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Comment You know I could get in to something like this (Score 3, Interesting) 68

But only if they'd start releasing OS updates for their older hardware. Given that Samsung drops support after just 18 months, I don't think I'd want to buy a refurb since it is going to get updates for, at most 6 more months. If I am going to get something with no updates, I'd want it for actual used market prices, which is to say really cheap.

Comment Re:Only one of these is even intelligible. (Score 3, Insightful) 223

Mozilla has been offering free software. Changing its look and feel could be disastrous because it can give the impression that it is something other than what we knew and loved for decades.

Google only tweaked its font a bit.
Microsoft just took the curves out of its logo.
Apple had removed the colors.

Mostly all the changes to the branding for these companies were a simplified version what they had. They didn't get Artistic and fancy. Just flat and dull, but reminiscent of the old logo.

Comment Re:Windows 10 (Score 2) 65

That was more apt to Microsoft with Internet Explorer.

Back in the olden days over 20 years ago. Netscape was the prominent web browser. Back at the time The Applications installed on Windows were just baby versions of the real Application, just enough to get you to the next step. So IE was installed in Windows 95 mostly for the purpose of downloading Netscape. While IE was fast and light, it lacked way too many features and didn't support too many of the "Modern" HTML Language. features. Making most page render poorly.

However Netscape was the big name in high tech, and was getting very popular, and started talking things that were scary to Microsoft. Such as the Web Browser being a cross platform application engine, and even replacing the Operating System for the Desktop as we know it towards a new form of thin client.

This scared MS into getting into the browser war. So it put a lot of time and effort to Get IE to being a competitive browser. Being the first to put in such features just as CSS and Advanced JavaScript, and ActiveX. So they would always have control of the platform and the applications. Then with Windows 98, they integrated the Web Browser into the OS. So IE is always more handy and available then the 3rd party Netscape, combined with the fact that it was comparable with Netscape.

The objective of the Browser war was to put MS in such a dominate position that it could control the Web Standards and keep it closed to MS only, where all future web development and application development would be for Microsoft only.

Now this seemed like it was working IE won the browser war by IE 6.0 on XP. However Microsoft stayed on IE 6 for way too long, people began to want more out of their browsers. First with a bunch of major security attacks on IE (especially with Active X nonsense) made PC users willing to switch to Firefox as a safer browser. Where they shortly learned that it supported newer HTML features, then later the WebKit based browsers Chrome, Safari... came out supporting these new features as well. So developers started coding to the standards more than to IE, and just hacking IE Compatibility so it works.

By the time IE 7 was released there were too many apps that still supported the broken browser and the outside pages used the newer browser. So it was the case IE for intranet and Others for Internet.

Then we got that sneaky iPhone and then Chrome (Both with WebKit based browsers) that supported the Web Standards better than The current version of IE on a high speed desktop....

So in short, If you are going to take that challenge make sure you meet your objective.

Comment Re:What is it that you say? (Score 4, Insightful) 439

The government's job isn't to be heavy handed. It is to insure that we are all playing by the same sets of rules.

But this case isn't giving Uber Driver regulations, but just taking them to support the competitors who have a bunch of regulations.

Now as I see it, the Government should be doing either the following.
Lessening the regulations on Taxi Companies so they can be more competitive.
Giving Ride Sharing services regulations to insure safety and standards are met to match the Taxi Services.


Comment The console advantage. (Score 4, Insightful) 78

I don't get this changes with Microsoft than Sony.
They key advantage of Consoles isn't their power and performance but the fact that they are a common setup for the entire platform. Having different models with different features, will degrade this advantage and will end up with the same problem that we get with PCs. Games not optimized for the platforms, where they will not support the features that want to use, or will perform at a level that will cause a disadvantage to the other lesser box.

