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Submission + - Nature publisher launches PLoS ONE competitor ( 1

linhares writes: Nature's Publishing Group is launching a new journal, "Scientific Reports", announced earlier this month. The press release makes it clear that it is molded after PLoS ONE:

Scientific Reports will publish original research papers of interest to specialists within a given field in the natural sciences. It will not set a threshold of perceived importance for the papers that it publishes; rather, Scientific Reports will publish all papers that are judged to be technically valid and original. To enable the community to evaluate the importance of papers post-peer review, the Scientific Reports website will include most-downloaded, most-emailed, and most-blogged lists. All research papers will benefit from rapid peer review and publication, and will be deposited in PubMed Central.

Perhaps readers may find it ironic that PLoS ONE, first dismissed by Nature as an "online database" "relying on bulk, cheap publishing of lower quality papers to subsidize its handful of high-quality flagship journals" seems to be setting the standards for "a new era in publishing".


Submission + - Trolling patent trolls (

linhares writes: "After IBM's patent of the 40-minute meeting, I think it's time to troll the patent trolls, by letting them look at the mirror. Nothing against patents per se, but patent abusers should have a chance to see themselves in the mirror and find out whether they like what they see. That mirror is wikipedia. IBM's entry has it that "IBM holds more patents than any other U.S. based technology company". I think it's only fair to point out how they do it: by stamping out garbage such as the "paper or plastic" patent (please check this link, it's worth it), the "but I only had soup" patent, the offshoring patent, the "who is going to pee next" patent, or the "Terry is a boy, Jeena is a girl" patent. I started my little crusade after Microsoft's 2008 breakthrough concerning page-up and page-down keys."

Submission + - Windows XP costs US$15 on netbooks. (

linhares writes: "According to the Wall Street Journal (note: paywall), WinXP licenses are going around mere 15 bucks. (Here's a link to a Lilliputing story with no paywall.) Could it be that, despite boasting over 90% market share on netbooks, perhaps the mere threat of Linux on the desktop would be severely damaging Microsoft's margins?"

Submission + - One click desktop metamorphosis magic?

linhares writes: "Ghandi once said that "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." We have been dreaming for years for the year of Linux on the Desktop, and even as Vista flopped, it is yet to materialize. Perhaps one way towards Linux on the desktop is to make it configurable by anyone, not only by geeks. That is precisely the idea behind the relatively new (and in need of eyeballs) epidermis project: to create a single-click desktop metamorphosis magic. A single click would "change the wallpaper, alongside GTK, metacity, icons, splash, usplash, cursor, grub and GDM themes in one GUI program for the GNOME desktop". Users (including newbies) could then share desktops in one step, accelerating the advancement of Linux desktop awesomeness to biblical proportions. The project recently released v.0.1beta, and, as Ghandi would say, it is pure win."

Submission + - Slash should have a finance/economics section

linhares writes: "If you're just arriving from Mars, let me tell you: Lehman Brothers does not exist anymore, the financial system is in complete mayhem, and the other day, the Dow Jones skydived to a 7% loss after congress rejected an unprecedented bailout. If you think this is not going to affect science and technology, you're wrong. In the S&P index, 499 stocks were down, one was up. (Which one? Get this: CAMPBELL'S SOUP!) I for one would like to propose that Slashdot creates a new Finance/Economics section so we can deal with this situation and rescue the world economy, all down here from Mama's basement. So here it is: shouldn't slashdotters have a chance to submit and discuss finance and economics stories?"

Submission + - Douglas Hofstadter's views on chess AI, now GPL'd (

linhares writes: "How do chess players make decisions? How do they avoid the combinatorial explosion? How do we go from rooks and knights to abstract thought? What is abstract thought like? These are some of the questions involving the Capyblanca project. The name, of course, is a blend between José Raoul Capablanca, and Hofstadter's original Copycat Project. Well, after almost 5 years, we have a proof-of-concept in the form of a running program, and we are GPL'ing the code, so interested readers might take it to new directions which we cannot foresee. It is certainly different from anything else out there."

Submission + - Is wine ready for prime time? (

linhares writes: "Wine is now on v.1.0rc2. From what is available at their application database page, most effort is conducted in games; but wouldn't it be more appealing, from the perspective of ordinary computer users (and hardware providers), if it were concentrating on the most used windows applications (besides office and Adobe)? The 1.0 release will eventually trigger massive attention to Linux, with the obvious, perhaps naive, mentions that it now "runs windows". I wonder whether /. users think it is ready for prime time, and whether that kind of attention might eventually backlash?"

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