come in and save it.

And for crying out loud, stop with the freaking doom and gloom. You guys sound like a bunch of griefers. Every story is filled with people whining about something or trying to recycle really old jokes about Soviet Russia or some shit like that.

I have been hitting Slashdot out of habit over the years. But man, this shit is getting old.

Comment Re:Solar power has its limits (Score 1) 300

> A technical problem with solar power is that peak output is at noon but peak load is near sunset. Temperatures typically reach a maximum at about 4:00. People tend to go home to cook supper at about 5:00. Along with a few other factors that add to the electric load the viability of solar power peaks at about 30% of total production. Anything more and additional solar power can negatively affect the grid.

You present a few moronic arguments, like the one above. If the grid sees too much capacity being fed by solar at noon, in a predictable way, then it can plan ahead and reduce output at that time and save the fossil fuels for when they are really needed.

The rest of your arguments contain similar logical flaws.

Comment Elon, please put this in Model 3 (Score 2) 197

I know it takes time from discovery to production. If this discovery is actually as good as it sounds, I hope Elon puts this in the batteries for Model 3. I placed an order for two of them and not expecting them until 2018. I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer if it meant that it came with improvements like this one.

Comment Who to blame? (Score 1) 238

12,000 jobs is a lot. I know we want to blame somebody. Anybody. Who is responsible? Liberals? Conservatives? Trump? Sanders? Obama? At the end of the day, people are not buying as many PCs as they used to. What now? Who can we blame for that? Steve Jobs? He's dead. We gotta find somebody to blame, damn it. There may be some blame deserved by Intel leadership for not seeing this coming, many years ago and doing something constructive about it. It is a good thing this did not happen during the recession years. Or these people would have a harder time finding jobs. As it is, the economy and the job market is doing reasonably well. So there is hope that these Intel engineers will be able to find new places of employment soon.

Comment Re:Vaporware car (Score 1) 270

Tesla showed the car and public took rides in it. That is hardly vapor. Production is at least 18 months away. Everybody understood that. Tesla has a reputation of producing quality cars. More so than many other car manufacturers. It appears that a lot of people believe that this will be case for some time to come.

Comment As an AT&T customer let me say this (Score 3, Informative) 74

As an AT&T customer let me say this, I totally and completely hate the utter garbage that is AT&T bloatware and that they shove down their customers' throats. And to make the offense even more egregious, they make it very difficult to remove the said junk. I buy Nexus devices now so that I do have to deal with this shit. What a clueless company. Please don't tell me to go to Verizon, they do the same thing. And so does Sprint. T-mobile might not, but they don't have the coverage I need.

Comment Re:Uh since when are CA and WA red states? (Score 3, Insightful) 165

Your list mostly contains red states. The very few blue states on that list are not half as bad. Case in point:

California: Public entities are generally allowed to provide communications services, but "Community Service Districts" may not if any private entity is willing to do so. Texas: The state "prohibits municipalities and municipal electric utilities from offering telecommunications services to the public either directly or indirectly through a private telecommunications provider."

See the difference?

Long time ago, I received two job offers at about the same time. One from Texas and one from Oregon. Not knowing enough about Texas, I seriously considered moving there. I think I dodged a bullet there.

Comment Cannot sell Tesla, cannot setup community network! (Score 4, Interesting) 165

Why is that every time you hear these oppressive state laws being made, it is usually safe to assume that it is happening in a Red State? How is it that the Republicans, the champions of liberty and freedom that they are, allowing this to go on?

I live in Oregon. You can buy as many Teslas here as you can afford. And we have a few community broadband networks too. Sandynet is one example that offers 1Gbps service to local residents. And there is no law preventing more from being setup.

Comment Borg backup kicks butt (Score 1) 64

I have been using Borg backup for a few months. I absolutely love it. Before borg, I had a nightmare backup scheme. I have a lot of data. And I cannot backup all of it every week. It would require too much storage. I got a little taste of deduplicated backup with the backup tool Microsoft includes in Windows Server 2012. I was immediately hooked. But it has severe limitations. I wanted a very flexible backup program that did deduplication well. In my opinion, there is nothing else that even comes close. Borg is exceptionally well thought out and built.

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