Comment Re:Management is the biggest vulnerability (Score 1) 56

Security needs to be top priority.
Lets face it a proper secured environment is slightly inconvenient to the end user. That includes management, However if security had been a priority than management will need to think in terms of security. This means they will need to know what all their employees need to access and how they access them. Be disciplined enough to take a long passwords, and prepared to fully explain why an exception is needed and what additional safety precautions will be build around it.

Proper IT security isn't the blame of any one part of the organization. That SQL injection that the developer put in, because it was designed for 2 internal users, and told by management it needed to be coded in under 1 week. Which then became more popular and put out on the entire web, from a different unit who never reviewed the code, because the CEO wanted that feature to the customers.

Comment Re:Does not replace mount (Score 1) 516

Most of the posts are just from people who really have no idea what systemd is for or even the old the init system. They will just use the defaults of what the distribution gave them. They are just it is different and other people say it is bad, so I will say it is bad too.
Then you have the next group who knows what it is, and for the most part just doesn't want to learn systemd as they had made their reputation with the old system. So they will grasp straws on any particular feature or tradeoff and over inflate its flaws to make it seem like it is bad.
Finally you have a small group who has a legitimate reason for not liking systemd however their particular use is rather limited in the grand scheme of usage.

Comment Re:What is it that you say? (Score 3, Informative) 439

In short the Taxi industry has a lot of say in the politics. Especially because the government decided to highly regulate the taxi industry.

I am sorry Taxi industry that your business model is failing. However it happens, trying to have the government come in and try to subsidize your business model isn't a solution.

Comment Re:What the fuck are you whining about? (Score 1) 148

No, that's not the approach you take. If you think it is, well you need to grow up. You don't cause massive compatibility problems and huge disruptions just for the fun of it. Instead, you do things as smoothly as possible. There is no need to rush out IPv6, it isn't like the world will blow up. IPv4 works, and will continue to work.

You thinking that implementing something like this on a worldwide scale being cheap, easy or quick just shows a massive lack of experience and perspective.

Comment Re:Which US ISPs? (Score 1) 148

I can't speak authoritatively to Comcast, not having it, but everything I see says they have dual-stack on their entire residential network. Have you tried it? You have to set up DHCP-PD on your router (that is how most ISPs are doing it) and they should give you a prefix that your devices can use.

Comment Re: What does Netcraft say? (Score 2) 505

That isn't using Linux as a desktop and you know that.
That is imbedded systems. When People say Linux as a desktop they talk about GNU/Linux distribution. Where The Linux OS is directly used for a wide range of tasks. Not just running some directed piece of software.

Now the desktop market share is dying. However if we can get the Linux community to stop shooting themselves in the foot we may be able to transmission Linux/KDE development from Granda Approved Desktop to a useful Workstation environment where we can do real work more effectively. Because all the other major OS players are dropping the Desktop market towards low end devices with touch displays. We have a gap need for a real work OS

Comment What the fuck are you whining about? (Score 1) 148

What do you mean we've done nothing to move people to IPv6? Do you think it is magic? Do you think we just wave a wand and people are on v6? No, what it takes is rolling out support on the OS, router, ISP, and so on. That has been happening, lots. Have a look at Google's IPv6 chart: what you see is exponential growth happening. This is actual IPv6 connections as well, Google is counting the percentage of people hitting their site with v6, which means an end-to-end connection.

Oh and ISPs have indeed been making IPv6 available to home users, wouldn't see that graph otherwise. For US cable providers Comcast is dual stack on their whole network, Time Warner is on about 90% of it, and Cox is on all of it. That's a whole lot of the US population. This isn't theoretical support either or "Oh call us and maybe we'll turn it on," it is live, on the network, and working now. On my Cox connection all I had to do was tell my router to get itself a prefix and go. My connections to Google, Netflix, and anyone else who supports v6 go out over it.

You don't "move" people to v6 as in force them on to it and turn off v4. Rather you make it available, and chosen by default, which is precisely is what is going on. When the device supports it (Linux including Android and Windows are both dual stack and prefer v6, not sure about OS-X), the router supports it, and the network supports it you are good to go.

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