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Comment Horrible deal (Score 1) 130

Somebody might get the impression that they can trade their very old and/or broken Mac and get $650 worth in MS bucks. They would be horribly mistaken. The old Macs fetch $75. And less if they are broken.

To get $650, you have to trade in a used Mac that is worth about $1,000 on the market.

What is not to like?

Comment I live not too far from a major highway (Score 4, Insightful) 235

I live not too far from major highway. Noise and pollution from automobiles worry me. The electric revolution cannot come soon enough. Also, I don't know if it is old age or something else, but those extremely loud motorcycles annoy me to no end. I wish I could stop them and beat the shit out of them. Anybody else feel that way? And why the hell do these riders intentionally make their bikes so loud?

Comment What do you expect? (Score 1) 204

Kansas isn't really known for its high concentration of techies who would want subscribe to a service like this.

I live in Portland, OR. Yes we have a high concentration of techies with spare cash. We even made our state change some laws to accommodate Google Fiber. That law made us lose millions in recurring tax revenue from the likes of Comcast. That was more than a year ago. We still do not have Google Fiber. And now this? You have to be freaking kidding me!

Comment Re:Not handy for the home (Score 1) 86

I already have two good routers at home. One at each corner of my house. Both purchased for less than $100 each. If the speed and range promises are even half of what is bring promised, I do not see a problem with people spending a couple of hundred bucks to pick up a dual router solution. Someone like me would not think twice about it. But yeah, businesses would be ALL OVER IT.

Comment Facetime works on computers (Score 1) 114

I have used many of the popular video conf/chat solutions. To talk with family and coworkers for meetings. I have for now standardized on Google Hangouts. It mostly works, and works on many devices and platforms. I have also on occasion used Facetime. I do not have an iphone or ipad, but have a Macbook. It surprises me that Google is pitching this product as a Facetime replacement. I can use Facetime on my computer. The same is not true of Google Duo. For now, Google Duo is entirely useless to people who need a solution that also works on computers.

Comment Re:No nerds in Slashdot crowd any more... :( (Score 0) 54

Agreed. The intelligent people have left Slashdot. The remaining are mostly griefers. I swore off Slashdot a couple of weeks ago, but accidentally visited today. An old habit that will take some time to kill I guess. Comments on this story and all others on this site are a strong reminder of what the remaining crowd here is. Whiny crybabies and paranoid schizophrenics.

Comment Goodbye Slashdot (Score 2, Insightful) 474

Slashdot, as of late, appears to discuss less technology and more of this drivel. There are too many stories about jobs being outsourced. And the usual "freedom loving" crowd is begging politicians and anybody who will listen to force companies, one way or another, to not outsource. It did not work for manufacturing jobs, but somehow it might just work for their service sector jobs

You people need to adjust your expectations. You don't need a new plan B. You need a better plan A. If you think your job is in danger of being outsourced, do not expect someone else to come in and save it.

And for crying out loud, stop with the freaking doom and gloom. You guys sound like a bunch of griefers. Every story is filled with people whining about something or trying to recycle really old jokes about Soviet Russia or some shit like that.

I have been hitting Slashdot out of habit over the years. But man, this shit is getting old.

Comment Re:Solar power has its limits (Score 1) 300

> A technical problem with solar power is that peak output is at noon but peak load is near sunset. Temperatures typically reach a maximum at about 4:00. People tend to go home to cook supper at about 5:00. Along with a few other factors that add to the electric load the viability of solar power peaks at about 30% of total production. Anything more and additional solar power can negatively affect the grid.

You present a few moronic arguments, like the one above. If the grid sees too much capacity being fed by solar at noon, in a predictable way, then it can plan ahead and reduce output at that time and save the fossil fuels for when they are really needed.

The rest of your arguments contain similar logical flaws.

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