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Submission + - Buzz vs Slashdot 1

gwait writes: On managing the quality and feeding of forum postings.

I posted these thoughts on a Buzz comment thread today:

I've always thought Slashdot were along a decent path to manage this sort of problem, but then stopped 1/3 of the way — their numeric tagging system has only 6 integer steps, giving a signal to noise ratio of about 16 db, that could easily be made larger.
As a result the difference between "top rated" comments and the middle of the pack is way to small to allow for "really interesting" comments to rise to the top of the pack.

Also, the Slashdot scheme doesn't have enough dimensions — there are only a handful:
Funny, Flamebait, Troll, Interesting etc.
There could be a lot more — their defence is they want to keep the comment moderation simple, but I suspect one could add a lot more dimensions and manage a reasonable interface.

The third problem in Slashdot (relevant to managing Buzz) is that only moderators can flag comments. If Slashdot opened it up to all signed in users, then the tiny 6 level range of moderation levels would become even more overwhelmed. If the moderation levels were a full 32 bit number, then this would not be an issue, (there would be other issues for certain!)


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